Student career advocate training, phase one
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Student career advocate training, phase one



Student career advocate training, phase one

Student career advocate training, phase one



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    Student career advocate training, phase one Student career advocate training, phase one Presentation Transcript

    • Student Career Advocate TrainingSFA Career ServicesFall 2010
      Phase One
    • Training Sections
      Covered in Phase One:
      Career Services – Services Offered
      Career Services – Processes
      Covered in Phase Two:
      Career Services – About
      So, What is an SCA Anyway?
    • Career Services–Services Offered
      Career Counseling
      Career Fairs
      Information Sessions & Tables
      Job Search Assistance
      Minute Clinics
      Mock Interviews
      New Student Employee Orientation
      Off-Campus Student Employment
      On-Campus Interviews
      Resource Room, Internet & Printing
      Resume Assistance
      Resume Paper and Business Cards
      Vault Career Insider
      What Can I Do With This Major?
      These services are free to all SFA students and alumni. There may be restrictions or a charge for other participants.
    • Career Counseling: What It Is
      What Career Counseling is:
      Assisting participant in choosing a major and/or career
      Assisting participant in changing a major and/or career
      Matching career possibilities to interests, values, personality and major
      What Career Counseling is NOT:
      Academic advising
      Specific knowledge on the ins and outs of every single job in the world
      Job search assistance (this is Career Services)
      Career Counseling is free for SFA students and alumni. The fee is $25 per inventory completed for other participants.
    • Career Counseling: Sessions
      Career Counseling is completed in three sessions. If further sessions are desired, a participant may schedule appointments beyond session 3.
      Session 1: Initial Consultation
      Participant discusses experiences in school, hobbies, previous employment, etc. to give a sense of who the participant is, as well as what type of information or benefit they expect to gain
      Participant completes interest and personality inventories
      Session 2: Assessment Interpretation
      Personalized interpretation of the inventories completed
      Discuss what careers match the participant’s interests and what work environments fit with their personality characteristics
      Information on matching careers and academic programs is provided, along with additional self-help resources
      Session 3: Wrapping Up
      After researching various career and academic options, participant is provided the opportunity to discuss any questions that have arisen
      Opportunity to explore the challenges of making certain choices and to process the information so the participant will feel comfortable with the chosen academic and career path
    • Career Fairs
      Career Fairs are an opportunity for SFA students and alumni to meet and network with professionals and begin the journey toward internships and full-time employment upon graduation.
      Only SFA students and alumni are allowed to attend career fairs.
    • Career Guides/Guidebooks
      Guides are career-related resources tailored specifically to SFA student and alumni needs. These guides provide in-depth information in an array of career-related topics.
      A Guidebook is a complete set of guides on a certain topic (ex. Resume Guidebook).
      Guide topics:
      Considering Graduate School?
      Your Professional Brand
      Career Exploration
      Job Search
      Life After College
      To access the guides online:
      Logon to the Career Services website
      On the left menu, click on Student
      Select the area of interest
      To view Guidebooks, click on SFA Career Guides.
      Users can print the online PDFs or, at a later date, have the ability to purchase an entire book in Career Services.
    • Information Sessions & Tables
      Information Sessions
      Employers have the opportunity to share more about their organization and opportunities available. Often times, these information sessions are held the day before On-Campus Interviews and usually in the evening.
      On-Campus Recruiting Table
      An on-campus recruiting table is available for an organization to present information about and recruit for employment opportunities. Generally, tables are in the Baker Pattillo Student Center or in front of McGee Business Building.
      A “Sponsored by Career Services” sign must be prominently displayed on top of the table at all times. This sign must be picked up and returned to Career Services each recruiting day. In addition, if the organization would like to hand out promotional materials to students, the item(s) must be approved by Career Services prior to the recruiting date(s).
    • InterviewStream
      InterviewStream software uses information specific to the user to create realistic interview scenarios that are custom tailored to each interviewee. InterviewStream allows the user to capture responses to interview questions using a webcam. This feature enables the user to see exactly how they will look and sound to a prospective employer.
      InterviewStream can be completed on a Career Services computer or with another computer that has webcam availability.
      What to expect:
      It is a different experience talking to a webcam without being able to see the interviewer. However, the goal of InterviewStream is to be able to critique individual performance in a private environment, before actually sitting in front of an interviewer.
