2nd San Francisco Green Film Festival // Sponsor Kit 2012


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We invite you to join us as a Festival Sponsor of the second annual festival in March 2012 and align with our dynamic event and its devoted participants. You will have abundant opportunities to meet with filmmakers and environmental leaders from around the world as they showcase new work and discuss innovative approaches to promoting sustainability. Participate in our exclusive sponsor environment and enjoy excellent visibility for your brand, products, or services.

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2nd San Francisco Green Film Festival // Sponsor Kit 2012

  1. 1. 2nd SAN FRANCISCO GREEN FILM FESTIVAL THE BIGGER PICTURE March 1 - 7, 2012 San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema sfgreen lmfest.org CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP OVERVIEW DIL"M<@@@@B6(1*"D%$1^1 <TO"UVMWW"MB"LJKO@@@@X%--$%8"D,(0 <TO".<T"VOHJWZ<MJK["OKOVL"IZ<JKJ] LJJY"SJV<ZKO@@@@W1*9,*"H1*"B,%(0 @@@@E1$2"I;"S%)3*%$ GREEN IDEAS IN ACTION The rst ever San Francisco Green Film Festival The San Francisco Green Film Festival (SFGFF) returns March 1-7, 2012 as the Bay launched this past weekend and […] the Area’s only event dedicated to lm and media that explore green issues and sustainable quality of the lms presented were of the living. SFGFF brings critical and contemporary environmental issues to local audiences highest caliber. Mixed in among the serious and, in the process, highlights the vital work of our many partners. The 2,000 attendees documentaries about everything from precious at our rst festival in March 2011 enjoyed a broad array of new lms in carefully curated metal mining to bird conservation were a few sessions that challenged, provoked, and entertained as well as provided abundant choice shorts that thankfully use a little comedy material for hours of discussion. and music to disseminate disturbing information. ---- Treehugger.com We invite you to join us for the second annual festival in our new venue at the San Francisco Film Society’s Cinema in Japantown. This year we will be extending the For an inaugural launch, what an awe-inspiring festival and o ering a week-long program of lm premieres, panels and special events. line-up of 90 premieres from around the world! You will have abundant opportunities to meet with lmmakers and environmental leaders We were pleased to join the lmmakers of from around the world as they showcase new work and discuss innovative (BUTTERFLIES AND BULLDOZERS) to discuss saving approaches to promoting sustainability. Participate in our exclusive sponsor the Bay and San Bruno Mountain. environment and enjoy excellent visibility for your brand, products, or services. ---- East Bay Regional Park District, Founding Sponsor ABOUT THE FESTIVAL SFGFF’s mission is to organize and present inspiring programs of films and The San Francisco Green Film Festival is discussions that link media arts with environmental action and advocacy. unapologetically about advocacy. The goal isnt just The lms that we premiere explore the relationship between people and the planet and to educate audiences about many environment o er compelling insights into the environmental challenges we face as well as the issues but also to inspire them to take action. creative social entrepreneurs who are crafting a vision for a greener future. ---- San Francisco Chronicle In recent years, documentaries such as AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, THE END OF THE LINE, THE COVE, and FOOD, INC. have proven to be e ective in in uencing political and If you are in the San Francisco Area this is an event you will not want to miss. corporate agendas and increasing public awareness. The festival provides lmmakers ----- Bag Monsters via Facebook with a high visibility platform for this work and provides audiences with unique opportunities to watch, discuss and get involved. Our programs aim to empower people to become activists, advocates, and savvy consumers. Loved the green themed programs, the venue, the interactive art at parties, abundance of helpful volunteers. In March 2012, SFGFF will create an entertaining and meaningful experience for ----- Soumyaa Kapil Behrens, Festival attendees by o ering numerous activities, including: lmmaker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oogle Earth"!""""M*(5$*+"1*9"*-,$&10:%"9()6((,*("A03"-2&&1N%$("1*9" """""""1*9"Second Life;"""""""2%19%$("*"03%"-%29(",-"0%)3*,2,+8C"()%*)%C"76(*%((C" !""""S$%%"()$%%**+("-,$"%96)10,$("1*9"(069%*0(;"""""""),*(%$:10,*C"1*9"03%"1$0(;"O1)3"-2&"*)269%("1"PQI"A03" !""""#$,-%((,*12"*%0A,$N*+",55,$06*0%("*",6$"-%(0:12"2,6*+%C""""""""2%19*+"%45%$0("1*9")31*+%"&1N%$("1*9"1")122"0,"1)0,*; """""""-2&&1N%$"7$6*)3%(C"1*9"%:%**+"%:%*0(;
  2. 2. The 2011 edition of the festival featured 65 lmmakers and guest speakers including: The idea of individual initiative pervades the festival lineup, from ordinary guy Jeb Berriers1**"I$036(@D%$0$1*9C"9$%)0,$C"TJ]O inquiry into the ubiquitous plastic bag in Thursdays]1$+1$%0"I0A,,9C"A$0%$"1*9"%*:$,*&%*012(0 opening night lm (BAG IT) to Burkina Faso farmerY%77%"D$671N%$C"5$,96)%$C"WI"]MBBMJK Yacouba Sawadogo and his soil-reclamationO9"Y6**C"O4%)60:%"Y$%)0,$C"T;I;K;E;"V%)8)2*+"E%*0%$ breakthrough (THE MAN WHO STOPPED THE DESERT.)E1$2"I;"S%)3*%$C"9$%)0,$C"<TO".03"VOHJWZ<MJK["OKOVL"IZ<JKJ] ---- SF WeeklyE1038"S()3%$C"B%*,$"E,*0%*0"#$,96)%$C"M<HBS$%9$N"L%$00%*C"9$%)0,$C"DIKIKIB_`])31%2"L$%%*C"O4%)60:%"Y$%)0,$C"<3%"E%*0%$"-,$"O*:$,*&%*012"T%1203Y%aI*03,*8"X,*%(C"D$,A%$",603"IA1$9"G**%$"=>?><1*81"U%%*C"#$,+$1&"]1*1+%$C"L,,+2%"O1$03"J60$%1)3V,(("]$N1$&C"B1*"S$1*)(),"D,1$9",-"B65%$:(,$(W1$$8"B)32%((*+%$C"M*96(0$8"J60$%1)3"E31$C"#$,96)%$("L629",-"I&%$)1"K,$03G%(0In addition to the annual lm festival, SFGFF presents year-round screenings anddiscussions. We present regular screenings with GreenStacks at the San FranciscoPublic Library Main Branch, and recent co-presents include the San Francisco JewishFilm Festival, Bioneers, “Nightlife” at the California Academy of Sciences, SanFrancisco International Film Festival, A Common Green, and Earth Day SF. YMHO_@@@@X%$%&8"B%-%$0AUDIENCESFGFF audiences are comparatively a uent, highly educated and culturallysophisticated with a strong commitment to the environment and green living. Ouraudiences have one foot in the cinema and one in nature and a deep passion for both.Festivalgoers are curious to discover new ideas and are enthusiastic supporters of thefestival, its partners and sponsors. Audiences may have had to face some inconvenient truths—Our audience of 2,000 includes: land lls in China, the decimation!"""""L$%%*"5$,-%((,*12(["03,6+30"2%19%$(C"01(0%&1N%$(C"*96(0$8"*(9%$("1*9"%45%$0(" of oceans, global""""""""03$,6+3,60"03%"D18"I$%1"1*9"7%8,*9; warming, and other!"""""M*0%$*10,*12"-2&C"0%2%:(,*"1*9"9+012"&%91&1N%$("A03"1"5$,-%((,*12"*0%$%(0" such unentertaining""""""""*"+$%%*"1*9"(6(01*17208"0,5)(; fare—but many of!"""""E*%&1"76--(C"1)0:%"&%91"),*(6&%$(C"1*9"%1$28"19,50%$(;" the lms also celebrated conservation e orts and left theatergoers!"""""