Why Are We Here?Seymur RASULOVwww.i-Present.org
Face to FaceCommunication MattersMy story
Personal and ProfessionalDevelopmentA Golden Opportunity
Self - DiscoveryExert the full potential of ourintellectuality.
Take-Home MessageReal Life Goals
Any Questions?www.i-Present.org seymurrasulov@i-present.org
Presenting matters
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Presenting matters


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  • A few days ago, I told my wife that I would join TM club. She looked at me curiously with her big brown eyes, and said, why, are you saying a toast at the wedding? I was like nooo, that is not what you think. So, I explained to her what TM Club was all about. After explaining to my wife, she asked again, so why are you joining? I thought about it for a while. What was the real reason for me to join the club. The question is why we all are here which brings me to my topic. Even though most of us have an idea why we are here, I still would like to draw your attention to the real goals I think we are here for.
  • Raise your hand please if you have ever received a system generated email. OK. I was born on May 27th. My wife was the first person to congratulate me on my birthday early in the morning. The same morning just a few minutes after the work started, I received an email from the HR. HR was congratulating my birthday. The email wished me best of luck, happiness and etc. I was happy until I saw a line at the bottom of the message. The line said: This is a system generated email. Please do not reply back. It is that day when I started looking for an opportunity to join some kind of club where I can master the leadership, management and communication skills in order to reach my real life goals.
  • I can argue that one of the goals most of us join TM Club is because TM gives us a golden opportunity for personal and professional development. We get a chance to improve our public speaking skills, leadership skills, management skills, as well as to develop discipline and constantly work to improve ourselves.
  • We want to discover ourselves. We want to find out what we are capable of, what is our limits. By developing our leadership, management, communication skills, we rediscover ourselves. Thanks to TM Club, I believe we manage to exert and reveal the full potential of our intellectuality.
  • One of my goals is to find passionate people who have different views and we can learn from those views. Two heads are better than one. TM Club is place where we can brainstorm, evaluate, critique and share ideas. It is like a white board, a place where ideas are born and developed.
  • I have little doubt that networking is another goal we all are trying to accomplish. At TM Club we learn and practice to communicate effectively. By communicating effectively we can build solid networking relationships with each other. And only by building relationships, we can master the effective communication and become a competent communicator.
  • The one message I would leave you with tonight would be developing public speakingskills, leadership and management skills at TM club should not be the final goal. It is vital to know that developing these skills is a very essential tool to reach our real life goals such as overcoming our fear, building strong self-confidence, becoming a competent communicator, a more productive employee and take the next step in our career life.
  • Presenting matters

    1. 1. Why Are We Here?Seymur RASULOVwww.i-Present.org
    2. 2. Face to FaceCommunication MattersMy story
    3. 3. Personal and ProfessionalDevelopmentA Golden Opportunity
    4. 4. Self - DiscoveryExert the full potential of ourintellectuality.
    5. 5. BuildRelationshipsCommunicateEffectively
    6. 6. Take-Home MessageReal Life Goals
    7. 7. Any Questions?www.i-Present.org seymurrasulov@i-present.org