Nuxeo Corporate Presentation - April 2007


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Business presentation of Nuxeo (both the open source ECM project and the company behind it).

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Nuxeo Corporate Presentation - April 2007

  1. 1. Corporate Brie ng Éric Barroca Arnaud Lefèvre Executive VP of Operations Executive VP of Sales
  2. 2. Key Statistics Corporate Information Unstructured Information Structured 20% 90% remains unmanaged Unstructured 80% Source: Gartner Research
  3. 3. +36% / year
  4. 4. ECM?
  5. 5. 1990-2000 Payroll Expenses ERP Uni cation Manufacturing Accounting Invoicing etc.
  6. 6. 2000-20... Documents Records ECM Uni cation E-Mail Archiving Web etc.
  7. 7. An Innovative Approach...
  8. 8. From Document Collaboration Management
  9. 9. To Document Collaboration Management
  10. 10. Nuxeo, The Pioneer Founded in 2000 Leading Open Source ECM software vendor International organization 35 employees worldwide Signi cant market presence Business-friendly Open Source
  11. 11. Turnover € 3.5M € 1.9M € 1.3M € 0.7M 2004 2005 2006 2007
  12. 12. Prestigious Customers Critical ECM applications Document Management Collaboration Compliance Archiving Search
  13. 13. Current Partners Joint o ering development in France, UK, USA Joint sales and marketing e ort Nuxeo EP foundation Integrates Nuxeo platform in mission-critical projects Document management and business process management Solutions for French gov. agencies Critical projects for the French Defense market
  14. 14. Nuxeo Platform extensible customizable scalable
  15. 15. Nuxeo 5: the most complete open source ECM solution ESB interface Global services ERP/CRM Records Directory Search Reporting BPM Noti cations Management Management LDAP Directory Collaboration/GED Consultation Services Content production Services Publication Dashboard Forums Business Intelligence Publication Relations Acces right management spaces Synchronization Lifecycle Collaborative & Portal (JSR 168) private workspaces Versioning Newsletter File Plan Comments SQL Directory External applications Transformation Polls Content repository XML DB JSR170 (ex: JackRabbit) SQL DB
  16. 16. Nuxeo Enterprise Platform Nuxeo Rich Client Platform Nuxeo Enterprise Components E E ava Functional plugins J5 MS O ce Nuxeo Web Foundations Ecl Extension ip RC se P Nuxeo Java EE Services Apogée Infrastructure Nuxeo Core OS Gi Nuxeo Runtime
  17. 17. What Next?
  18. 18. Un bea tabl e Lightspeed and Scalable Storage for Nuxeo Core
  19. 19. Tim e Co ntr ol Advanced Content Repository Features
  20. 20. Spr for intin the g rel eas 1st e Java Content Repository 2 API
  21. 21. Sha Strip rep out oint ! Microsoft O ce Takeover
  22. 22. con Stay nec ted Multi-server Synchronization
  23. 23. and a lot more...
  24. 24. Expect to be surprised! :-)
  25. 25. Open Source is taking over the IT industry
  26. 26. The Open Source Tornado Middleware OS Internet Infra 1995 2000 2005
  27. 27. We’re taking Open Source up to the application level
  28. 28. Business Model Subscription o er Guaranteed value for customers Budget-oriented investment Directly delivered from platform’s experts Service, not Taxes! Homogeneous Platform Designed for integrators Each company has its content management processes Quick learning curve Built for today’s needs Focus on digital content Quicker Return On Investment
  29. 29. Nuxeo’s Ecosystem Integrators Users Ecosystem Open Source ISVs Partners Consulting Integrators Customers ISV Open Source Vendor Users / Customers Innovation & Partners Usage & contribution Distribution Consulting & Integration R&D / Distribution Projects
  30. 30. Merci ! — —