#1$0*%$",$+1*^10,*(a"&%&7%$("A03"03%$"$%210%9"01$+%0"169%*)%(; exhilarated rather than discouraged.!"""""O96)10,$("1*9"(069%*0("A03"1*"*0%$%(0"*"%*:$,*&%*012(&"1*9"&%91; ------ San Francisco Magazine Demographic Breakdown of Festival Attendees: * The energetic Q&A following (BANANAS!*) was a unique experience to supplement the lm screening; it provided learning and critical thought that I couldnt Ages 18-25 7% Annual Income: get anywhere else. The festival did a great job of Ages 25-44 54% <$50k 16% covering the green topics I was aware of as well as Ages 45-64 33% $50k-$100k 23% introducing me to new ideas and issues. Age 65+ 6% $100k-$150k 32% ----- Ambika J. via festival survey $150k-$200k 26% Female 56% $200k+ 3% YIVU"BMYO"JS"<TO"WOKB@@@@])N%8"B&03 Male 44% Homeowners 57% Single 75% Married 25% Customers rated the rst festival as: California Resident 81% Excellent 57% Good 43% *Sample size 1,600 based on festival ticket purchasers, survey responders, and newsletter subscribers, courtesy of RapLeaf.
  3. 3. VENUES The opening night party following BAG IT was really exceptional. It was a great idea to invite localBeginning in September 2011, San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema organic food retailers to give away their wares.opens its doors in the supremely stylish state-of-the art 143-seat theater located in the ---- Edward S. via festival surveyultra-contemporary New People building at 1746 Post in Japantown. An integral part ofthe New People building—the cutting-edge four-story building devoted to contemporary The experts on the E-waste/green design panelJapanese art, fashion, food and design that opened in 2009—the theater features the showed how various environmental realities nest analog and digital equipment, perfect sight lines and immersive THX-certi ed connect, and positive new directions that can be taken.surround sound. Amenities in the surrounding neighborhood include plentiful parking ---- Doug P. via festival surveyand numerous restaurants. For more information visit s s.org or NewPeopleWorld.comNearby venues will host additional special events. We loved the camaraderie of the festival sta , we loved the city and we loved the warmth, charm andMARKETING & PUBLICITY personal attention showered on the lmmaker. A festival with smart crowds, class and heart. Dont miss a frame.Estimated impressions are over 1 million and include local, national and international ------ Kevin Tomlinson, lmmaker,print, on-air, online, in-theater, direct marketing, and festival publications. 2011 festival (BACK TO THE GARDEN)coverage included San Francisco Chronicle, KRON, San Francisco Magazine, SFWeekly, San Francisco Examiner, KALW, The Bay Citizen, SF360.org, Treehugger, BayNature Magazine, and Earth Island Journal. I cant wait to see the 2012 San Francisco Green Film Festival winners. If they are anything like2012 Attendance Forecast 2,000 last years selected lms, we are all in for a treat!Current Email List 1,700 ---- Anna K. via FacebookCurrent Social Networks 6,600 [FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Flickr]Global Website During February 2011 sfgreen lmfest.org had 10,250 unique visitors from 889 cities in 88 countries. It’s so exciting to see such a great line-up of lmsSubscribers to community 300,000+ (includes San Francisco Film Society coming together – and on such important andpartner organizations’ newsletters