SOCITM Managing with Aspire
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SOCITM Managing with Aspire



Managing with Aspire

Managing with Aspire



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SOCITM Managing with Aspire Presentation Transcript

  • 1. SFIA Conference 2010 Managing skills within the SFIA M i kill ithi th Professionalism Framework using Aspire Bernard Gudgin Christine Westlake Dave © Socitm Ltd 1
  • 2. Background g• SFIA role profiling software originally developed by the Northern Ireland Civil Service• It was completely redeveloped by Leeds City Council in 2007 as the Aspire system• Supports the use of SFIA S t th f• Part of a longer-term culture change programme in ICT• Pilot projects were supported by Socitm the Cabinet Office Socitm, and I&DeA• Officially launched at the Socitm conference in 2008• Now available to any organisation that can benefit from using it © Socitm Ltd 2
  • 3. What can Aspire do for me? p• Aspire A i supports the implementation of IT professionalism h i l i f f i li• The software contains the full SFIA skills framework• Records job roles using skills and levels from the SFIA framework• Used by individuals to assess their skills against those required for their job and to provide the supporting i d f th i j b d t id th ti evidence• Used by managers for online appraisals, to approve staff y g pp , pp skills, set development and service objectives• Supports training requests and authorisations• Allows individuals to assess their skills against any job role in their organisation © Socitm Ltd 3
  • 4. Benefits• In h I the present climate, staff motivation and encouragement li ff i i d is going to be more important than ever• Following implementation, Leeds City council saw a rapid g p , y p rise in staff motivation to well over 80%• With clear aims, objectives and goals, staff are more motivated and focussed• This in turn contributes to increased customer satisfaction• A true “win-win” © Socitm Ltd 4
  • 5. What else?• Socitm h d S i has developed a “SFIA-compatible” framework for l d “SFIA ibl ” f kf web developers• It too will be supported by Aspire pp y p• Other frameworks for other professions could be supported• Christine will describe the pilot projects• Then Dave will talk about future developments• But please come and see it in action on the Aspire stand! © Socitm Ltd 5
  • 6. Aspire - Pilots pMid-Devon Di i Council & T id District CouncilMid D District C il Torridge Di i C ilNorth Devon District Council Leeds City CouncilLondon Borough of Brent TheDorset County Council I&DeA Cabinet ASPIRE OfficeSurrey County Council SOCITMTameside Metropolitan Borough Council+ others for comparative © Socitm Ltd 6
  • 7. Pilot outcomes• Provided the content of the e-toolkit P id d th t t f th t lkit• p g• The pilot was deemed a success• Launch of ASPIRE at Socitm 2008 © Socitm Ltd 7
  • 8. Post pilot implementations p p• Diversity across the public sector Di i h bli – Hampshire Fire and Rescue service – Westminster City Council – Teesside University – Luton & Bedfordshire and Cambridge Fire and Rescue services – Exeter City Council © Socitm Ltd 8
  • 9. Hurdles• Lessons learnt from pilots and more recent L l f il d implementations• Unions and HR involvement• Corporate Appraisal schemes• CHANGE MANAGEMENT• Management driven vs total ownership g p © Socitm Ltd 9
  • 10. Experiences p• Af few anonymous anecdotes: d – Time – Support – Outcomes – Concerns © Socitm Ltd 10
  • 11. Users• Emphasis E h i on user driven product di d• How that works• Identification of attending users willing to be approached by delegates © Socitm Ltd 11
  • 12. Support pp• Where from: Wh f – Socitm – Leeds City Council – User group – SFIA © Socitm Ltd 12
  • 13. Benefits• Short term Sh• Longer term – Organisation – IT service – Individual• Right kill Ri ht skills ........Right people........Right place Ri ht l Ri ht l• Financial © Socitm Ltd 13
  • 14. Aspire Development p p• The value we add…. – Member’s group drives developments – Annual development release – M i t i d in line with SFIA Maintained i li ith – We use it ! Leeds are active users of Aspire – Passionate about our people and professionalism © Socitm Ltd 14
  • 15. Functionality improvements y p• User driven improvements in 2009 – SFIA v4 framework upgrade – Add locally defined skills alongside SFIA – Import/export facility to HR or other applications – Assign competency leads – Job l hi t J b role history for individuals f i di id l – Appraisal summary statements – Training course feedback – Capability to record details of 1 to 1 meetings – Add document attachments to evidence © Socitm Ltd 15
  • 16. What’s next?• Future roadmap – User functionality enhancements – Strengthen integration (where required) – Align to membership categories – SOCITM – Other frameworks, like web developers, can be added , p , – Skills gaps and collaboration – Regional, National ?? © Socitm Ltd 16
  • 17. Thank you for listening Questions! © Socitm Ltd 17