Broschyr Raleigh Hall - Ny fabrik för Norton keramiska slipskivor


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Den 25 januari invigdes en ny fabrik, Raleigh Hall, för tillverkning av Nortons premiumsortiment av keramiskt bundna slipskivor i dimensionsområdet 300-610 mm. Den nya fabriken ligger i Eccleshall i England och producerar slipskivor främst avsedda för turbintillverkning samt övrig precisionsslipning som kräver hög material avverkning.

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Broschyr Raleigh Hall - Ny fabrik för Norton keramiska slipskivor

  1. 1. Shaping the FUTURE of bonded abrasivesThe Raleigh Hall PlantEccleshall
  2. 2. NEW RALEIGH HALL PLANT,ECCLESHALL, STAFFORDSHIREMoving Production to Raleigh HallProduction of abrasive grinding wheels beganin Stafford over 100 years ago. Since thenchange, innovation, investment, new technologyand increased levels of expertise has led toworldwide expansion and market leadership inthe aerospace industry.Today, the Saint-Gobain Abrasives productionplant at Raleigh Hall, Eccleshall manufacturesa range of grinding wheels under the leadingbrand, Norton. The purpose built factoryproduces high precision, technical innovationsfor high performance grinding in the aerospacemarket. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 3
  3. 3. OUR PRODUCTSWorld Class Abrasive SolutionsSaint-Gobain offers a number of high performance bonded abrasives designed to assist inthe manufacture of the entire structure and construction of aircraft. We are committedto using the latest technological developments to revolutionise material removalprocesses for turbine part production.Whatever the manufacturing requirements for turbine parts, from initial foundry andforge applications, to precision machining and finishing operations, Saint-Gobain has theright abrasive solution.OUR PRODUCTSWorld Class Abrasive SolutionsSaint-Gobain offers a number of high performance bonded abrasives designed to assist inthe manufacture of the entire structure and construction of aircraft. We are committedto using the latest technological developments to revolutionise material removalprocesses for turbine part production.Whatever the manufacturing requirements for turbine parts, from initial foundry andforge applications, to precision machining and finishing operations, Saint-Gobain has theright abrasive solution.
  4. 4. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 5
  5. 5. OUR PRODUCTS Norton Quantum Altos & Altos IPX Norton Quantum is the new generation of ceramic The unique elongated, extra sharp ceramic grain is grain, with an innovative bonding system specially combined with a highly porous and permeable open developed to enhance grain performance. structure, allowing coolant maximum access to the grinding zone and providing improved chip removal and reduced The revolutionary ceramic grain multiplies cutting friction. This provides high metal removal rates, improved efficiency by controlling grain breakdown at form holding, longer wheel life and reduced dressing with micrometric level, optimising sharpness (free a greatly reduced risk of metallurgical damage. cutting) and toughness (life). The newly developed bonding system optimises grain-to-bond adhesion Perfect for creepfeed and surface grinding on hard to and improves grain retention. grind materials and nickel based alloys, Altos and Altos IPX reduce cycle times by up to 50% and increase the Quantum wheels can be used in low, medium and number of pieces ground by 3 to 4 times, the best solution high pressure applications, on even the hardest to for productivity improvement and cost savings for turbine grind materials such as inconel and titanium. blade grinding.6 Shaping The Future of Bonded Abrasives
  6. 6. Norton Vortex Poros 2Vortex features optimised 3D grain spacing for Poros 2 is a vitrified bond system specificallyimproved chip clearance and reduced friction. This designed to provide high accuracy grinding of hardpatented grain technology increases metal removal or heat sensitive materials across large areasrates, reduces cycle times, increases wheel life and of contact. Accurate spacing of abrasive grainsreduces wheel dressing when creepfeed grinding. is controlled independently of porosity, enabling the specification of the wheel to exactly meet the grinding parameters. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 7
  7. 7. Health and Safety AwardsQUALITY, HEALTH & SAFETYHealth & Safety QualityAt Saint-Gobain Abrasives, health and safety is our The Raleigh Hall factory is fully ISO accredited:highest priority and bonded wheels are produced to ISO 9001: certifies Quality Management systemthe most stringent quality standards to guarantee is in accordance with requirements of qualityoptimum end user safety. standards.Saint-Gobain is an active founding member of FEPA, ISO 14001: certifies Environmental Management(Federation of European Producers of Abrasives) and system is in accordance with requirements ofoSa (Organisation for Safety of Abrasives), dedicated environmental the promotion of safety in the use of abrasives. OHSAS 18001: health and safety at workWe also implement the European (EN) and certification.International Standards (ISO) for abrasive andgrinding machines. In 2005 the Stafford factory received the Diamond Award for Safety, a Saint-Gobain accolade for exceptional achievement for safety in the plant. In addition, in 2009 the site was awarded Millionaire status – a significant achievement of a million hours without a lost time accident. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 9
