2014 ggtc im info mtg presentation


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Golden Gate Triathlon Club and Trifiniti 2014 Ironman Training Program

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2014 ggtc im info mtg presentation

  1. 1. 2014 Ironman Group Training Information Meeting January 13, 2014 With TRIFINITI Endurance
  2. 2. O ve r vie w Pre viou s Iron The man Co a Gr o u ches Pro ps gram Obje Pro ctive gram s Ove Per rview iodiz ed S Stre ched ngth ule Perio Eve d izatio nt / R ac e Reco n Cos mmendati o ns t Con tact © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com
  3. 3. P rev i o us I ronm Train an ing G ro up s © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com • • • • • • • • • • • 2004 SF Tri “Ironmoo” 2005 SF Tri “Ironbrats” 2005 GGTC IMBrazil 2006 SF Tri “Ironmoose” 2007 GGTC IM CDA 2008 GGTC IM CDA 2008 SF Tri “Ironspuds” 2009 GGTC IM CDA 2010 GGTC IM St George/CDA/Canada 2011 GGTC IM CDA 2013 GGTC IM Lake Tahoe
  4. 4. St aff Coa c h in g © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Dua ne“ C oach Dor D” Fran ette“ Coac ks h D2 ” Fra nks
  5. 5. Duane “Coach D”              © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com GGTC Founding Member Trifiniti Founder 33 year triathlon veteran 22 time Ironman (10:09 in Kona), USAT AA, USAT Double Centurion, Team USA, top AG 2009 Ultraman Hawaii finisher Coaches athletes of all abilities Contributing author for Triathlete Magazine Coach 300+ athletes to successful IM finishes USAT Level 2 Certified Coach ACSM Fitness Director Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology 30 years of professional fitness management
  6. 6. © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Do r e tt e “C o ac h D2 ”  Trifiniti Endurance and Nutrition Coach  GGTC Track coach, 6 yrs.  14 year triathlon competitor  Head Coach   Nike Women’s Marathon The San Francisco Aids Foundation  2010 Canada Ultraman finisher  2011 Team USA  5-time IM finisher  Trifiniti Power cycling instructor  Certifications  USAT certified level 1 coach, USA Track & Field, RRCA  Registered Dietitian (March 2015)   Sports Nutrition Whole food, plant-based
  7. 7. T a rg e t I ro nma n T rain ing Acc © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com com mod all Ir at i ng on m an D mos even t istan ts! ce  Ironm an C oeur  Iron d’Al man ene Lake  Iron Taho man e Cozu  An d mel oth e rs i n be t w es yo e en u r I ro be t w ! nma e en n No v emb Februar fall y3– er 30  The ? n cove we’ve g ot yo red! u  Doe
  8. 8. Feb 3  November 30, 2014  Feb 3: Ironman Coeur d’Alene/Nice, Vineman Full, Lake Tahoe, Cozumel, etc.  Programs lead to Pro g ra m S tart Da te s Wildflower Long Course © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com  April 7: 2nd start date for Ironman Lake Tahoe  May: Transition month for Ironman Cozumel  June 16: 2nd Ironman Cozumel Start Date
  9. 9. Program Objectives Have fun Expand on your current knowledge, skills and ability to train and race Arrive to the starting line physically, emotionally and mentally prepared Develop life long friendships Finish!! © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com
  10. 10. Pro g ram Ove r W ha v ie w t’s In cl ud e d? Individual Athlete -Coach © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Consultation • Define goals and objectives • Establish training levels Daily Workouts via Training Peaks • 3-Levels within each training modality • Monthly plan upload • Monthly Scheduled Check-in’s & review of training Group Workouts • Minimum of 1 each month • SAG/Support Individual heart rate, power, and pace zones Access to Coaches • Email & Phone
  11. 11.  4 Clinics/workshops (customized) Prog ra m O ver Wha vie w t ’ s In c lud e d? • © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Nutrition 101 for Triathletes & Periodization, injury prevention & Sports Medicine, Open Water (cold water adaptation), IM Transition Clinic, IM Race Strategy • Logistics for the traveling triathlete, swim and run video analysis • Tahoe Training Camp (approx. 6-8 weeks before IM)  Ironman Training Google & Facebook Groups  Integration of GGTC Club programs • Track & social rides/runs • Power Cycling, Personalized Nutrition, 1:1 Coaching and other services. Athlete Sponsor Benefits  Discounts • • Rudy Project, Xterra, Generation UCAN Jaybird, Karbon Speed Race Wheels
