Aurislim, it worked on mariah carey might work on me


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Aurislim, it worked on mariah carey might work on me

  1. 1. Aurislim, it worked on mariah carey might work on meI have purchased Aurislim which is mainly a magnetic slimming earring that may be boughtonline. It is made in Switzerland and it ships from Singapore. Ive made a journal of myexperience with this system all of which are documented in my personal diary.DAY 1I began using Aurislim. Its really not comfy to put on for 3 hours I can only put it for 30minutes. I haven’t felt something unusual today. I weight myself right this moment forbaseline and I acquired 218 lbs.DAY 2Way more comfortable now, Can put on it for 1 hour and a half and another 1 hour and a halflater. I haven’t felt anything unusual as well at present aside from being extra relaxed andcalm.DAY 3Been wearing it for 3 days now. I wear it cumulatively instead of lengthy three hours as Icannot bear the pressure. I observed that my temper is calmer and I feel so relax. All thethings feels so at ease. I also slept nicely last night. I do not know if it is due to Aurislim,however my sleep is longer and far better.Day 7Been sleeping so much better since day 3, its really the earrings and not simplypsychological. Im sleeping a lot earlier and I fall asleep a whole lot faster. I get up within themorning extra energetic, calm, relaxed and happier. My friends seen my mood improved alot. I weight myself in the present day and guess what? I lost 3 lbs. just a little however weregetting there.Day 15Weighed myself and I lost 4 lbs this week. My weight is now totaling 211 lbs. I lost a total of 7lbs in 15 days. Not bad since I am not exercising nor altering anything in my diet. Iadditionally noticed a decreased yearning for food and I easily perspire nowadays. Theproduct is basically working great.Day 20Woah! I lost one other 4 lbs and its just 5 days since I last measured. I am now weighing 207lbs. and I actually feel great. My mood continues to be higher and my sleep is constantlyimproving. I am wearing it now repeatedly for 3 hours and even more. It is very comfortablenow as my ears are actually comfortable using Aurislim.Day 25I lost one other 5 lbs. this week I now weight 202 lbs. Slowly, we are getting there. A new
  2. 2. thing I observed as we speak, I simply don’t know if it is psychological, however I seen sinceday 23 or so, Im now defecating twice daily morning and night. Before I have my bowelmotion round once every 2 days, not its twice a day!Day 30, Final Journal EntryWeighed myself in the present day and I lost 6 lbs. since day 25. I now weigh 196 lbs. I lost acomplete of 22 lbs. in 1 month. I changed nothing in my actions and diet. I just put on theearrings.END OF JOURNALI continued my journal and posted before and after footage on my on-line blog, you cancheck it out thanks for reading.Does Aurislim Work, Aurislim Scam, Aurislim Slimming Earring