  8. 8. Saint-Gobain Abrasives prides itself on having OUR ENVIRONMENT an environmentally friendly approach to all its business activities. Environmental Protection Eccleshall Biomass Waste management is undertaken to optimise Waste and energy reduction is a high priority and recycling activities and zero pollution of air, water the Raleigh Hall plant is part of a groundbreaking and land is defined as a major objective. project; ‘Eccleshall Biomass’, a response to Government targets to reduce greenhouse gases Reduction of Natural Resource Consumption and utilise alternative renewable energy sources. New production processes and procedures are Using Biomass to generate electricity, the 2.6 regularly implemented to help minimise the amount of megawatt generator located at Raleigh Hall is waste created during the manufacturing process. fuelled by the energy crop ‘miscanthus’ and clean wood chip. The electricity is generated using Product Development steam turbine technology and by tapping into this Both Norton Altos and Vortex wheels do not require system, Saint-Gobain Abrasives is reducing carbon artificial pore inducers to achieve a high level of emissions, saving money and helping to preserve porosity. By choosing Altos and Vortex you help the environment. preserve the environment and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.10 Shaping The Future of Bonded Abrasives
  9. 9. OUR PEOPLEThroughout history, Saint-Gobain Abrasives hasemployed a highly skilled production workforce, fullytrained in all stages of the manufacturing processfrom mixing and pressing to firing and finishing.Today, the workforce has an average of 22 yearsknowledge and expertise in the production ofbonded grinding wheels, a valuable asset toSaint-Gobain Abrasives andour customers. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 11
  10. 10. MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE World Class Manufacturing WCM is an international programme designed to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Raleigh Hall has utilised the latest concepts in WCM including Value Stream Mapping (VSM), to reduce end- to-end distance travelled from start to finish of the production process. Also, by eliminating process queues, training operators and changing shift patterns to working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, product lead times have been significantly reduced, a major benefit for our customers. Mixing Pressing All orders and recipes are viewed via the system System tools used when mixing also provide a work interface then selected to ensure the highest to list, ensuring smooth continuation of orders from standard of service can be maintained. Raw the mixer, through pressing, to the kiln. Rotary fill material addition sequences, material weights and spreading, coupled with isostatic plates ensure and blending times are controlled to optimise even density throughout each product. This provides homogenisation and minimal mixing standing time consistent high quality, in-balance products. ‘Pressing reduces product variations. to Density’ reduces product density variations and the fully automated handling system from mould enables the manufacture of very soft, fragile products.12 Shaping The Future of Bonded Abrasives
  11. 11. Firing FinishingThe end to end firing cycle of the tunnel kiln takes The auto machining cell provides very fast-endtwo and a half days, including first stage drying. production. On-time performance is assured withComputer control provides consistent drying and system planning tools. The cell works on a one piecefiring. Minimal handling is required due to firing on flow principle, enabling work in progress (WIP) torefractory plates. The automatic handling system be kept to a minimum and orders to be processedenables smooth transfer of the unfired product to in minutes. Diamond cutting, coupled with tool wearthe kiln truck. compensation provides consistent, high quality products. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 13
  12. 12. 1893 W.O. Rooper began manufacturing ABRASIVES IN STAFFORD rubber bonded wheels at Castle Works, Stafford. 1905 Rooper & Harris Ltd. purchased by Moser, West & Bateman. 1912 Universal Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd. registered to sell vitrified wheels under the trademark UNI, and Universal works started at Doxey. 1921 Castle Works closed and all manufacturing concentrated at Doxey.14 Shaping The Future of Bonded Abrasives
  13. 13. 1933 1970’s 1997 - 2000First tunnel kiln introduced. Universal is Europe’s largest £6million invested into the factory, manufacturer of grinding wheels, renovating building infrastructure, employing 1600 people in May 1977, improving lighting, heating and ventilation,1935 rising to over 2000 in the next and automating production processes.Universal Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd. few years.registered as a public company.Small housing estate built for workers 2011at Greensome Lane, Doxey. 1980’s & 90’s Production at Doxey Road plant ceases. A number of aquisitions took place including to Foseco Plc in 1980 and1937 Burma Castrol in 1990.Doxey Road office block was built. 2012 19971950’s Production starts at Raleigh Hall, Unicorn Abrasives was aquired byThe Doxey factory was the largest of its Eccleshall. Saint-Gobain.kind in Europe, covering a 44 acre site. The Raleigh Hall Plant | Eccleshall 15
  14. 14. Saint-Gobain AbrasivesDoxey RoadStaffordST16 1EATel: 01785 222 000Fax: 0845 602 6211www.saint-gobain-abrasives.comForm# 2114