Grant Eaton Comptia Certifying Skills SFIA


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Certifying Skills

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Grant Eaton Comptia Certifying Skills SFIA

  1. 1. Matthew PoyiadgiMatthew Poyiadgi & Grant Eaton
  2. 2. Serving the IT industry g y Education - Business Tools & Technology • Increase knowledge, leverage best practices, and boost p productivity while benchmarking the technology and trends y g gy Certifications - ITPros, Organisations • Develop IT skills for employees organisations and students employees, Advocacy and Impactful Leadership y p p • Address key global policy issues and develop industry standards Phil th hilanthropy • Helping those in need of support through the Educational Foundation
  3. 3. CompTIA Members in the UK p Vendors Resellers Education
  4. 4. Global Certifications Global CertificationsEnsures employees and partners have the skills to do the job:E l d h h kill d h j b• More than 1 million CompTIA certified professionals worldwide• Used by industry: Dell, Xerox, Ricoh, Sharp, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Intel• Globally - recognized, vendor-neutral certifications in: o Networking o Server Technology o Security o VoIP o PC Repair o Project Management
  5. 5. How are CompTIA Certifications created? p• The industry identifies a skills issue• Needs validation of skills to do a job• To create core competencies at a  foundational level skills that are vendor  neutral and industry endorsed neutral and industry endorsed• Stepping stone to  industry programmes
  6. 6. Certification RoadmapCertification Roadmap
  7. 7. Ricoh underpin learning  KA7 IT Service Master (FSE4) with CompTIA: internal engineers I S r i eMse L v l Mandatory Skills + Vendior Certifications T evc a t r e e MCSA / CCNA Vendor Accreditations CompTIA Security + KA6 Basic IT Service Engineer MCP CompTIA Server+ CompTIA Network + KA9 PP Pre-sales Engineer gS l to Mse l v l oui n a t r e e KA5 Solution Master (FSE5/PSE2) S l ti M t (PSE-PP) Mandatory Skills Mandatory Skills CompTIA Security + GW Scanning Basic colour management CompTIA Server + Ricoh controller Fiery Controller Network Management GW Printing Network Management smart Device Monitor PCL/ PJL Ricoh controller GW Security Features LDAP Network Printing for windows Mail Micropress LDAP Mail M il CompTIA CDIA+ KA4 Connectivity Master (FSE4/PSE1) CompTIA N+ Mandatory Skills GW Printing - GW ScanningC n e tvt a t rL v l Workflow Design o n ci i yMse e e LDAP Ricoh controller Network Management GW Printing CompTIA A+/PDI+ GW Scanning CompTIA N+ Network Printing for windows Color Management Basic colour management KA8 PP Master (FSE2) Fiery Controller Mandatory Skills y Mail SmartDeviceMonitor Workflow understanding Fiery system 8 Colour management Network Printing for windows KA3 Basic Connectivity Engineer (FSE3) CompTIA A+ Mandatory Skills CompTIA Network+ CompTIA A+ Network Printing for windows Network Printing for windows CompTIA Network+ Ricoh controller Media Qualification KA2 Service Master (FSE2) MFP (KA2a/c) High Volume (KA2e) Mandatory skills Electives Electives Mandatory skills Digital Imaging 2x Cat 2/3 Products 2x Cat 4/5 Products Digital ImagingS r i eMse L v l evc a t r e e Basic Printing Basic Printing Basic Ricoh Controller Basic Ricoh Controller Basic Colour Basic Colour Troubleshooting Troubleshooting PC Basic PC Basic Basic colour management Basic colour management Basic S B i Scanning(c) i ( ) KA1-B/W Master (FSE1) Mandatory Electives Basic Colour Troubleshooting 2x Cat 1/2 b/w Products Basic Printing Digital Imaging
  8. 8. Some examples : a channel mandateSome examples : a channel mandate
  9. 9. Success StoriesSuccess Stories Intel EMEA – recognise and recommend CompTIA  certifications, including A+ for their channel  partners to improve their skills and effectiveness i h i kill d ff i “A CompTIA certification means our customers can lead in  an informed manner, with the confidence to deliver local  solutions with trusted technology.” Cliff Jacka EMEA Reseller Channel Operations, Intel EMEA Reseller Channel Operations Intel
  10. 10. Enterprise Certification framework - Dell pDell Internal DCSE  ‐ DCSE – DCSE ‐ StoragePrograms desktops/Notebooks Server  pSpecialisations EMC            OracleNon‐Microsoft RHCE           SolarisVendor Specific MCP MCP MCSA MCTSCertifications MCDST MCSE MCITPVendor Neutral A+ A+ Server+  Network+ Linux+ Security+Platform  Network+ Storage+  Virtualisation+Certifications Client/PC Basic Enterprise Basic Enterprise Enterprise High End End  Enterprise 11
  11. 11. Dell Montpellier Case Study: Authorised S A th i d Service Centre ASC Gold i C t G ldFeedback and S Summary f from O Olivier Fauveau:• Customer retention and confidence increase C t t ti d fid i• Customer experience ratings increased• Repeat and make mandatory• Directly increased morale and staff turnover• Supported sales and marketing opportunities 12
