Nubi at belgium, holland and normandy(france)

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  • 1.  By Irati Martínez 5ºB Proyecto Comenius Travel broadens the mind. Let’s travel together! 2012- 2013 Colegio San Gregorio Aguilar de Campoo
  • 2. Nubi Travels to Belgium, Holland and NormandieFrom the 28 of June to the 8 of July, NUBI, my family, 3 friends from Santander and I go to Belgium, Holland
  • 3.  FROM AGUILAR DE CAMPOO: NUBI My parents Irati FROM SANTANDER: Our friends
  • 4. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? First we are going to Belgium and visit many places . Second we go to Normandie (France) Last we go to Holland Finally we go again to Brussels(in Belgium) and we go to airport to return house.
  • 5. PLANNING THE ROOT FROMAGUILAR TO CHALEROI(THEAIRPORT IN BELGIUM)TRANSPORT DISTANCE TIMEBy car 1076.66 km 14h and 4 min.By foot 1076.66 km 33 daysIn public transport 994.75 km 1h and 15 min.
  • 6.  Belgium: Normandie: Holland:
  • 7. MY LUGGAGE Trousers Camera T-shirts Shirts Shorts Shoes Swimsuit
  • 8. INFORMATION ABOUT BELGIUMData from Belgium:- Country: Belgium- Population:10.500.000 habitants- Altitude: 694 metres- Lenguage: French and Flamenco- Capital:Brussels- Climate:Cold, wet weather
  • 9. INFORMATION ABOUT HOLLANDData from Holland:- Country: Holland- Population: 16.000.000 habitants- Altitude: 100 metres aprox.- Lenguage: Dutch- Capital: Amsterdam and La Haya- Climate: Mild winters and cool summers
  • 10. INFORMATION ABOUTNORMANDIEData from Normandie:- Country: France- Population:3.300.000 habitants- Altitude: 417 metres- Lenguage: French- Capital: Paris- Climate: Wet and rainy weather during most of the year
  • 11. This is Tournai
  • 12. BRUSSELS
  • 13. GRAND PLACE in Brussels
  • 14.  This is Deuville-Treville
  • 15. VEURNE
  • 16. HOLLANDAntwerpen
  • 17. HOORN, party of cheese
  • 18.  This is Harderwijk