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  1. 1. One Tree Hill Textual AnalysisOne Tree Hill - 4oD - Channel 4<br />Drama<br />Eilish Crowther and Sarah Freeman<br />
  2. 2. Genre<br />TV Drama<br />Codes and conventions of Drama’s<br />Stereotypical characters- people the audience can relate to. –Nathan (jock), Brooke (strong woman), Sam (problem child).<br />Narratives- Lots of different storylines happening at the same time. Dramatic and over the top storylines which intrigue the audience.<br />Costumes – Fits in with their stereotypical characters (Hayley – motherly and professional), characters always look nice (have make up on when they have just woken up)<br />Cinematography – Level shots and over the shoulder shots when characters are talking to each other. Fast zoom stereotypical in horror/scary sequences.<br />
  3. 3. Peyton and Lucas<br />Narrative- Peyton tells Lucas that she is pregnant. <br />Character representation: Peyton: Emotional, Appears sad but actually happy, Excited (trying to get her words out), Lucas: Concerned, Understanding, Decisive/ certain (One feeling – happy “I love you”), <br />Mise en scene: Picture (Represents past and future), Candles (sensual, romantic), Records (music – shows musical character), Drink (relaxing), Phone (connects characters)<br />Lighting- Low and romantic (this shows the intimacy between the two character).<br />Camera angles- Close up (importance of picture), Close up of Peyton (Intimate with characters), Medium shot ( shows where Lucas is), Zooms in on Lucas (shows his expressions)<br />Editing- Continuity editing (to show the two conversations happening).<br />Sound- non diegetic sound track ( slow paced, singing in it).<br />
  4. 4. Nathan and Hayley<br />Narrative <br /> In this sequence, Nathan tells Hayley that he has been accepted as a point guard in a professional basketball team.<br />Character representation<br /> Hayley (fun, loving, proud of Nathan) <br /> Nathan (happy, excited, loving)<br />Mise en scene<br /> Phone (importance/ significant),<br /> Bed and PJ’s (homely, relationship)<br />Lighting <br /> Low lighting (warm, homely and romantic)<br />Camera angles<br /> Close up on phone (important) <br /> Depth of field (the audience is looking at Nathan but listening to Hayley in the background) <br /> Point of view shot (audience feels like they are there) <br /> Over the shoulder (over Nathans shoulder to see Hayley) <br />Editing <br /> Continuity editing (shots between Nathan and Hayley)<br /> Close up of faces (imitate, emotions)<br />Sound<br /> Non-diegetic sound track (slow pace, acoustic, quiet adds to mood)<br /> Diegetic dialogue. <br />
  5. 5. Mouth and Skittles<br />Narrative- Mouth’s girlfriend left him for something he hadn’t done, but he still feels guilty. He goes to Skittles for advise and sympathy<br />Representation – Mouth (sensitive, guilty, understanding), Skittles (understanding, friendly adviser)<br />Mise en scene – Sofa, magazine and mug (cosy, homely), Phone (cause of break up), bookcase (intelligent), Casual clothing (Relaxed atmosphere) <br />Lighting – dim (depressive) fairy lights (feminine touch)<br />Camera angles- Level shot (friends), close up (emotions, friendship/ closeness), medium shot (shows both and surroundings), <br />Editing- Continuity editing between them.<br />Sound – (non diegetic sound track, quiet – lower notes more depressing) diegetic dialogue<br />
  6. 6. Millie<br />Narrative- Millie is crying because she thinks her boyfriend has cheated on her. <br />Character representation- Sad and emotional. Lonely. <br />Mise en scene- Shop (a place close to her), manikins (ideal women), Smartly dressed (well presented, cares about her looks).<br />Lighting- Lots of light through the windows (cold, making the room look empty and lifeless)<br />Camera angles- Close up from her face which zooms out (shows how alone she feels)<br />Editing- Only one shot.<br />Sound- non-diegetic sound track, slow paced. Diegetic sound of her crying (echo’s and shows no dialogue is needed to explain her feelings)<br />
  7. 7. Brook and Police man<br />Narrative<br /> Brooke is looking for Sam as she ran away and the policeman isn’t helpfully. <br />Character representation<br /> Brook, Emotional/worried but caring (fast dialogue delivery and crying), Attitude (“protect and serve, my ass”) audience sympathises with her.<br />Mise en scene<br /> Costumes (policeman), Brook (ring nice coat – fashion)<br /> Cars (busy street/area)<br />Lighting<br /> Natural lighting – daytime (timeframe how long she has been missing)<br />Camera angles<br /> Tracking brook (shows she is important in scene)<br /> Over the shoulder (status – policeman higher)<br /> Shots get closer and closer (audience feels sorry for her and sympathises with her more as they get closer because they can feel her emotions.)<br />Editing<br /> Continuity editing follows story<br />Sound<br /> Acoustic sound track more slow and depressing – quiet in background creates mood.<br />
  8. 8. Nathan, Hayley and Jamie<br />Narrative- Nathan and Hayley reveal to Jamie that Nathan made the basketball team.<br />Character representations- Nathan (excited, caring, role model), Hayley (caring, maternal), Jamie (sweet, innocent)<br />Mise en scene- Bed (safe, comfortable) PJs (relaxing atmosphere), toys (escapism)<br />Lighting- bright natural (Shows that it is everyday life)<br /> Camera angles- Crane shot (makes Jamie look small and innocent), Level shot with parents (shows they both have the same authority), medium shot (shows them all together as a family)<br /> Editing- Continuity editing (shows story) <br />Sound- non diegetic sound track (medium paced, fits in with atmosphere)<br />
  9. 9. Sam and Bad guy<br />Narrative<br /> Sam thinks she has just spent the night at a friends to get away from her life but his older brother locks her in the house.<br />Character representations<br /> Sam (innocent, young, naive)<br /> Bad guy (scary voice, controlling, pushes Sam) <br />Mise en scene<br /> Empty room, bed on the floor (poor)<br /> Casual dark clothes (dark atmosphere)<br /> Clothes on the floor (no respect for environment) <br />Lighting<br /> Dark and eerie (danger)<br />Camera angles<br /> Fast zoom (stereotypic shot used to create pass and suggest danger)<br /> Crane shot (over Sam, her eyes open – she is unaware of the danger she is in)<br /> POV (shows us what he sees)<br /> Over the shoulder (Sam lower down, shows she is weaker). <br /> Shots transfer between characters (Bad guy talking, Sam’s expression).<br />Editing<br /> Continuity editing throughout (tells story).<br />Sound<br /> Non-diegetic - Stereotypical of horror movies sound implies danger (rushing, getting louder then a sudden stop, scary)<br /> Eerie music (contrast to rest of introduction)<br /> Diegetic dialogue (Sam innocent voice, Bad guy talks slowly and creepy).<br />
  10. 10. Representation<br />People – Brook. In this clip she is represented to be emotional/worried but caring (fast dialogue delivery and crying), Attitude (“protect and serve, my ass”) audience sympathises withher.<br />Places – Sam. Sam is shown to be in danger through the dim lighting, eerie music, empty room and the bad guy.<br />Events – Nathan. Nathan has been asked to go on the basketball team which represents his dream coming true.<br />Objects– Payton. The picture represents her past and her present because its a picture of her mum and her as a baby in a hospital. (Tricks the audience)<br />