SharePoint Saturday Perth 2013 - Overview of Search in SharePoint Server 2013 - Sezai Komur


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My Presentation at SharePoint Saturday Perth 2013 - Overview of Search in SharePoint Server 2013
9th March 2013

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  • Warm up:http://portal.sezai.comhttp://my.sezai.com
  • Talk about your personal History with SP and MCMSFAST Acquisition $1.2B in 2008What is good about FAST, your opinion, extensibility, Configurability, entity extraction
  • First world problems
  • It is a new Search productIt draws on it’s SharePoint + FAST AncestryContains new enhancements not available in predecessorsEngine is FAST based, and due to awesomeness requires separate servers, so SP 2013 requires more servers.
  • Talk about each
  • Perform some searchesExplain verticalsDemo the Hover PanelPeople SearchVideo Search
  • Do searches in VerticalsTalk about document previews
  • SharePoint Saturday Perth 2013 - Overview of Search in SharePoint Server 2013 - Sezai Komur

    1. 1. Major Sponsors Minor Sponsors
    2. 2. AgendaHistory of SharePoint SearchArchitecture of Search in SharePoint 2013Search CentreResult SourcesResult TypesDisplay TemplatesQuery RulesContent EnrichmentRecommendationsRecap
    3. 3. 2013 Microsoft MVP Summit
    4. 4. History of SharePoint SearchThere has been Search available in SharePointsince SharePoint 2001 and all future versions.FAST Search and Transfer Acquisition in 2008…Two Search Product Options for SharePoint 2010 SharePoint Server 2010 Search FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePointOne Search Product Option for SharePoint 2013!
    5. 5. Lineage of SharePoint 2013 Search
    6. 6. Search Engine Basics1. Connect to and crawl content2. Process the content3. Store the content in an index4. Execute search queries against theindex5. Retrieve Results6. Display the results to the user
    7. 7. SharePoint Server 2013 SearchArchitecture
    8. 8. SharePoint Server 2013 SearchArchitecture
    9. 9. demonstration
    10. 10. Result SourcesReplacement for 2010 Scopes + FederatedLocationsApply a query transform to return a corpus subsetCan be created in Service Application, SiteCollection and Site levelsUsed when defining a new Search „Vertical‟Create a new Search Results page and applyingthe Result Source to it to create a searchexperience
    11. 11. Result TypesEach Search Result Item is rendered differentlyEach Item Uses a different Display TemplateNo more XSLT, use HTML and JavaScript
    12. 12. demonstration
    13. 13. Query RulesReplaces 2010 Search Keywordsand Best BetsUsed to understand user intentand deliver a targeted userexperienceQuery Conditions  QueryActionsQuery Publishing
    14. 14. Google Examples
    15. 15. Siri Examples
    16. 16. demonstration
    17. 17. Content Search Web PartSharePoint‟s Site Collection Boundary ProblemUses Search as a data source to display content
    18. 18. demonstration
    19. 19. Content Enrichment Web ServiceUsed for Entity ExtractionReplacement to the FAST Search DocumentProcessing Pipeline / Processing PipelineExtensibilityFor each item that is crawled:- The file / properties can be passed to a web service. - The web service contains custom code which cancreate new managed properties that are stored in theindex.Powerful for extensibility
    20. 20. Content Enrichment Web ServiceYou can run code against crawled data and passdata to other systems to:- CRM/ERP and other Line-of-business systems- Geocoding- OCR- Audio and Video Transcription- „Deep‟ Search of raw data
    21. 21. RecommendationsAnalytics based recommendationsengineSimilar to –Amazon “people who purchasedthis also purchased”LinkedIn “people who viewed thisprofile also viewed”
    22. 22. Recap – Key TakeawaysOne NEW Search Engine based onFAST & SharePoint SearchSearch requires more serversSearch Centre is overhauled andimprovedSignificant UI enhancements –previewsQuery Builder in many places
    23. 23. Recap – Key TakeawaysResult Sources – Replacesscopes & federated locationsResult Types – Configuredifferent Display Templates forindividual resultsDisplay Templates – Define howan item is rendered with HTMLand JS
    24. 24. Recap – Key TakeawaysQuery Rules – Replaces keywordsand best betsIntent based search experience.When conditions of a query ruletrigger are met:- Add promoted results- Add result blocks- Change Result Rank
    25. 25. Recap – Key TakeawaysResult Sources, ResultTypes, Query Rules & SearchSchema can be managed atmany levels - Search Service Application - Site Collection - Site
    26. 26. Recap – Key TakeawaysContent Search Web Part – CrossSite Collection Aggregation!!!Content Enrichment – Can be usedfor property extraction - powerfulextensibilityRecommendations – Recommendsbased on analysis of user behaviour
    27. 27. sharepointsezai@gmail.com
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