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Professional security solution for software distributed on any media as well as online. The tool protects software from unauthorized or illegal use, distribution, commercial replication, private copying, reverse engineering and hacking.

This reliable solution for software protection and licensing is designed to protect games and other end user software against illegal distribution and pirate use, commercial replication and private copying, reverse engineering and cracking.

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StarForce ProActive

  1. 1. You create – We protect StarForce ProActive Powerful code protection + software distribution and usage control
  2. 2. You create – We protect StarForce ProActive 2 Easy-to-use system for software licensing and sales tracking Reliable protection against cracking and illegal distribution Automatic activation of the protected software via the Internet, and the ProActive website
  3. 3. You create – We protect Threats to Neutralize  Commercial replication and private copying  Illegal software distribution  Breach of license (expiration time, number of activations, etc.)  Analysis and reverse engineering 3
  4. 4. You create – We protect Software Protection Methods 4 Computer Binding Code Obfuscation Hide functions in the protection core Copy and piracy protection by allowing operation only on the computer where the protected software has been activated Protection against analysis and reverse engineering. Works in automatic mode with adjustable parameters Protection against analysis and reverse engineering. Function hiding is optional (performed by the software developer) and is designed to significantly increase the level of protection
  5. 5. You create – We protect StarForce ProActive provides:  Protection of internal variables  Hiding of data files  Protection from running the applications under debuggers (the feature works for both user and system levels)  Protection from running the applications on virtual machines  Protection from running the applications through remote terminal sessions (protection from remote access)  Checking the integrity of the file constantly  A unique protection core for each file. (If the same file is protected in different sessions, the results differ. This prevents hackers from creating a template for file hacking because each time, they will have to start all over again) 5
  6. 6. You create – We protect International use and customization  More than 16 GUI languages are supported  Dialog boxes can be customized  Custom user interface can be developed 6
  7. 7. You create – We protect Licensing Models 7 Trial Buy Only Try&Die Demo Free use of the product during a certain period of time specified by the publisher. After the period expires, the end users can only continue using the application if they purchase a license Use of the product without restrictions Use of the product without purchasing a license during a certain period of time specified by the publisher. The application cannot run after the period expires. Suitable for beta testing This licensing model allows end users to run the application with limited functionality, but without any time limitations
  8. 8. You create – We protect License and Serial Numbers Management  License/Serial Number expiration date  Regional restrictions  Maximum number of runs  Total time of operation  Serial number blacklisting  Limiting the functionality depending on the serial number  Transferring custom information specified in the serial number to the application during activation 8 The parameters of Serial Numbers can be edited after generation
  9. 9. You create – We protect Automatic Activation StarForce servers are located around the world, including Germany, China and Russia, which allows to guarantee automatic activation for end-users via the Internet and on the ProActive website (if a PC where a protected software is installed does not have an Internet connection) 9
  10. 10. You create – We protect Manual Activation The publisher can activate end users’ serials by phone and email 10
  11. 11. You create – We protect Statistics on serial number generation and activation  By date  By title  By country (-ies)  By a single serial number or a batch  Overall statistics  Customized reports 11 With StarForce ProActive you can generate customized reports
  12. 12. You create – We protect StarForce ProActive Price Calculation 12 * Payment per # activations is not available for new customers License for protection and activation (per 6 months or per year) Serial Numbers (batch purchase or payment per # activations*) StarForce ProActive Cost
  13. 13. You create – We protect 13 Those companies have chosen us
  14. 14. You create – We protect StarForce Benefits Protection provided by an international company with partners all over the world The company has a R&D Department that is responsible for innovations in hack- resistance and functionality development. We update our products at least 4 times a year Friendly Support Team that can help via email, phone, Skype Online statistics reports for marketing analysis and sales forecasting Reasonable prices and a flexible discount system Fast product protection over Internet (from work and from home) An option to order protection performed by StarForce specialists An option to order protection analysis by StarForce experts to get recommendations about possible improvements 14
  15. 15. You create – We protect Try StarForce Sign up for 30 days trial of StarForce ProActive for free to make sure that it suits you 15
  16. 16. You create – We protect StarForce Headquarters +7 495 967-14-51 StarForce France +33 (0) 1 44 18-37-05 Business: Support: Information: