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Mary-Jane Ginsberg

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  • Don’t stereotype the region, because there is so much more
  • In Northern California, it means so much more: Global industrial clusters Entrepreneurial culture Leading Venture Capital centre Trend setting region Strong university and R&D Thinks BIG !!
  • Birthplace of the worlds 1 st biotech community
  • On numerous fronts, California sets the pace and trends for the rest of the country and possesses a springboard effect for companies to branch out and enter the global markets of Asia and Europe.
  • California hosts companies that Canadians are affected by each and every day. Also this is the area where global companies plant their branch offices to mine the latest trends and test market their products and ideas. Danisco, DSM, Unilever, P+G xxxxxx
  • Others include (in order) : PG&E , Applied Materials, URS , eBay , Synnex, VISA, Gilead Sciences, Ross Stores , Advanced Micro Devices , Yahoo , Sanmina-Sci, Symantec, Franklin Resources, Clorox , Core-Mark Holding, Agilent Technologies , Sandisk, Charles Schwab , Levi Strauss
  • Notes: Information obtained from United States Patent and Trademark Office. California accounts for 23% of total patents granted in the US in 2004.
  • (measured by scientific co-publications
  • MJ review what a CTA- Incubator is
  • Plug and Play Tech Center is a global accelerator that specializes in growing tech startups. Headquartered in Sunnyvale California, Plug and Play's network
  • 6 month tenancy- maximum 4 companies at a time. Qualified by TC for participation Advisors industry stakeholders
  • CA is home to a dynamic & avant-garde cleantech sector , based partly on a forward-looking legislative environment .
  • CA energy market is driven by 4 key areas: 1) Strong regulations – Cap & Trade, RPS, fuel standards, etc. 2) Resources – natural, capital, talent 3) Rewards for early adopters in policy & technology
  • Utilities – PG&E, SCE, SMUD 2) Tech giants – Google, Intel 3) Corporate scouts – GE, Siemens 4) Disruptors – Silver Spring, Solazyme, etc. OPPORTUNITIES: - Largest solar pipeline in the US - Early adopter in energy storage - “Build Green” required by code - Software / Analytics for energy - Water/wastewater technologies and demos garner interest CURRENT TCS PROGRAMS: -California Cleantech Market Access Program - Smart Grid Industry Mission - Greenbuild 2012 - CTA@ Environmental Business Cluster - Continuing personalized service
  • 3 companies at a time 4 month tenure
  • Success has been made possible through the combination of tradition and innovation
  • - Opportunities abound: Canada is a key trading partner and is a priority market overall for California goods and services. - With a healthy bilateral trading relationship between Canada & California, PEI’s Agricultural Industries have an opportunity to develop and grow their business with CA.
  • Encompasses more than 350 plant and animal commodities CA is the only state in the US to produce 15 of those – Almonds, Walnuts, Raisins, Sweet Rice and Potatoes .
  • Organics, Natural - Industry grew by 9.5% in 2011 and indicated to maintain growth for 2012-2013 Ag tech innovation; Bio-pesticides
  • - animal husbandry (cage free eggs, veal production, handling of beef cattle, foie gras ban) - farming practices (organic standards, GMO free-Prop 37 is on the ballot in Nov.2012) - Leafy Green Marketing Association-a consortium of producers that adhere to new standards in the industry for growing leafy greens. - Red list for seafood consumption from Monterrey Bay- Seafood Sustainability Guidelines and Certifications from the NGO community. - The Consumer has undoubtedly become the key influencer in channelling what the agri-food industry manufacturers and markets. This has resulted in a heightened integrity of food product offerings and a strong demand for sustainability and transparency. - More consumers now say “NO” to traditional behaviours, including the type of food consumed or produced. - This has led to the creation of new markets for products and services, and in some instances- new category opportunities.
  • - Significant influence on American Food over the last 40+years. Mediterranean Diet-influenced by Alice Waters+ colleagues using pure, fresh flavours of homegrown ingredients Periphery of the Plate- de-emphasized animal protein dominating the center of the plate. Locavore/Artisinal- climate makes it easier to eat local year round-preferred choice to make. Health- outdoors, active lifestyle with increased awareness on health and good food. Looking South and West- California cuisine influenced by pacific, Mexico and pts south
  • - Fresh Summit Conference, World Ag Expo Working with key contacts such as DSM, Clorox, Danisco, Safeway to invest or license technologies from Canadian businesses. Ag 2.0 Conference exchange between California and Canadian companies Branding Initiatives: Agri-Innovation Boot Camps, Food for Health, Winter & Summer Fancy Food Tradeshows, Nutracon, Engredea, NPEW. - Advocacy: SFRAN advocates proactively and in a responsive manner on behalf of the Canadian and Provincial Gov’t and industries to protect various assets of interest within the sector. Seafood Boycotts, Foie Gras, PPO Process in manufacturing process, trade barriers with food safety issues.
