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Process mapping v2

Process mapping v2



Process mapping, analysis, modeling and design - review of different techniques and purpose.

Process mapping, analysis, modeling and design - review of different techniques and purpose.



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    Process mapping v2 Process mapping v2 Presentation Transcript

    • BPM Resource Center.com 1
    • 2
    • Business Processes – Every Business Has Them Sales Finance Compliance Marketing • Quotes / Pricing • Invoice Admin • Know Your Customer • Advertising • Underwriting • Procurement • Patriot Act • Events Management • Contract Approval • Project/ Budget Approval • Sarbanes Oxley • Packaging & Pricing • New Client Onboard • Expense Management • HIPAA • Communications • Compensation • Charge backs • Basel II • Creative Development • Meeting Planning • Budget Planning • GLBA • RFP Admin • FISMA Information Customer Service Product Dev and Operations Technology Research • Case Management • Inventory Management • IT Request • Client Feedback • Requirements • Order Fulfillment Management • Inquiry Management Gathering • Client Management • Portfolio Management • Escalation • Product Specifications • Events Management • App / System Support Management • Change Request Man • Facilities Management • Incident & Bug Fix • SLA Management • Research • Award Distribution • Change Control • Support Services • Lifecycle Management • Access Control Renewals Legal Human Resources Manufacturing • Recruitment • Contract Management • New Hire On-boarding • Resource Procurement • Investigation • Compensation Plan & • Order Management • New File / Case Admin • Change Request Management • Benefits Administration • Trading Partner • Regulatory Filing • Performance Management Management • Legal Doc • Training & Career Dev • Defect / Recall Man Management • Employee Status Change • Equipment / System • Transfer / Relocation Repair • Leave Management • Quality Assurance
    • Types (levels) of Business Processes
    • Types (levels) of Business Processes
    • Types (levels) of Business Processes
    • 7
    • Terminology Process Mapping (Process chart) - Flow chart drawing of a process Process Analysis - Techniques or methods to evaluate aspects of a process generally with the aim of improving the process – such as capturing the time it takes to perform each step in a process to determine overall time. Process Design - Based on the analysis of a current process , Process Design is the definition of a new more efficient process Process Modeling - Flow chart drawing with data captured for each element and saved in a “model”. - Enforcement of the notation or rules of the tool. - Use of the data for analysis, simulation, automation Process Simulation - A form of analysis using data as input to simulate how a process will behave based on various conditions. 8
    • What is the Goal? Process Documentation/Understanding/Standardization Process Improvement/Re-engineering Process Automation/Optimization 9
    • What is the Goal? The Goal is Process Documentation/Understanding/Standardization What?  Process/Sub-Process relationships  Detailed workflow  Detailed policy and procedures 10
    • Big Picture “Process Framework” Management Strategic Planning Governance, Risk and Compliance Processes Product Development Core Lead to Order Processes Customer Relationship Management Service Delivery Accounting Supporting Legal/Contracting HR Processes IT Facilities 11
    • High Level Process Relationships A Process Landscape – Process Map 12
    • The Basics of BPMN (Business Process ModelNotation) P Lane o Swim lanes and Pools o Lane l Lane Activities Events Gateways Annotations Text 13
    • BPMN Map A Process Landscape Model – Using the basics of the BPMN Notation 14
    • BPMN Map Workflow Model – Using the basics of the BPMN Notation 15
    • 16
    • Map your own companies process framework –you can use Power Point or Visio or any otherdrawing tool.Follow the narrative guide and map a detailedflow chart for Travel Authorizations using a BPMNcompliant modeling tool. 17
    • 18
    • What is the Goal? Process Improvement What problems are we trying to solve?  Reduce the time the process takes/eliminate waste  Reduce/eliminate mistakes (defects) being made  Reduce/eliminate bottlenecks/waiting  Reduce/eliminate “over processing”  Improve visibility/accountability  ??? 19
    • SIPOC Diagram Who are the Suppliers, what are the Inputs, what is Processed, what are the Outputs, who is the Customer? What is critical to customer quality – can we measure it, is it practical and achievable? Supplier Inputs Major Process Outputs Customer Steps (Critical to Quality) Traveler Request form - Submit request form Authorization or Traveler dates, projected for authorization Rejection costs and other (Simplify requests to travel requirements Authorization or ensure Traveler (car, hotel) and Rejection receives purpose of travel authorization or rejection within 4 Authorization Travel Booking hours for urgent Supervisors/ Response requests, Approvers 1 business day for all others) Budget Check Finance Department Risk Department Travel Risks Support Staff 20
    • Value Stream Mapping Where can we eliminate time/waste in the process?  Over production (too many approvals, duplicate steps)  Unnecessary transport  Defects (mistakes/rework)  Waiting time VS working time – (value add vs non-value add) 21
    • Value Stream Map Opportunity Opportunity for Improvement for Improvement VA – Value Add Time NVA – Non-Value Add Time 22
    • BPMN/Value Stream Map 16 hour waiting (NV) 1 hour working (VA) 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour waiting 1 hour waiting 8 hour waiting 1 hour working 1 hour working 1 hour working 23
    • 24
    •  Follow the guide and add value stream information to your BPMN travel authorization model. 25
    • 26
    • Goal? Process Automation What are we automating and how?  Eliminate paper  Convert paper to e-forms  Eliminate activities people perform ?  Automate decisions using rules engines  Automate customer service thru self service systems  Automate movement of data between systems?  Eliminate data rekeying 27
    • BPMN – More Elements Task Types  User VS Manual  Service  Call Activity  Transactions  Sub-Processes 28
    • BPMN – More Elements Event Types Message Flow Gateway Types 29
    • 30
    •  Follow the guide and rework the model and automation attributes to your BPMN travel authorization process. 31