      What to concentrate on:
      InterviewStream provides the ultimate opportunity for self-critique. Concentrate on critiquing these areas when replaying answers to interview questions:
      Eye contact
      Nervous behaviors (e.g. fidgeting, rambling, etc.)
      Fillers (e.g. Um, so, hm, uh, like, you know, etc.)
      Content in answering questions
    • Jobs4Jacks
      Jobs4Jacks is SFA’s exclusive online employment database.
      Employer functions:
      Post available internships, off-campus part-time and full-time job opportunities within organization
      Request on-campus interview schedule
      Register to attend career fairs hosted every semester
      Search for student and alumni resumes and profiles
      Student functions:
      Create a profile and publish resume for employers to search
      Search for available internships, off-campus part-time and full-time job opportunities
      View and register for on-campus interviews, information sessions and workshops
      Drop resume to employers
      View a list of employers attending career fairs
      Faculty functions:
      Search for available internships, off-campus part-time and full-time job opportunities
      View details about information sessions and workshops
      Search student profiles and resumes
      View a list of employers attending career fairs
      Search for employer contacts within a certain organization
    • Job Search Assistance
      Career Services professional staff are able to assist students when beginning or continuing an internship or full-time position. While each instance is handled on a case-by-case basis, staff provide information on topics such as utilizing the Internet in their search, the importance of networking and building a resume that works for them.
      Types of job search appointments:
      Internship search
      Full-time job search
      Resume assistance
      Networking assistance
    • Minute Clinics
      Minute Clinics are designed with the busy student in mind, as well as for reaching the student who is unaware of Career Services. Minute Clinics are provided in convenient, high-traffic areas of campus, most generally in the Baker Pattillo Student Center. Each Minute Clinic hosts a different topic, ranging from resume to interviewing, etc. While collecting information on the topic, students are able to ask any questions they may have in relation to Career Services.
    • Mock Interviews
      Mock interviews with Career Services staff are available to those interested in constructively sharpening and enhancing important interview skills, by creating a situation as close to the real interview as possible. A mock interview is a practice interview conducted by a professional Career Services staff member, in which the interviewee is asked questions typical to those in an employment or professional school admissions interview.
      The format of a mock interview is:
      Introduction: After exchanging greetings, the interviewer will briefly explain the mock interview process and what to expect. Participant will be able to ask any questions before the mock interview begins.
      Interview: Upon consent, the question and answer segment of the mock interview will begin.
      Personal critique: After the last question, the interviewer will ask for the participant’s thoughts on how the interview went. This provides time for self-critique and to personally address areas of weakness and strength.
      Professional critique: After self-critique, the interviewer will supply participant with further feedback. Areas critiqued may include answer content, nonverbal behaviors, interview attire, etc.
    • New Student Employee Orientation
      Career Services provides a New Student Employee Orientation for all new student employees at SFA. This orientation is designed to acquaint new student employees with customer service ideals, as well as providing valuable advice on developing a professional image. In addition, other topics covered during the orientation include:
      Proper Internet and computer usage
      Telephone and email etiquette
      Handling confidential information and lots more!
      While the Orientation is designed for first-time on-campus student employees, the orientation is open to any student employee.
      Generally the Orientation lasts an hour and a half. Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate of participation and a checklist to give to the supervisor as proof of attendance.
    • Off-Campus Student Employment
      Career Services maintains off-campus part-time postings. Employers will post these positions on Jobs4Jacks, where students will have the ability to view and learn more about them.
    • On-Campus Interviews
      Each year, companies from Texas and across the nation visit SFA to interview students and alumni for internship and professional full-time positions. Students and alumni who are interested in signing up for on-campus interviews must register with Jobs4Jacks.
      There are two types of interview schedules:
      Pre-selectinterviews allow the employer to screen interested applicants that have submitted their resume in order to select candidates to interview
      Openinterviews allow students to directly sign up for an interview time on the interview schedule (without first being screened)
      To view the on-campus interview schedule:
      Login to Jobs4Jacks
      Under the On-Campus Interviews tab, click on Interview Schedule
      The furnishings in the interview lobby have been graciously sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
    • Resource Room, Internet & Printing
      Resource Room
      The Resource Room houses a large collection of career-related information, including:
      Books and publications on various topics (e.g., dressing appropriately for the workplace, creating a top-notch resume, etc.)