  • The TCS has a vast resource network Over 1,000 employees work in our Trade Offices abroad, from which ~1/3 are Canada-based staff ~2/3 are are locally engaged staffs, who provide extensive knowledge of local markets, legislation and the business environment. Over 1,000 employees in Canada, including over 100 in the regional offices and the rest in Ottawa.
  • We had over 13,000 clients in 2011 75% of our clients are small and medium-sized companies. Two thirds of our clients have consulted more than one of our offices abroad. About 80% are satisfied with the services they have received. (Source: 2011TCS client survey) 1. New or experienced . . .Before we deliver services, we need to know that the Canadian company is prepared and committed to the market and will be able to deliver products or services. 2. The request could come from any number of different firms. The main concern is that the TCS service provided will lead to economic benefit and prosperity for Canada. 3. The request could be from a consultant or student, but they must have a mandate from the Canadian company they are representing.
  • This is the TCS value proposition, and it comes at no financial cost to our clients (Canadian Tax dollars at work) Our success is your success -- we want to understand your international objectives and help you achieve them. We will do what it takes to deliver these services
  • Commercial program brief sep2012 mjg ver3

    1. 1. Mary-Jane GinsbergSenior Agri-Food SpecialistConsulate General of CanadaSan Francisco | Silicon Valley
    2. 2. And they said “Go West…” • 3rd Largest State • Most populous state – 38 million people • Key cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego
    3. 3. The Golden State What comes to mind? • SF - Cable cars • Napa - Wine Country • Hollywood • Beaches
    6. 6. California’s economy is the 8 largest in the world: th • Agriculture • Resources • Electronics • Entertainment • Tourism
    7. 7. Knowledge and Attitude • trend-setter • springboard
    8. 8. Millions of Canadians are affected daily … tools we use for everyday life…
    9. 9. Fortune 500 2011 : 30 Nor-CalSTATE FORTUNE 500 COMPANY CITY REVENUES ($M)RANK RANK 1 CHEVRON 3 San Ramon 196,337 2 HEWLETT-PACKARD 11 Palo Alto 126,033 3 MCKESSON 15 San Francisco 108,702 4 WELLS FARGO 23 San Francisco 93,249 5 APPLE 35 Cupertino 65,225 6 INTEL 56 Santa Clara 43,623 7 SAFEWAY 60 Pleasanton 41,050 8 CISCO SYSTEMS 62 San Jose 40,040 12 GOOGLE 92 Mountain View 29,321 13 ORACLE 96 Redwood City 26,820 17 GAP 167 San Francisco 14,663
    10. 10. Venture Capital: Show me the money!Source: PWC Money Tree
    11. 11. THE INNOVATION FACTORY TOP PATENTING U.S. STATESNUMBER OF UTILITY Calendar Year 2011 LOCATIONPATENTS GRANTED 28,148 CALIFORNIA 7,584 TEXAS 6,956 NEW YORK 5,754 CANADA 5,191 MASSACHUSETTS Total Patents Granted of U.S. origin: 108,626 Source: US Patent Office
    12. 12. A Scientific Powerhouse and a Strong Partner • US $60B of R&D performed annually • World leading academic institutions: Stanford, Berkeley, UCSF, CalTech, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz • California is Canada’s top scientific partner on a par with the UK and France
    13. 13. Northern California focus on: • Digital Media / Gaming • Wireless / Mobile • Life Sciences • Cleantech / Energy • Agri-Food
    14. 14. • World’s largest cluster• Digital Media/ Gaming• Hardware• Wireless/Mobile
    15. 15. For Canada’s IT sector, the Valley is a key source of: • Partnerships • Capital • Market intel • customers
    16. 16. Canada in Southern California; Canada supplies 80% of the animation & special effects used in Hollywood
    17. 17. Canadian Technology Accelerator @ Connecting Canadian companies with SanFrancisco • Focus on Digital Media and Gaming • B2B • C100 mentoring (C100 new HQs) • Located in the Heart of SF • Opportunity for select few • 30+ graduate companies to date
    18. 18. Canadian Technology Accelerator @ Connecting Canadian companies to Silicon Valley • Focus on Wireless and Mobile • Access to TCS/Consulate, PnP Resources, and C100 connection services After 3 years: • 60+ graduate companies • Measured Results: increased sales, new jobs in Canada, funding events, strategic partnerships
    19. 19. SF/ Bay Area ranks highest for:• Venture Capital• Patents filed• High-growth companies• IPOs• World-class research institutions
