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A presentation that details the basics of optimizing your social presence on Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as ways to measure your success.

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netconcepts Social Media for SEO

  1. 1. Social Media for SEOLearn the Ropes, Circumvent the Landmines, Seize the Opportunities CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  2. 2. What is Social Media? “Social media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction, and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.” - Wikipedia – Defined networks – Defined focus – Defined interactions – Also referred to as Web 2.0 … CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  3. 3. Who can leverage Social Media? Almost any company with an Internet presence. – Multiple networks – Multiple foci – Variation of approaches CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  4. 4. LINKEDINLink Juice & Thought Leadership CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  5. 5. Who uses LinkedIn? Professionals seeking to network. Job seekers Companies looking to network & brand. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  6. 6. Online Reputation & Thought Leadership Answers Service: a professional forum where people/companies compose intelligent answers to questions. – Serves a good opportunity to offer feedback to LinkedIn communities and establish thought leadership on behalf of an individual or company. Groups: professionally-minded groups (though the site is not accepting group submissions as of this date) – Currently available groups are far-reaching, however, and cover many industries. – Can be used to offer thought leadership and establish company with an area of expertise. Employment and Hiring: search for new employees through the network. – Companies can represent themselves as thought leaders by way of open positions. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  7. 7. LinkedIn and SEO LinkedIn is one of the few Social Media sites still offering to pass on PageRank through links that do not contain NoFollow tags. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  8. 8. LinkedIn and SEO Three active links can be added to any LinkedIn Profile. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  9. 9. LinkedIn and SEO When editing websites, if “Other” options are chosen: – outward bound link can be defined. – anchor text can be edited to contain keyword-friendly terms. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  10. 10. LinkedIn and SEO Create an SEO-friendly URL – Incorporate user’s name – If applicable, incorporate user’s position CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  11. 11. Link Building Campaign Encourage employees to create profiles. Make sure employees make the website portion of their profiles publicly accessible. Have employees add websites under additional information and choose "other" so they can put in their own anchor text that points the URL. Direct employees to link deeper within corporate site • To a section related to their position • To a favorite product » Use a short, keyword-rich description. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  12. 12. Link Building Campaign Start small – Corp. Comm. or Web Design Department Troll for employees already on LinkedIn Offer a bonus or perk for participating CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  13. 13. Pros and Cons of a LinkedIn Campaign Pros – Increase inbound links to corporate site dramatically. – Improve PageRank of corporate site. – Great thought-leadership opportunity – online reputation. – Excellent recruiting tool. Cons – May expose employees to recruitment by others. – In most cases, employee link campaign is voluntary. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  14. 14. FACEBOOKDrive Traffic With Widget Power CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  15. 15. Who uses Facebook? CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  16. 16. Who uses Facebook?Facebook is a social networkingwebsite launched on February 2004.Facebook was primarily used by youngpeople, but now over half of registeredusers are over the age of 25.Still, it has largest number of usersamong all college-focused sites.Over 35 million active members totalworldwide. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  17. 17. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook(SEO) Public Search Listings – Contain less personal information than registered Facebook users can review. – Individuals have complete control over their public search listings, including opting out altogether. – Companies can use to raise references to their brand in the major search engines. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  18. 18. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook“Social Media Optimization”(SMO/SEO) Fan Pages– “Create a business presence to engage with your customers and fans on Facebook.”– Pages include external links.– Can’t define anchor text.– Can identify URL. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  19. 19. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook(SMO) Company Profiles – List the truth about what you represent. – Transparency is a positive here; promote what you offer. – Try to be as interesting and intriguing as possible. – Recruit within community. – Brand within community. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  20. 20. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook(SMO) Groups – Create a Group or Groups focused on company and user needs. – Example: Insurance Agent. – Promote transparently. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  21. 21. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook(SMO) Groups – Create a Group or Groups presence with company- related focus. – Example: I Love Camping (National Park Service). – Promote as transparently as possible, but secondarily; link to corporate site, add video sponsored by company. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  22. 22. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook (SMO) Applications / Widgets – Facebook Applications are essentially widgets, or small software programs, contained within the Facebook site. – Allow users to add functionality to their sites, as well as the sites of friends. – Widgets are an excellent way for companies to touch and interact with a large number of focused Facebook members. – Often, Facebook widgets “go viral” and become extremely popular within the site, spreading rapidly amongst users. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  23. 23. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook (SMO) Applications / Widgets – Brand recognition – Direct sales – Drive traffic to corporate site. – Not only can widgets drive traffic, they can also improve SEO: HTML links to corporate site can be installed. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  24. 24. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  25. 25. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook – “Stock market” of popular widgets. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  26. 26. SEO and SMO Attributes of Facebook – Create widgets free or inexpensively. – Can be as simple as a graphic. – Several companies like this exist – *Clearspring offers “HTML Wrapper” CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  27. 27. Pros and Cons of Facebook Promotion Pros – Wide audience of consumers – Some SEO attributes – Great online marketing potential – Offers a “personal” branding opportunity Cons – Limited SEO parameters – Widget market may be getting saturated CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  28. 28. Measuring Social Media Success Top Referring Sites: A good SMO campaign should influence where top referrals are coming from. Top Referring Keywords: Search phrases driving traffic to a site can be influenced by SMO initiatives. Time on Site: If SMO initiatives are well targeted, visitors will spend more time on the website. If off target, watch bounce rates and diminishing time spent on the site. RSS Syndication: Number of users and referrals over time. Blog Statistics: From Technorati, Digg, etc. Unique Visitors: SMO initiatives can provide a surge of new, unique visitors. Visits Per Month: Or quarter or week, over time and compared on an annual basis. CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts
  29. 29. For a copy of this presentation, please Contact me: THANK YOU! CONFIDENTIAL © 2008 Netconcepts