      Up-to-date literature on over 200 companies, federal and state agencies
      Yearly internship and job opportunity publications in cities across the nation
      Information on local companies that actively recruit at SFA
      Posted internship, summer camp and graduate school opportunities
      Students and alumni may check out 2 books at a time for a maximum of 14 days. 
      Internet and Printing Use
      Students and alumni are also able to access career-related information (e.g. job listings, internship information, resume and cover letter writing help, etc.) via the Internet, and to utilize the printer in moderation.
      The computers and Resource Room furnishings have been graciously sponsored by Fastenal.
    • Resume Assistance
      Resume critiques are intended to help tailor resumes and other career-related documents to individual circumstances after applying basic information.
      Resumes can be submitted by:
      Drop off in office
      Items Career Services can critique:
      Cover letter
      Personal statement
      Admissions essay
      Application question answers, etc.
      Necessary documents are:
      Resume (and/or other career documents)
      Resume Critique Request form
    • Resume Paper & Business Cards
      Resume Paper
      Up to 10 free sheets of resume paper are available per request. Resume paper is located in the cabinet under the staff member resume trays.
      Business Cards
      10 free business cards may be printed for student use at career fairs, information sessions or other networking events.
    • Vault Career Insider
      The Vault Career Insider is an online resource that provides comprehensive career information and management tools. This online library is a comprehensive career resource including:
      140+ downloadable e-books, covering a multitude of workplace topics
      3,500+ company, occupational and university profiles
      1,300+ career advice articles
      Sample resumes and cover letters
      Internship database
      Industry trends and research
      Information on graduate and law schools
      Up-to-the-minute message boards
      Job-related video feeds
      Robust research tools
      To access the Vault Career Insider:
      Access Jobs4Jacks account
      Under the External Resources tab, click Vault Career Insider
    • What Can I Do With This Major?
      “What Can I Do With this Major” helps users connect majors with careers. For each major of interest, choose either the HTML or PDF version to find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities upon completion of a four-year degree. Choose Links to find a list of websites that provide information about listed majors and related careers.
      Keep in mind that the information sheets and websites are representative of typical career paths associated with each major and not a comprehensive list. Exploring information and websites from multiple majors will aid in learning about a wide range of career opportunities.
      To locate “What Can I Do With This Major”:
      Access the SFA Career Services webpage
      Click on Student
      Click Career Exploration
      Click on What Can I Do With this Major, or
      Search for What Can I Do With this Major on SFA homepage
    • Workshops
      Workshops are an excellent tool to aid in the development of attendee’s professional image, ready for the workplace. A variety of topics are offered during the Career Workshop Series, including resume, interviewing, networking, etc. It is the goal of Career Services to provide SFA students the tools necessary to excel in each of these vital areas.
      Employers from local and nation-wide organizations provide valuable input and advice on career-related topics to students who are looking to align themselves with today’s trends and expectations in the business world.
      Generally, attendees do not need to register for a workshop beforehand.
    • Career Services–Processes
      Business Cards
      Career Fair
      Check Processing
      Job Postings
      Job Search Assistance
      Jobs4Jacks: Creating an Account
      Jobs4Jacks: Approving Pending Account: Students
      Jobs4Jacks: Alumni Accounts
      Jobs4Jacks: Inactive Accounts
      Jobs4Jacks: Approving Pending Account: Contacts
      Jobs4Jacks: Approving Pending Job
      Jobs4Jacks: Approve Pending Event Registrations
      Jobs4Jacks: Invoices, Approval Packets & Receipts
      Marketplace Credit Card Payments
      Mock Interview
      On-Campus Student Employment
      Resource Room
      Resume Critique
    • Business Cards
      To create business cards:
      Locate the Business Card Template (Student Common drive > Career Services > My Documents > Helpful Office Stuff)
      Fill in the needed information:
      Expected graduation date
      Phone number(s) (Up to 2)
      Email address
      Print 10 business cards on business card paper
      Upon completion, contact the person by phone and tell them they are ready for pickup
    • Career Fairs
      Be familiar with broad event information, including:
      Date and time
      Fees associated
      Nearest parking facility, etc.
      To register an organization for a career fair:
      Login to Jobs4Jacks
      Under the Databases tab, select Career Events and click Search
      Select Active status and click Search
      Click on the blue number of employers for the specific career event
      Click on Add Employer
      To view a list of participating organizations:
      Login to Jobs4Jacks
      Under the Career Events tab, click Career Events
      Click Search without filling in any information
      Click on the career event name to view more details
      Click on View Employers Attending
      For career event preparation instructions, consult fair checklist.
