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Paul Binks SFIA British Airways Developing Skills in Hard Times
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Paul Binks SFIA British Airways Developing Skills in Hard Times


Developing Skills in Hard Times

Developing Skills in Hard Times

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  • 1. Paul BinksHead of Resource Management1 Dec 2010
  • 2. BA Technology Services Roles Map Paul Binks 2
  • 3. Generic Role Profiles Paul Binks 3
  • 4. IT Training: 2007/8 g • Target 9 days per person (achieved 10.2) • 90% externally delivered • £750k training budget • Demand driven Paul Binks 4
  • 5. Global Economic Crisis Paul Binks 5
  • 6. Fight for SurvivalDiscretionary SDi ti Spend St d Stopped dEmergency Financial Controls Recruitment Freeze Paul Binks 6
  • 7. Growing Demand for IT Skills • Project Managers • Business A l t B i Analysts • Test Stream Leaders • Technical Design Leads T h i lD i L d • Software Engineers Paul Binks 7
  • 8. Our Response• Skills Strategy• Sourcing to provision• Train the trainer• Re-skilling Programmes Paul Binks 8
  • 9. Survey Results How do you rate Internal Training y g in helping you get the job done?Internally Delivered Courses 84% of respondents use this tool 60 9 20 50 % of users 9 40 12 30 Securing Web Apps (20) Java Basics (Days 1,2,3 & 4) (12) 20 IM Developing ETL Feeds (9) 10 Business Anlaysis Foundations (9) 0 llent table r r d Poo Poo Goo Exce ep Very Acc Paul Binks 9
  • 10. Skills Passport Paul Binks 10
  • 11. Skills Passport Associate Professional Professional Level Senior Professional Level Lead Professional Level Level KEY Medium project : <15 team 15 Large project <30 team 30 Portfolio d Programme: >3 P tf li and P 3 Small project: <5 team members and/or with matrix members and/or with matrix 100.A. 100.P. 100.S. 100.L. projects, >40 team members, members, >2 IT <5 systems management of up to 10 management of up to 20 1 1 1 1 matrix management, many IT impacted, resources in other teams, <5 resources in other teams, >10 systems impacted, <10 IT systems impacted, IT systems impacted, Small project: one business Medium project : up to 4 Large project up to 6 business Portfolio and Programme: 100.A. 100 A area impacted, minimum impacted 100.P. 100 P business areas impacted impacted, 100.S. 100 S areas impacted significant impacted, 100.L. 100 L many business areas 2 business process change 2 some business process 2 business process change 2 impacted, significant process Manage IT required, change required, required, change,100 Portfolio and Programme: high Delivery Small project: low number of Medium project : low number Large project: high number of 100.A. 100.P. 100.S. 100.L. number of dependencies, dependencies, simple or no of dependencies, supplier dependencies, complex 3 3 3 3 complex supplier supplier management, management, supplier management, management, g , Large project: large financial Portfolio and Programme: Medium project : full financial accountability with full large financial accountability Small project: limited financial accountability for the IT 100.A. 100.P. 100.S. financial accountability for the 100.L. full financial accountability for accountability, limited project, small to medium 4 4 4 IT project, medium to large 4 the IT project, large sized financial budget sized financial budget sized financial budget financial budget (>£2 million), (<£500k) (>£500k) high risk Provide direction and support Implement effective project Implement and maintain Manage effective project or for project and programme 3.1.A.1 inception and scoping 3.1.P.1 effective project inception and 3.1.S.1 programme inception and 3.1.L.1 inception and scoping activities, as directed scoping activities scoping activities activities Gather, document and Gather, document and Review, and communicate Monitor, review and communicate relevant communicate relevant relevant information relating communicate relevant 3.1.A.2 information relating to project 3.1.P.2 information relating to project 3.1.S.2 to, project or programme 3.1.L.2 information relating to project Project inception and scoping inception and scoping inception and scoping or programme inception and3.1 Inception and activities, under direction activities activities scoping activities Scoping Design effective project or Design and implement Provide supporting activities, Monitor and review project programme inception and effective programme inception p g p 3.1.A.3 3 1 A 3 under di ti d direction, t project to j t 3.1.P.3 inception and scoping 31P3 i ti d i 3.1.S.3 3 1 S 3 scoping strategy, plans and i t t l d 3.1.L.3 31L3 and scoping strategy, plans inception and scoping activities governance mechanisms for and governance mechanisms programmes Identify and develop, under 3.1.P.4 direction, project criteria and governance mechanisms Paul Binks 11
  • 12. What next? Paul Binks 12