Does my Water Dealership really need a Facebook Page?


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Water Dealers need to use an integrated approach to bringing in new customers. This Presentation will details the how to and best practices for Water Dealers looking to start a Facebook Page. Topics include: Selecting a Profile Picture, Description, Advertisement, Likes, and how to integrate all of these with your already in place Marketing Campaigns.

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  • Your business is for your customers. Build relationships with them, reach new people and drive sales using Facebook.Over one billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day. When you have a strong presence on Facebook, your business is part of these conversations and has access to the most powerful kind of word-of-mouth marketing — recommendations between friends.
  • Does my Water Dealership really need a Facebook Page?

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    5. 5. It’s All About Your Page
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    10. 10.  Build your page Connect With People Engage your Audience Influence your fans and friendsDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    11. 11. Your Page is the central place to grow yourbusiness, build your brand and developrelationships with your customers.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    12. 12.  Page name Category Description PhotoDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    13. 13. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    14. 14.  Set a memorable web address for your Pagethat you can use on marketing material topromote your presence on Facebook Note: does not have to be the same as yourcompany name or website….but, it canDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    15. 15.  Retail Business Service Water Filtration Home Improvement Marketing Services Repair Finance ConstructionDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    16. 16. Write a sentence about your business sopeople understand what you do.Elevator pitchDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    17. 17. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group DirectTaking theworry out ofwater since1953
    18. 18. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    19. 19. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    20. 20.  Choose a cover photo that represents yourbrand and showcases your product or service.Its the first thing people will see when theyvisit your Page.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    21. 21. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    22. 22. Use an image thats 851 x 315 pixels.Use a unique image to represent your Page(ex: a picture of a customer using yourproduct or a group of photos).Experiment with different images to see whatpeople respond to.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    23. 23. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group DirectType in free photography facebook covers andfind lots of options including ways tocustomize your own
    24. 24. Now that you have a Page, it’s time to reachyour current and potential customers.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    25. 25.  Explore the options under the Build Audiencebutton on your admin panel. Make sure toinvite your Facebook friends to like your Page. Click on Invite Email Contacts to upload youryour email list and send a message askingpeople to like your Page.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    26. 26. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    27. 27.  Promote your Page web address on storesigns, business cards, receipts, emails,chalkboards and other marketing material. Download free Facebook table tents andstickers to promote your Page. Use the icon on your signature Put it everywhere!DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    28. 28.  Encourage people to check in at yourbusiness with a sign in your store, or byoffering a special discount to people whocheck in. Create events on your Page and invite peopleto join them. Share exclusive information and offers thatpeople are likely to want to pass along totheir friends.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    29. 29. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group DirectPlacement of $25Coupon Offer
    30. 30.  Encourage people to interact with yourbusiness Ask questions and create posts thatencourage engagement. When you post content and haveconversations on your Page, you’re buildingloyalty and creating opportunities to generatesalesDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    31. 31.  Make sure your posts are relevant to youraudience and business Be succinct, friendly and conversational Ask questions or seek input Give access to exclusive information andspecials Be timely by posting about current events,holidays or newsDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    32. 32. Short: Posts between 100 and 250 charactersget about 60% more likes, comments andsharesVisual: Photo albums, pictures, and videosget 180%, 120%, and 100% more engagementrespectivelyDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    33. 33. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    34. 34. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    35. 35. Word of mouth is the strongest form ofadvertising. When someone interacts with yourbusiness on Facebook it creates a story.People can see when their friends endorse yourbusiness by liking your Page or connecting withit, and it can influence their own purchasingdecisions.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    36. 36.  Sometimes, we just have to pay for itDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    37. 37.  Connect with people who are the right fitfor your business using Facebook Ads.DataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    38. 38.  The system will create a sample ad for you,using a photo from your page It will suggest a daily budget (usually startingt $10/day) It will suggest geography, using your localarea All you need to do is hit Promote Page to startDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    39. 39. Campaign, pricing and schedulingName your campaign, select your budget andset the schedule for your campaignThese impressions will be optimized so yourad shows to the people most likely to helpyou reach your goalDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    40. 40.  Facebook commits that you will never paymore than your budget. Experiment Test Test againDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    41. 41.  Handling unhappy customers And make them into your best salespeopleDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    42. 42.  Commit Dedicate Resourcesand Have Fun With ItDataDale FilhaberDataman Group Direct
    43. 43. DataDale FilhaberDataman Group DirectHelping Water Quality DealersReach the Right People at the Right Timefor over 30 years