    • Check Processing: 1 of 2
      To process a check:
      Separate checks and materials from envelope (throw away envelope)
      Write handwritten receipt
      Generate Jobs4Jacks receipt
      Email to recruiter
      Print Career Services copy
      Stamp and endorse checks
      Fill out deposit slip
      Include receipt numbers from handwritten receipts
      Write the name of the career fair (e.g. Teacher Job Fair, Camp Fair, etc.)
      Generate sum of checks on calculator and print 3 tapes
      Copy checks and deposit slip
    • Check Processing: 2 of 2
      Career Services keeps:
      Copy of deposit slip
      Yellow slip goes to Administrative Assistant
      Printed Jobs4Jacks receipt
      Copy of checks
      White handwritten receipts
      Extra materials from envelope
      Deposit bag:
      White deposit slip
      Green handwritten receipts with 1 sum tape
      Original checks with 2 sum tapes
    • InterviewStream
      To schedule an InterviewStream appointment:
      Locate the InterviewStream Calendar for the coordinating semester
      Find an appointment time that works with the participant’s schedule
      In timeslot, record:
      Participant’s full name
      Phone number
      Mark whether for personal or assignment purposes; if for an assignment, record instructor/course name
      When a user arrives for their InterviewStream appointment:
      Direct the user to the InterviewStream room
      Allow the user to login to the computer using their personal account
      Pull up Internet Explorer
      Show the user the Quick Start Guide to the left of the computer
      Point out webcam; microphone is located inside webcam
      Let them know that they will need to complete at least one 8-question interview to receive credit
      Let them know that they can ask if they have any questions
      Shut the door; place sign on outside
    • Job Postings
      Career Services often receives job postings from organizations with available internships and full-time positions. While we wish to maintain this information, Career Services does not have the space to post all notifications.
      Handling postings received by email:
      Search Jobs4Jacks for the hiring organization
      If organization can’t be found, create an account for them
      When the organization is located, click the number of jobs posted and search for the position listed in the posting
      If job has been previously posted, change status to Active and update expiration date
      If job has not been previously posted, click the + next to the number of jobs posted by the organization and complete the new job form
      Print several copies and follow the instructions for postings received by snail mail
      Handling postings received by snail mail:
      Forward, through Campus Mail, to corresponding department(s)
    • Job Search Assistance
      To sign up for a job search assistance appointment:
      Student will need to complete a Job Search Appointment Request (these are not found online)
      Distribute these in the resume tray of the professional staff member of which the areas requested are closely aligned
      Tell the student that a Career Services staff member will be contacting them to set up the appointment time
    • Jobs4JacksCreating an Account
      To create a new student, contact or employer account:
      Under the Databases tab, scroll down to appropriate group and click New
      Complete the profile to the best of your ability
      Change status to Active
      Click Save
    • Jobs4JacksApproving Pending Account: Students
      Before activating, search by Student ID number and/or last name to verify the student does not already have an account.
      A valid Student ID consists of the following:
      8 digits
      No dashes, spaces, etc.
      Starts with “10”
      To search for accounts:
      Click on Databases > Students
      If the student already has an account:
      Email them their account login information
      Delete the pending request
      If the student does not already have an account:
      Verify that a valid Student ID is in both fields: Student ID (in Personal Information), and Confirmed Student ID (in Control Information)
      If Student ID is correct in both places, activate the pending account
      If Student ID is not correct, DO NOT activate the account. Ask your Supervisor to lookup correct information in Banner, correct and then activate
      You recently submitted a request for a Jobs4Jacks account. I was unable to approve this request because you already have a Jobs4Jacks account in use. Please login to your Jobs4Jacks account using the following information:
      Username: [Student ID]
      Password: [Password]
      [Career Services]
    • Jobs4JacksAlumni Accounts
      To set up an alumnus Jobs4Jacks account:
      If they do not remember their Student ID, for the two Student ID fields, instruct them to use an 8-digit number (ex. a significant date they would remember, etc.)
