Introuction of Society for Educational Welfare


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An introduction of society for educational welfare. Who we are, what we do and what are our programs. We hope that by going through this presentation you will get to know about our work.

Baithak School Network is the product of Society for Educational Welfare. Through this we give education to our less privileged segment of society. Come join hands with us to enlighten the future of our country!

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Introuction of Society for Educational Welfare

  1. 1. Baithak School NetworkSociety For Educational Welfare (Regd. 0228-2000)
  2. 2. LACK OF LITERACY [Taking Children To Streets] A quarter of the million get education, the others never see the inside of the school. Only a quarter of a million get education, thus 2 out of every 8 children aged 10-19 years never see the inside of a classroom.
  3. 3. LACK OF LITERACY [Taking Children To Streets] Out of 173 million Pakistanis, 58% of adults (15 and above) are illiterate. 3 out of every 10 children aged 5-9 years in Pakistan do not go to school.
  4. 4. Literacy Rate in Pakistan (Ministry of Education)Total: 58% Male 69% Female 45% Net Primary School Attendance in Pakistan Male Female 68% 72% Net Secondary School Attendance in Pakistan Male Female 23% 18%
  5. 5. 3 Percentage 2.50 2.472.5 2.24 2.10 2.05 21.5 10.5 0 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 Approximately, every year 36mn children never see inside of the School in Pakistan
  6. 6. Their Best Chanceof Happiness is toget Education
  7. 7. SEW a Distinctive NGO which found the right solution Mostly women volunteers country wide. That provides education with meager resources and in minimal possible time span. Centralized, country wide uniform Syllabus Trainings and Examinations. Effective Community Mobilization through its volunteers network.
  8. 8. SEW a Distinctive NGO which found the right solution Maintained contact with its passed out students considering them as assets and ascertains their better future. Been sensitive to gender issues
  9. 9. Managing Committee President Vice- President General Secretary DirectorDirector Director Director Admin Communicatio R&D School & Coordination ns Regional Directors SMB Regional Education Coordination Officer
  10. 10. The academic Nurture standardsQuality education of the unprivileged within limited children of nation resources irrespective of religion, cast, creed The mental, and race. physical, spiritual and practical capabilities Provid Raise e
  11. 11. [OUR VALUES] QUALITY EDUCATION – BETTER FUTURE-Vision-A responsibility towards educating the destitute children of Pakistan. Mission To Promote Education and to Induct Islamic Values for the Empowerment of Individuals and to Nurture a Healthy Society.
  12. 12. [BAITHAK School Network A Bird’s Eye View]Country wide No. of Baithak schools: 134Countrywide No. of enrolled students: 13,400Total No. of teachers: 718Average No. of students per school: 100Minimum age of students for KG 1: 4 yrsMale to female student ratio: 1:4Teacher to students ratio: 1:25No. of Industrial Homes: 15
  13. 13. Success Story
  14. 14. [Salient Features: 1.BSN Education Package]In order to reduce drop outs, Baithak School system concludes 7 years education in 5 years, with no compromise on standard. • Year 1: KG I • Year 2: KG II • Year 3: Class I & II • Year 4: Class III & IV • Year 5: Class V
  15. 15. [Salient Features: 2.Women empowerment &Community Involvement] Management, Regional In Charges, SchoolManagement Board are those women who are working with us as volunteers. And their soleinterest is to bring a positive change in society through education.Provided education to a large number of students with male to female ratio of 1:4
  16. 16. [Salient Features: 3.Our 8 Projects]
  17. 17. [Salient Feature:3.a.Baithak Schools Network] Academic Development Friends With Books
  18. 18. [Salient Feature: 3.a.Baithak Schools Network] Teachers’ Training(Master Trainers are produced thus provided low cost training)
  19. 19. [Salient Features: 3.b. Adhering to social Responsibility]Health And HygieneVocational Training
  20. 20. [Salient Features: 3.b. Adhering to social Responsibility] Collaborative Community Development Program(To fill the gap between two communities)
  21. 21. [Salient Features:3.b. Adhering to social Responsibility] Teacher Community Awareness ProgramSMB Mother
  22. 22. [Salient Features 3.c. Self Improvement]Training & Capacity Building
  23. 23. [Facts Produced Over 16 yrs Work]• There is too much corruption in education sector, that’s the main cause of increase in rate of illiteracy in Pakistan.• Religious education is much acceptable in many areas but contemporary subjects were not liked to be made a part of curriculum.
  24. 24. [Facts Produced Over 16 yrs Work]• No birth registration, takes away many due rights of a child, which is very common.• Fantasized life changing the thoughts of society, every dimension is becoming more materialistic and fictious.• Parents are not aware that how to provide their child, his basic rights.
  25. 25. [Facts Produced Over 16 yrs Work]• Formal set ups are not only successful models, in fact, sometimes informal schools are more productive.• In certain areas its not liked to send a female child to school.• Availability of quality teachers is a major problem.• Environment a child comes from, mostly is not favorable.
  26. 26. [Facts Produced Over 16 yrs Work]• Involvement of male members in unethical activities, disturb children psychologically.• Feudalism/Traditions/ Culture.• Infrastructure• Transportation.• Security.
  27. 27. [That’s why we say Education is the only solution]
  28. 28. The Education Program of Baithak is funded entirely withDonations and your Moral Support, thus we request you to join us in our cause to fight illiteracy and help us bring hope and happiness to the children of Pakistan.
  29. 29. [BAITHAK NEEDS YOU TODAY] Together, let s aimfor a more literate Pakistan! [YOU CAN HELP US BY…]
  30. 30. Adopting a ChildMonthly: Rs.450 Annual: Rs. 5400
  31. 31. Adopt A SchoolMonthly: Rs.45,000 Annual: Rs. 540,000 (100 students)
  32. 32. School Rehabilitation Program Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 100,000
  33. 33. Affiliate yourself/brand Put a standeeStall arrangements Place a posterGive away our flyers Invite our childrenPlace an ad in your Arrange presentation newsletter “Goodwill Ambassador”
  34. 34. STEP FORWARDTAKE CHARGETo Empower andDevelop future ofPAKISTAN
  35. 35. Baithak School NetworkA privilege for the unprivileged sewpak ngosew baithak school