  12. 12. Wha t y ou ca n ex pe ct © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Typi ical 2 5 we train ing : ek 199 ,000 yard swim s of ming 3,06 0 mi les o 714 f cyc mile ling s of r 930 unni ng reps of w 134 eigh ,392 ts Calo ries
  13. 13. 201 4 Pe r iod i zati o n Sc he du le  Base: ~ 2-3 months 10-12 hours/week  Builds: ~ 2 months 13-16 hours/week  Peak: ~ 3 weeks  15-20 hours/week  Progression: 3 week builds followed by one week recovery 3 week taper leading into IM © 20 1 www 4 TRIFIN .trifin I iti.co TI m
  14. 14. St ren gt h T ra in in g © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Periodization Strength Program via PT on the Net: Anatomical Adaptation Phase Maximum Strength Phase Muscular Endurance Phase Tri Specific Maintenance Phase
  15. 15. Circ u S peci al m sta nce s © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com Set-b acks • Injur y/illn ess • Trav el • Fam ily
  16. 16. Coach training recommendations Delivery of daily workouts Monthly Scheduled Check-in's Monthly review of uploaded data to Training Peaks (minimum) Establish individual HR, power, pace assessment Clinics and workshops Individual Pre Race Strategy Access to Coaches (email and phone) Discounts on Nutrition Services Discounts on Power Cycling Sponsor Benefits Basic Training Peaks Account IM Group Training X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Indiv. Training X X X X X X X X X X X X X © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com X $300 X X X X $195 ~ 24 weeks 3 months 1 month Post race review Cost Daily/weekly review of uploaded data to Training Peaks Customized daily posted workouts based upon individual training objectives, goals, race calendar, adaptation & personal factors Annual Training Plan design and updates Premium Training Peaks Account (paid by Trifiniti) Group workouts Initial Consultation (goals, objectives, fitness level) Description of Service Program Costs  $300 for 12-week session  $600 for full 24-weeks Prorate dep. on start date. $600 $585 $1,170
  17. 17. What’s Next? Email Info@trifiniti.com Join the GGTC IM Google Group • https://groups.google.com/d/forum/2014ggtcimgrouptrifiniti Athlete Questionnaire – found on Google Group Payments Schedule Consultation © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com
  18. 18. “An y t hin g Po ss i s ib le ” “I don’t see our business as simply putting on triathlon events. In reality, we are in the business of fulfilling dreams.” -- Graham Fraser, Former President, Ironman North America © 20 1 www 4 TRIFIN .trifin I iti.co TI m
  19. 19. Tra in in g L e ve ls Le ve l1 Overall  Have been in triathlon or multi-sport athletics for less than 2 years.  Only goal is to finish feeling good in a time between 15 to 17 hours.  Have non-competitive aspirations in training and racing.  Plan to train an average of 12-14 hours each week.  Have an extensive history of muscular-skeletal training related injuries. © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com
  20. 20. Tra in in g L e ve ls Le ve l2 Overall © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com  Have been in triathlon or multi sport between 2-3 years.  Goal is to finish the Ironman feeling good in a time of 12-14 hours.  Have some competitive aspirations to finish well within the age group but not expecting a top 25% placing.  Plan to train an average of 15-16 hours each week during the summer months.  Have not experienced trainingrelated (overuse) injuries within the past 60-90 days.
  21. 21. Tra in in g L e ve ls Le ve l3 Overall © 2014 TRIFINITI www.trifiniti.com  Have been in triathlon or multi sport      longer than 3 years. Have completed at least one full Ironman distance event or 3 half Ironman events in past 2 years. Goal is to finish the Ironman in less than 12 hours. Have competitive aspirations to finish well (top 20%) within the age group. Plan to train an average of 16-21 hours each week during the summer months. Have not experienced training-related (overuse) injuries within the past 30-60 days.