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1 3-1 Benjamin Franklin
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1 3-1 Benjamin Franklin






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1 3-1 Benjamin Franklin Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Benjamin FranklinHe is a man of talents in different areas.He contributed all his life to our society.
  • 2. Ⅰ .Introduction He is an all-round man. Leading Founding author Printer Fathers Political diplomat theoristStatesman Politician Franklin Civic activist Postmaster Satirist Scientist Inventor Musician
  • 3. Ⅱ .BodyHe is successful in different areasA. His early life 1.Birth a. Place—on Milk Street, in Boston, Massachusetts b. Time—on January 17, 1707 2. Education a. Boston Latin School b. Voracious reading c. His schooling ended when he was 10.
  • 4. 3. Development a.12—A print apprentice to his brother James b.15—Founded The New-England Courant c.17—Seek a new start in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania d.21—Created the Junto (discussion group) e.22—Had set up a printing house in partnership with Hugh Meredith f.25--Library Company Philadelphia g.26—Hired the first American librarian, Louis Timothee. h.28—edited and published the first Masonic book in the Americas
  • 5. B. As a scientist: inventions and scientific inquiries in different fields 1. in physics 2. in mathematics 3. in music 4. in meteorology 5. in OceanographyC. As a statesman: achievements in politics 1. the Leader in War of Independence a. Continental Congress b. Declaration of Independence
  • 6. 2. Ambassador to France (1776–1785) 3. Constitution Convention 4. Postmaster 5. President of PennsylvaniaD. As an author: works in different areas 1. Works a. Proverbs: Poor Richard’s Almanack — the most quoted of all his writings Magazine — the first colonial magazine
  • 7. b. Autobiography: Franklins Autobiography — his best writing c. Newspaper: the Philadelphia Gazette — ephemeral d. Magazine: the General2. Power of writing a. expression b. simplicity c. humor d. sarcastic
  • 8. Ⅲ. The conclusionBenjamin Franklin was one of the greateststatesman and inventors . He had a full andimpressionable life , and he was an all-round person . We will remember him allthe time because of his contribution to oursociety.
  • 9. Thanks for the team members:The introduction made by DongFangThe body made by RenDing, ZhangYun, ChenYu, HuangHuanhuanThe conclusion made by LiQiongPPT made by DongFang, Zhangyun, Liqiong