  12. 12. Dell Montpellier Case Study:Authorised Service Centre ASC Gold Outcomes, ROI and Dell Customer Value • 10% increase in Customer Experience ratings* • 10% reduction in time taken per technical call (to resolution)* * stats confirmed by Jean Pierre Berone (Dell site Customer Service Director) Jean-Pierre 13
  13. 13. Dell Montpellier Case Study:Authorised Service Centre ASC Gold Quotes Q “the support from CompTIA has had a direct impact on our ability to increase customer satisfaction. We worked closely together as a team and achieved exceptional results for our customers and our staff”. Diego Ripamonti – Program Manager, Dell Montpellier “to increase customer satisfaction by another 10% on top on top of this is truly extraordinary. It puts Dell well ahead of the industry average” Jean-Pierre Berone – Customer Service Director, Dell Montpellier 14
  14. 14. Certification/Certificate PortfolioCertification/Certificate Portfolio 15 15
  15. 15. Entry to Expert Career Pathway CompTIA Certification Levels Expert – Industry Series (future)RecognizedProfessionalP f i l IT Technologist IT Executive Officer IT  Management  Specialization Master – Practitioner Series (future) Certificates Careers Advanced  Cloud  Advanced  Advanced • IT for Sales Security  Computing  Health IT  Capstone  • Green IT • Cyber Security** Professional – Plus Series • H lth IT** Health Hardware Systems Methodology Certifications Certifications Certifications Jobs **Placeholders A+ Server+ A+ Linux+  Project+ CDIA+ Network N t k PDI+ PDI Network N t k Green IT G CTT+ Database+ (future) Security+ CTP+ Security+ Fundamental – Knowledge Series Entry Strata ‐ Strata ‐ IT  Fundamentals  Assessments Certificate 16
  16. 16. CompTIA  certification statisticsCompTIA ‐ certification statistics• Customer: 93% of customers say they are in good hands when working with  individuals whom own IT certifications• Employer: 84% of IT hiring managers say that IT certifications are used as a measure of a  persons ability to work hard and achieve goals. 89% of IT hiring managers say that IT certifications help confirm subject matter knowledge and expertise. Businesses that employ a high number of certified help desk staff can handle 11 percent more phone calls and 28 percent certified help desk staff can handle 11 percent more phone calls and 28 percent more field service calls than businesses with a low number of certified helpdesk Staff• Individual:  71% of CompTIA certified individuals say their employer is able to gain business  by promoting to customers/prospects that IT staff are certified. 17
  17. 17. IT Vendors who use CompTIA certifications• Kyocera “Sharp recommends CompTIA PDI+ as a base level qualification for the MFP  Technician, and have included it as part of the Sharp Technical Accreditation  , p p• Intel I t l Scheme”.• HP Clive Allen, Technical Support Manager ‐ Sharp• Lenovo• IBM “Ricoh have chosen to partner with CompTIA to underpin our  technical  training. Ricoh are committed to ensuring all service engineers (at all levels) • Hitachi achieve this qualification. This starts from our service academy, where it is  now a mandatory qualification, through to our most experienced engineers  d t lifi ti th ht t i d i• Sharp and support colleagues. Ricoh are delighted to partner CompTIA in the  development of this new industry standard accreditation. The validation of • Xerox this qualification will allow Ricoh a competitive advantage in the • Ricoh Ri h marketplace”. k t l ” Roger Gretton, Customer Services Director ‐ Ricoh UK 18
  18. 18. Top 5 Reasons to Certify Get Certified and Get AheadIn this tough economy, your success in finding a new job or advancing your career track depends on you. Employers are looking for skilledemployees who don’t require job training, and can hit the ground running and impact their organizations quickly. Learn New Skills Retain your Job Want to Change Stick Out from IT is Everywhere to Get a Job and Salary Jobs the Resume Pile Certifications qualify you for IT is needed in Certifications are Make your new most companies essential expertise stand opportunities, pp , Hiring managers g g across credentials that above the rest rest. whether locked can demand the industries. prove you have Competence is into a current strongest skill Predictions are the knowledge usually retained job, see limited set. there won’t be and skills to during times of advancement or enough trained perform. change. need to change professionals. professionals careers. 19
  19. 19. Trends developing and CompTIA s roleTrends developing and CompTIA’s role • ICT Industry forecasted to grow in next 5 years • 500,000 new recruits required  500 000 it i d • 25,000 IT jobs available at any one time in IT • Declining number of professionals choosing IT careers D li i b f f i l h i IT • Aging populations mean a reduction in skilled workers • Fewer skilled workers entering the workforce • Skills in demand will be higher‐level with lower‐level  skills off‐shored kill ff h d
  20. 20. Beyond the UK – a global workforce development drive
  21. 21. Thank you