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Rim presentation draft2


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second rough draft …

second rough draft
links to two commercials are:
Courier one:
DJ ad:

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • second rough draft
    links to two commercials are:
    DJ ad: slide 7
    Courier ad: Slide 8
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  • 1. By: Severn Bailey, Peter Hewitt, Hazel Pallie, Emily Jeffery, Peter Greenfield
  • 2. Pearl 3G TourCurve Bold 9700 Storm 2 Torch
  • 3. “RIM is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. Through the development of integrated hardware, software and services that support multiple wireless network standards, RIM provides platforms and solutions for seamless access to time-sensitive information, including email, phone, short messaging service, Internet and intranet-based applications.” Fast Facts: -Founded in 1984 -Headquarters in Waterloo -Offices in North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe -Launched the Blackberry in1999 -Led By Co-CEO Jim Balsillie and President and CO-CEO Mike Lazaridis
  • 4. Business Objectives: Continue to launch innovative new products and services to address existing and new market segments; Continue to focus on delivering strong financial performance for our shareholders Marketing Objectives: -To increase brand loyalty by offering a user friendly product -To Produce a product focused on the consumer market with more style and better looks, which can suite the life style of consumers -To change the stereotyped image on enterprise by offering new products range -And to increase the market share of blackberry by 10% in the consumer market in the next years
  • 5. -As of 2009 Canada had 6 Independent wireless service providers totaling 24 million subscribers -Forecasted to generate ~$39 billion in economic revenue -154 million text messages sent per day in Canada Total GDP Contribution -Consumer trends moving towards smartphones -Smartphone sales account for 25% of the N.A. mobile phone market, smartphones Are expected to become the majority by the end of 2011 (Nielson) -Morgan Stanley Research estimates sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012.
  • 6. -Change in recent years from Business class to Business-Consumer -Target Audience Males and Females 18-40 -Various models from prices to looks -Hold large North American share, focusing on International shares -Focusing on large shift towards social networking and applications -New competition entering markets, with large financial backing stealing market share -Revamped models every 6 months-1 year due to technological advancements -With large shift in trends towards buying smartphones sometimes resources among competitors become scarce 2002 Blackberry Dec 2006 Google Jan 2007 Apple 2007 Nokia April 2009 Samsung June 2009 Palm Oct 2009 Motorola Oct 2010 Microsoft True Smartphone entrance of the years -Political factors may effect profitability if financial Deficits lead to higher taxes
  • 7. -Smartphones have been accepted as the norm -Lifestyles and integrated part of day to day life -Loyal consumer base “crackberry addicts” -Middle-Upper class consumers with disposable income -Still large share of company enterprises -Shifts in technology are now allowing smartphones to become Laptop replacements
  • 8. -Internationally largest competitor is Nokia with roughly 40% of market share -Within Canada: Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorolla, Sony & Palm -Competitors have large financial backing from other products
  • 9. Product Strengths: -long time evolutionary experience with “push technology” email, BBM and document handling -full, easy to use qwerty key-pad -over-the-air upgrades never have to see a cable other than the one that charges the power -administration workers no longer need to physically handle devices -advanced server networks allow users to download documents from shared servers -ability to store emails on an SD card -enhanced telephony integration which makes blackberry’s communication network run smoother -excels in providing secure access to corporate network enterprise support, including BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • 10. Company Strengths: -Strive for Research and Development which leads to innovation -Strong upper Management -Reputation Management -Strong finances which lead to technology advancement -Company culture leads to lower turnover rate -Over 450 wireless carrier relationships worldwide -RIMs very strategic acquisition was its purchase of QNX last april which is a supplier of robust embedded systems software -Loyal “Crackberry” addicts
  • 11. Internet Browsing By Operating system -Rim’s reliance on its suppliers for functional components -Risks associated with expanding foreign operations -Restrictions on import and use of rims products -Government regulations of wireless spectrum and radio frequencies -Sluggish mobile browser -Lack of app development tools -Channels of distribution are limited to operators -Increases costs and time associated with smaller operations -Rims arrangements with carriers are not friendly charging them high fe
  • 12. -Increase market share in the highly concentrated European and Asian markets -Target the preteen and teenage market (12-18 years old) and retain them as lifelong users -Create family-oriented plans, promoting the Blackberry Messenger “conference” function; the positive network externality or having an entire family on the Blackberry network -Create models that would appeal to a younger set: · Bright colours · Improve pc interface to make more user-friendly · Improve music playing function · Improve camera capabilities that allow for image editing -New cellular providers entering Canada will make data more affordable -Promotion of application development
  • 13. -As competition grows within the market so does employment Competition making good engineers hard to find -With rapid market growth and large profit this makes the market Very tempting for large indirect competitors to quickly become Direct competitors -Rim has no other financial backing besides its smartphones -Source code loss, & software piracy