      Ask them to select “Alumni” within Classification
      An alumnus already has a Jobs4Jacks account, but receives an “Account Inactive” error upon login:
      Look up the account by first and last name
      Change both Student ID fields to Student ID number (or an 8-digit number they will remember)
      Change their classification to Alumni
      Activate account
    • Jobs4JacksInactive Accounts
      If a student is having trouble logging into Jobs4Jacks, there are two reasons:
      They have received an “Account Inactive” error, meaning there is no valid Student ID number associated with the account, or
      They are unaware that the login is now a Student ID number
      To assist the student:
      Look up the account by first and last name
      If the account is active, inform the student that the login is now Student ID
      If the account is inactive, get a valid Student ID number and replace it in two fields:
      Student ID (in Personal Information), and
      Confirmed Student ID (in Control Information)
      After the student provides a valid Student ID, activate the account
      If a student does not know their Student ID, there is a “How Do I Find My Student ID Number?” link in the Jobs4Jacks box on the Student page.
    • Jobs4JacksApproving Pending Account: Contacts
      Before activating, search by email address and/or last name to verify the contact does not already have an account.
      To search for accounts:
      • Click on Databases > Contacts
      If the contact already has an active account:
      • Email them their account login information (see email template)
      • Delete the pending request
      If the contact does not already have an account:
      • Qualify the contact as full-time, part-time, etc.
      • Activate the pending account
      You recently submitted a request for a Jobs4Jacks account. I was unable to approve this request because you already have a Jobs4Jacks account in use. Please login to your Jobs4Jacks account using the following information:
      Username: [Email address]
      Password: [Password]
      [Career Services]
    • Jobs4JacksApproving Pending Jobs
      To approve a pending job:
      Select the pending Job
      Preview for completeness, accuracy and legitimacy
      Scroll down to Control Information
      Click Edit
      Change status to Active
      If an error appears in red, click the tab that is indicated in the error
      If possible to correct, search for the missing information or use best judgment
      If not possible to correct, contact the poster and correct it for them
      If an on-campus job is pending on Jobs4Jacks:
      Inform the department that Career Services no longer maintains on-campus student employment postings or paperwork
      Refer them to Human Resources’ website
    • Jobs4JacksApproving Pending Event Registrations
      To approve pending event registrations:
      Click on the pending Event Registration
      Scroll down to Control Information
      Click Edit
      Change status to Active
      If an error appears in red, click the tab that is indicated in the error
      If possible to correct, use best judgment (Typically a registrant has forgotten to select a Job Category – select Other if needed)
      If not possible to correct, contact registrant
      Click Save
    • Jobs4JacksInvoices, Approval Packets & Receipts
      To send invoices, approval packets and receipts:
      Under the Databases tab, select Career Events and click Search
      Click Search without filling in any information
      Locate the corresponding event and click on blue number on the far right
      This is the number of registered employers
      Locate the organization and click the organization’s name
      Locate the Payment section and click the bubble to the left of Employer
      Click the button above that corresponds to the document to be sent
    • Marketplace Credit Card Payments: 1 of 2
      When credit card payments are received, a notification is sent via the Career Services email.
      To process credit card payments:
      Log onto Marketplace and Jobs4Jacks
      Click on the number of pending fulfillments
      Check the box next to the order to process
      Click Process Fulfillment > OK
      Ensure that the item ordered and quantities selected (i.e. Which fair the payment is for, additional parking passes, recruiter luncheons, etc.) corresponds with the fees selected on Jobs4Jacks
      If there are discrepancies contact the employer and notify Jenny
      Select Accept Payment > OK
      Click Proceed to Step 3, Proceed to Step 4
      Click Send Email
      Print page that says “Thank you. This fulfillment has been processed.”
      Complete the payment section on Jobs4Jacks
    • Marketplace Credit Card Payments: 2 of 2
      To process credit card payments (continued):
      Email employer receipt by selecting Employer and Receipt
      Print receipt for Career Services records
      Staple Jobs4Jacks receipt on top of Marketplace “Thank You” page
      Repeat steps above until all fulfillments are processed
      When all fulfillments are complete, click Marketplace Reports > Totals
      Print the page titled “Store Revenue Report”
      Fill out handwritten Marketplace deposit slip and staple at bottom of Marketplace totals sheet
      Make 2 copies of Marketplace deposit:
      Take one to Administrative Assistant
      File one in Jenny’s office in the deposit folder
      Fold the original deposit and lock it in the deposit bag
      Deposits must be taken to the Business Office (Austin, 2nd floor) before 3:00 pm on the same day they are processed.