    20. 20. Canadian Technology Accelerator @• Launched March 2012 at Mission Bay• Life-Sciences focused• Access to lab facilities• Access to industry leaders and advisors• Participation in matchmaking, entrepreneur development programs + investor events• 1st four CND participants actively involved in business development
    21. 21. • Dynamic sector• Forward-looking legislative environment• Policy favours early adopters• Access to Capital and Talent
    22. 22. California’s Energy& Environmental Market Drivers: • Strong Regulations • Substantial resources • Rewards for early adopters
    23. 23. California’s Energy& Environmental Market Partners & Customers: • State & local Governments • Utilities • Technology giants • Corporate scouts • Mid-market disruptors
    24. 24. Canadian Technology Accelerator @ • Focus on Cleantech • Launched September 2011, San Jose • Cleantech companies only • Access to lab facilities and EBC network including mentors, venture capital
    25. 25. • 88,000 farms & ranches in California• $37B industry• $100B in related economic activity
    26. 26. We already know each other! Canada-California$4.1B two-way trade in AgricultureAll figures are in U.S. dollars (based on 2010 data). U.S. export figures to Canada do not include re-export values. Data source: Statistics Canada, June 2011
    28. 28. Taste the MarketCalifornia – here we come! • Bull’s eye for food trends • Cutting edge technologies • Advanced agricultural practices • Highly adaptable environment • Diversity
    29. 29. Ag HOT Spots anchored by Innovation • Slow Food Movement + Locavores • Food safety • Non-GMO • Organics, Natural • Sustainability • Agri-Technologies • Agri-Investment
    30. 30. As California goes, so goes the nation! Active NGO & ENGO community is influential with:•Setting new legislative regulations•Animal husbandry•Farming practices•Creation of Leafy Green Marketing Association•Red list for seafood consumption
    31. 31. 5 Food Trends we owe to California1. Mediterranean2. Periphery of the Plate3. Locavore / Artisinal4. Health- outdoors, active lifestyle5. Looking South and West
    32. 32. In Market Business Development Opportunities • Increase number of Canadian Clients doing business in the territory • FDI Promotion • Commercial Collaboration + technology • Branding Initiatives • Advocacy
    33. 33. Annual Agri-Innovation Boot Camps andAfter Care Program/Conference – Year 3 • Goal: expand the capacity of innovative agri-business development for Canadian companies in the California market. • Focus: channels of technology exchange, access to corporate of VC financing and/or commercial alliances with industry stakeholders in value –added products or ingredients. • Strategic process: supports companies in their preparation to forge new business development and partnerships, improved linkages, investment and expansion through a mentoring program and exposure to Executive Industry Stakeholders with B2B meetings and company pitches.
    34. 34. Things are stacking up… Time to Innovate
    35. 35. We leverage Canadians: 102 Chartered MembersCorporate: Others from start-ups, private equity & venture capital
    36. 36. Two year results30 Events95 Start-ups participated in C100 mentoring100+ Charter Members (Silicon Valley based)2500 C100 Network (North American wide)3000+ Entrepreneurs attended C100 events$417,000,000 In investment as a result of C100 programs
    37. 37. Canada’s most comprehensive network of international trade professionals Located in: more than 150 cities worldwide, and 17 offices across Canada
    38. 38. The TCS promotes Canada’s economic interests in the global marketplaceOur Clients: We help clients:• small, medium and large companies; •Export• established in Canada; •Invest abroad• Seeking to do business • Seek technology and abroad capital• have researched their market(s) •Develop R&D partnerships
    39. 39. Delivering value to businessesWe can help your company succeed globally and lower your costs ofdoing business through four key services:Preparation forInternational MarketsMarket PotentialAssessmentQualified ContactsProblem Solving
    40. 40. Commercial Team in SF-SV• Commercial Team – 8 officers, 3 support staff, Temporary Duties/ interns• Priority sectors - ICT, Digital Media, Cleantech, Life- Sciences, Ag-food• Investment/ VC and S&T partnering program span across all sectors INVESTMENT DIGITAL LIFE AG- ICT CLEANTECH MEDIA SCIENCES FOOD INNOVATION
    41. 41. CONTACT: Consulate General of Canada San Francisco 580 California Street Suite 1400 San Francisco, CA 94104 Consulate General of Canada Palo Alto 245 Lytton Avenue, Third Floor Palo Alto, CA |