Cf card recovery


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CF Card Recovery, Mac memory cards recovery, photo recovery, camera recovery, Rescue deleted images, recover lost video

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Cf card recovery

  1. 1. The most complete solution for your SD Card data recovery needs! Home Download Buy Now Contact Affiliate FAQCF Card Recovery Mode EasyThe preferred recovery tool for professional photographers!Restore deleted, lost, formatted, or corrupted photos, pictures, video, and other files from variousmemory cards (e.g. Compact Flash, SD card, SDHC, Sim Card, Memory sticks, XD card, and USBflash drive). compatible with PC and Mac systems. How It Works First, Download and Install CF Card Recovery on Your Computer. then connect your camera or card reader to your computer. it will appear as a drive letter, which will allow program to access the data on the CF card. Next, Select the target device where you want to recover your data from. Choose the file type you are looking for. Click the Options button to select the destination for save the recoverable data. Now, Click the Start Scan button, the program will scan your CF Card, Your photos and files will automatically be saved in the destination folder. When the scan is finished, you will get a scan completed message. Recovers lost photos, audio, and video from CF Card used in digital SLR camera! Best recovery solution for image recovery, Rescue deleted images, or damaged photos. It is the only one that recovers any photo formats including the specific formats for each camera. Retrieves your deleted video or formatted in a camera even if the media is corrupted. MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, RM, RMVB, MKV, WMV, ASF, 3GP and HD Video formats are supported. Restore deleted, formatted, or corrupt audio files from removable media such as CompactFlash, Memory Stick, Sim Card or MP3/MP4 Players.
  2. 2. Not only used to recover your digital media files but you can use it to restore yourPDFs, documents, Office files, web pages, excel spreadsheets, archives etc. as well.Works with all digital cameras! Recover photos or other files from every brand digitalcamera, every format. such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Kodak, Casio andothers. Supports all memory card types including CF card type I, II, III, IV, Ultra I, Ultra II,Standard. It supports all brands including SanDisk, Kingston, Sony, Lexar, Samsungetc.allows you to permanently erase the photographs on your compact flash card, so thatdeleted data becomes unrecoverable.Create backup image for deferred recovery. You can create an image of a logical drivefor your CF card and recover files from it. This is useful if your CF card getsdamaged/inaccessible.Safely preview photos before recovery Allow previewing of photos and camera raw images before recovery to let youevaluate recovery chances in advance.For more safety, The program only reads the memory in your CF Card. It does notwrite data to your storage media; avoiding any possible data loss oroverwriting data.Offers 16 different languages; Localized for German, French, Spanish, Italian,Japanese, Czech, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chineseand so on.Simpler and Easier to Use. No technical skill is required to recover deleted compactflash data. All you need to do is install it and scan your CF memory card.
  3. 3. Works on Mac and Windows® operating systems and is fully compatible with Windows Vista™, Windows 7 and the latest Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Try It Free – Dont take our word for it. Put CF Card Recovery to the test free. Awards What our customers are saying....The program worked very well. I managed to get back a lot of important deleted photos from my CFcard. - Bret Robinson I am very happy with the results of the recovery software. Money well spent! I was able to recover1200 photos and videos from our trip to Arizona! - RobertThis product was awesome!!! ive retreived my memory card files, super simple...this program workswhile others have not... - Jason Glassy The problem has now been resolved and all video files have been recovered as mp4 files - SteveSpalding It worked perfectly, accept for a few images that were distorted. But out of the 980 I had saved, itwas nothing!! I downloaded the FREE version with a lot of pessimism. I thought my images weregone never to return again. However when I saw them all pop up I was elated. The $50 to got the fullversion was nothing compared to the memories of births, wedding that were on that memory card!!! -Shirley KirkCF Card Recovery has a friendly user interface.Mac Version Interface
  4. 4. Windows Version InterfaceCopyright©2011 All Rights Reserved.