    • Mock Interview
      To schedule a mock interview:
      Participant must completely fill out a Mock Interview Request form
      Enter necessary information into Mock Interview Sign-up spreadsheet
      Alternate staff member assignments
      Make 2 copies of the form:
      Place one in the assigned staff member’s tray
      Place one in the Interviews folder in the filing cabinet
      If a resume is submitted with the Request, follow resume critique procedure
      Paperclip the Mock Interview Request form to the outside of the folder
      If the Request was emailed, reply with a confirmation of receipt
      Provide the student with the Mock Interview guide for more information about the mock interview process
    • On-Campus Student Employment
      Since 1987, Student Employment, of CCS, maintained both on- and off-campus part-time positions. However, beginning in August 2010, Human Resources took on the responsibility of posting on-campus part-time positions and processing new-hire paperwork.
      If a student has questions concerning student employment:
      Inform them of Jobs4Jacks and off-campus opportunities
      If they would like information in reference to on-campus positions, refer them to Human Resources:
      Phone: 2304
    • Resource Room
      Students and alumni may check out 2 books at a time for a maximum of 14 days.
      To check out books:
      Record necessary information in the Career Services Resource Library check-out spreadsheet
      (Student Common drive > Career Services > My Documents > Career Services Resource Library > Library Check In-Out Log)
      Give the borrower a reminder, indicating the return-by date
      To check in books:
      Receive books from borrower
      Record necessary information in the Career Services Resource Library check-out spreadsheet
      Re-shelve books in the appropriate section
      Check log weekly and contact students with outstanding due dates.
    • Resume Critique: 1st Submission
      With each received resume, check the Resume Critique Spreadsheet to see if a previous submission has taken place.
      Upon the 1st submission:
      Record necessary information into the Resume Critique Spreadsheet
      Alternate staff member assignments
      On a manila folder, write the last name, first name and date of submission on the tab
      Place into the folder:
      Resume Critique Request form
      Resume (and/or other documents)
      Pre/Post Evaluation sheet
      Preliminary Review sheet
      Place the folder into the tray of the staff member responsible for the critique
      If emailed in, reply with a “Resume Received” message
    • Resume Critique: 2-3+ Submission
      With each received resume, check the Resume Critique Spreadsheet to see if a previous submission has taken place.
      Upon the 2-3+ submission:
      Record necessary information into the Resume Critique Spreadsheet
      See which staff person critiqued it the following time
      Find the manila folder in the filing cabinet
      Place updated documents and Resume Critique Request form into the folder
      Place the folder into the tray of the staff member responsible for the critique
      If emailed in, reply with a “Resume Received” message
    • Resume Critique: Emailing Critique
      To email a completed critique:
      Completed critiques are located on the bottom rack of staff member trays
      All materials paper clipped to the outside of the folder should be emailed to via the Xerox machine
      The scanned documents should be forwarded to the email address indicated on the resume or request form
      Subject: Resume Critique from SFA Career Services
      Body: Critique (an automated message will pop up, hit Enter)
      Place the documents back into the folder and file alphabetically by last name in the filing cabinet
      If a student requests a paper copy:
      Ask for identification to prove identity
      Make a copy of the latest critique (do not copy the Pre/Post Evaluation)
    • Workshops: What You Need
      What you will need for the workshop:
      Sign-in sheet
      Workshop sign
      Writing utensils
      Workshop, Career Services, etc. flyers
      Relevant topic materials (ex. Resume packets, list of career fair registrants, etc.)
      Setup instructions:
      Ensure that the room is setup
      Place workshop sign outside of door
      Set out sign-in
      Check to make sure the laptop/computer is ready, projector is on, presenter remote is connected and all are working properly
      Set out a bottle of water for the speaker(s)
      If workshop is in Rusk 333, set out a pitcher of water and cups for attendees
    • Workshops: What to Say
      What to say before workshop:
      Welcome to workshop; explain briefly about the workshop series
      Ask for cell phone use/noise to be eliminated
      After workshop, find PowerPoint/materials online
      Feel free to take notes and ask questions
      Introduce presenter, their employer and topic
      What to say after workshop:
      Have attendees thank presenter by clapping
      If you did not sign in, please do so
      Fill out evaluation
      Hand out information on remaining workshops
      After workshop, find PowerPoint/materials online
      Feel free to stick around and ask questions