Technical Overview of FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint - SharePoint Saturday Perth

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Technical Overview of FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint - SharePoint Saturday Perth

Technical Overview of FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint - SharePoint Saturday Perth

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  • 1. Sponsors SharePoint SaturdayGold Technical Overview of FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010Silver Sezai Komur SharePoint Solutions ArchitectBronze CSG
  • 2. What is FAST Search Server for SharePoint 2010?• Microsoft buys FAST Search and Transfer in 2008 for $1.2 Billion US.• Port of FAST ESP integrated with SharePoint 2010.• New enhanced search engine integrated with SharePoint Server 2010 SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 3. How is FAST Search better than SharePoint Server Search?• Better search result quality – Better quality search engine relevancy and use of linguistics, stemming & lemmatisation in search processing• Search Platform Extensibility• Advanced Content Processing – Property Extraction – Document Processing Pipeline Extensibility• Extreme Scale Search – Search Billions of documents with sub second search times• Deep Refinement – Exact refinement number, SharePoint refiners arent over the entire result set SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 4. How is FAST Search better than SharePoint Server Search?• Advanced Sorting – Sort on Managed Properties and Rank Profiles• Tuneable Relevance with Multiple Rank Profiles• FQL Query Language• Contextual Search – Tailor results and refinement to user profile or audience• Rich Web Indexing – Dynamic web content and Javascript, highly customisable connector• Similar Results Detection & Results Collapsing• Thumbnails and Previews – SharePoint 2010 Word and PowerPoint results via Office Web Apps• Visual Best Bets SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 5. FAST Search Service ApplicationsTwo SharePoint Service ApplicationsCommunicate with FAST Servers• FAST Content Search Service Application – Connector Configuration – Crawling• FAST Query Search Service Application – Queries and Results from associated Web Applications – Managed Property Mapping configuration – People Search SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 6. FAST Web ServicesServices that SharePoint communicates with• Content Distributors• Query Service• Administration Service• Resource Store• Log Server• See Install_Info.txt in FAST install folder and look in IIS SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 7. SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 8. SharePoint Farm Web Server Site Collection Admin UI PowerShell Central Administration UI • Deployment • Schema configuration • Property mapping Web Parts • User Context Management • Admin configuration • Property extraction • Promotion/Demotion • Deployment • Spell-checking configuration Custom Query Webfront-end Service FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint Farm Federation Object Model Administration FAST Search Content SSA Query Content Query (FAST Search Query Matching Item Connector) Processing Processing - SharePoint - BDC - Exchange Content External - Webfederation People Search FAST sources Indexing (query/crawl) FAST Search Indexing Connectors Authorization Web Link Analysis Content (FSA) Query SSA (Search Service Monitoring Application) User Profiles Active Microsoft System Center ! Directory Operations Manager ! SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 9. Simple Conceptual Architecture SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 10. Topology Diagram SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 11. Medium Farm SP2010 Farm FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 Farm WFE WFE FAST-ADM-1 FAST-ADM-2 FAST-FSTIDX-11 FAST-FSTIDX-12 FAST-FSTIDX-13 Query SSA Query SSA Admin Content Distributor 2 Index (Search) Index (Search) Index (Search) Content Distributor 1 Indexing Dispatcher 2 4 Docprocs+ 4 Docprocs+ 4 Docprocs+ Indexing Dispatcher 1 Web Analyzer Web Analyzer 6 Docprocs+SP2010 Services Farm (Enterprise Crawler) FAST-FSTIDX-21 FAST-FSTIDX-22 FAST-FSTIDX-23 (Index) Search (Index) Search (Index) Search SP Crawl SP Crawl QR Server QR Server QR Server People Crawl People Crawl Crawl DB Crawl DBSearch Admin DB SQL 2008 Cluster SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 12. SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 13. Search Engine Basics• Crawling – Gathering content to store in an index• Indexing – Storing content in an index optimised for searching• Querying – Users execute searches against the index SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 14. Crawling SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 15. Crawling• Connecting to sources of content to download files and data for processing• Downloading documents or files (Items)• Working through URLs – List or directory of items to crawl – Following links to other items• Extracting information from files – Converting file formats to text for processing – Identifying properties or fields of information SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 17. Processing & Indexing SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 18. Item Processing• Format conversion – IFilters – Advanced Filter Pack (Oracle Outside In) - 400+ formats• Language and encoding detection• Lemmatizer Optional content pipeline – linguistics normalization stages:• Tokenizer – word breaking • XML Properties mapper• Entity extraction • Offensive content filter – companies, locations • Verbatim (whole word)• DateTimeNormalizer extractor (loads dictionary for – Date normalization custom extraction, e.g.• Vectorizer product names) – Create document vector for similarity searching • Field Collapsing• WebAnalyzer • Entity Extraction (persons) – anchor text and link cardinality analysis • Document Processing Pipeline• PropertiesMapper Extension – Map to crawled properties• PropertiesReporter – report detected properties FAST Search stores data to its Search Index after processing completes SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 19. Mapper … … Entity Extraction Lemmatization Language Detection Format Conversion Document Processing Pipeline Perth 2011SharePoint Saturday
  • 20. Property Extraction SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 21. Document Processing Pipeline Extensibility• Items are processed in the Document Processing Pipeline after they are crawled and before they are stored in the index.• Create and alter crawled property data.• You can run code and pass data to other systems – ‘Deep’ Search of raw data – Geocoding – OCR – Audio and Video Transcription … The sky is the limit! SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 23. Search UI SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 24. Web Parts SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 25. Refiners• Refinement Panel Web Part• Add and edit refiners displayed by changing filter category definition XML.• Properties specified in lower case, managed property must have refinement enabled SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 26. Rank Profiles• Configure Multiple Rank Profiles• Allow Selection of Rank Profile in Search UI to change sorting• Defaulting based on user profile SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 28. SP Saturday Slide Template ExampleQUESTION AND ANSWER SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 29. Related LinksSezai’s Blog Search IT Professional Training and Tracing Pipeline Extensibility Stages Nyaran’s blog – Visual Refiner Web Part SharePoint Saturday Perth 2011
  • 30. Sponsors SharePoint Saturday Gold Thanks for listening! Remember to submit your feedback so you can go into the raffle draw at the end of the day! And don’t forget that Silveryou have to be at the draw to claim your prizes! Bronze