email and print newsletters) timely issues. ---- Michelle M. via festival blog comments2012 FESTIVAL AT A GLANCE2nd Annual San Francisco Green Film FestivalDates: Thurdsay, March 1 through Wednesday, March 7, 2012Venues: San Francisco Film Society | New People Cinema 1*9"1990,*12"*%1$78":%*6%(;Number of Films Forecast: Local premieres of 45 lms from around the world.Attendance Forecast: 2,000Target Market: A uent, educated, and informed consumers with a strong commitment to sustainable living.Media Impressions: Over 1 million:"2,)12C"*10,*12"1*9"*0%$*10,*12"5$*0C"" " " " " " ,*@1$C",*2*%C"*@03%10$%C"9$%)0"&1$N%0*+C"1*9"-%(0:12"" " " " " " 5672)10,*(; DIKIKIB_`@@@@S$%9$N"L%$00%* J5%**+"K+30"L121"@@"#3,0,"E$%90["<,&&8"W16 WJB<"IKY"SJZKY@@@@#325"T6*0
  4. 4. SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES We invite you to align with our dynamic event and its Bene ts of sponsorship can include: devoted participants and discuss how we can custom-design a sponsorship package to support your !"""""E10%+,$8"%4)26(:08" company’s needs. !"""""W,+,":(7208"*"5$*0%9"&10%$12("1*9"S%(0:12"),2210%$12 !"""""J*@()$%%*"$%),+*0,*"10"()$%%**+("1*9"%:%*0( Sponsorship can include exclusive association with a !"""""J*@(01+%"1)N*,A2%9+%&%*0"10"()$%%**+("1*9"%:%*0( key element of the festival, such as a special event or lm !"""""K10,*12"1*9"2,)12"&%91"(51)%"Q"&5$%((,*( program. Or, you can join us as a Presenting or Signature !"""""M*)26(,*"*"S%(0:12"5$%(("$%2%1(%( Sponsor and enjoy festival-wide exposure and bene ts. !"""""Y$%)0"*0%$1)0,*"A03"-%(0:12"100%*9%%("1*9"HM#"+6%(0( !"""""Y%&,*(0$10,*C"9(5218"1*9"(1&52*+",55,$06*0%( !"""""D,,03"(51)%"1*9"71**%$"9(5218"10"03%"S%(0:12 !"""""HM#"51((%("0,"-2&(C"5$,+$1&("1*9"%:%*0( !"""""M*:010,*("0,"5$:10%"51$0%( !"""""I))%(("0,"%:%*0"53,0,( !"""""J55,$06*08"-,$"$%012"0%@*( !"""""O&52,8%%":,26*0%%$",55,$06*0%( Sponsorships range from $1k - $50k and can be tied to: EVENTS: Opening Night Green Carpet GalaBTJJ<MKL"GM<T"]ZVBM@@@@J2(1$12"J276"Q"D%*",6*+ Closing Night/Awards Party Filmmaker Welcome Brunch Filmmaker Dinner Select 2011 Sponsors Cinema Cafe Happy Hour Bently Reserve Filmmaker Lounge California Academy of Sciences East Bay Regional Park District PROGRAMS: Ecofabulous Film Premieres Farallone Paci c Insurance Services Panels/Workshops DZ<<OVSWMOB"Q"DZWWYJbOVB @@@@B0%:%*"Q"I**"Y6*(N8 Landmark Theatres Filmmaker Award(s) New Resource Bank Volunteer Program Zhang Jiang Apartments Channel G EDUCATION: ChicoBag “Lights! Camera! Action Steps!” Project City CarShare Free Schools Screening Free Range Studios Festival Greening Initiatives GreenMBA, Dominican University of California Green Planet Films Hotel Carlton, Joie de Vivre New America Media Ninth Street Independent Film Center Select 2011 Community Partners Business Council on Climate Change | BC3 CONTACT US Conservatory of Flowers Consulate General of Canada San Francisco | Silicon Valley EcoTuesday San Francisco Green Film Festival Fair Trade USA Ninth Street Independent Film Center Global Social Change Film Festival & Institute 145 9th Street, Suite 101 Goethe Institute San Francisco San Francisco, CA 94103 Golden Gate Audubon Society Goldman Environmental Prize tel: (415) 742-1394 Green Chamber of Commerce sponsor@sfgreen lmfest.org Green Festival United Nations International Year of Forests sfgreen lmfest.org Producers Guild of America facebook.com/sfgreen lmfest Plastic Pollution Coalition twitter.com/sfgreen lmfest Rainforest Action Network San Francisco Department of the Environment