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Likes, Dislikes & Wants Results

  1. 1. • In January and February 2012 we received responses to a simple Likes, Dislikes and Wants survey, where residents were asked to state their 3 most important views of secondary school provision for Sevenoaks in these three different categories.• Some did this by completing a short paper form which was printed in the Chronicle and available at the Leisure Centre and the Lodge Coffee Shop at the Stag. Others registered your thoughts online via an electronic survey.• As an “open ended” piece of data collection where residents could state, in free format, what you thought about these aspects, it was not particularly scientific, but it has highlighted some perceptions of issues which we will investigate more thoroughly. Sevenoaks Action forLikes & Dislikes Community Education (ACE)
  2. 2. In order to analyse the responses to the Likes andDislikes responses have been categorised as either • Positive • NegativeThe absence of a like = a negativeThe absence of a dislike = a positiveDue to the wording of responses, many likes wereactually dislikes hence a greater proportion ofnegative responses overall Sevenoaks Action forAnalysis Methods Community Education (ACE)
  3. 3. Survey Responses Negative 25% 75% Positive SevenoaksViews on Secondary School Action for CommunityProvision for Sevenoaks Education (ACE)
  4. 4. Responses have been further categorised as relating to:• System – ie the educational system in which we operate – the existence of faith schools, private schools, grammar schools, the application process etc• Provision – ie the quality, nature and proximity of schools available within that system• Population – comments relating to the people within the area• Knole – comments referencing Knole Academy or the schools it has replaced. Sevenoaks Action forSub Analysis Community Education (ACE)
  5. 5. Positive Responses 15% Negative Provision 75% 25% Knole System 7% Population 3% 0% SevenoaksPositive Responses Action for CommunitySub-Analysis Education (ACE)
  6. 6. 1. No response (Dislike) 9. Convenient travel services2. Knole easy to get to = Sevenoaks School3. Grammar Schools = Non-selective option4. High quality/good in the wider = Co-educational area = Future potential of Knole5. There are options 14. Part of local community= Knole Academy 15. Application process7. Private Schools (if you can afford) = IB / International outlook8. Investment in facilities at KnolePositives Sevenoaks Action for CommunityMost frequent views Education (ACE)
  7. 7. Negative Responses Positive 62% Provision 25% 76% Knole System 6% 7% SevenoaksNegative Responses Action for CommunitySub-Analysis Education (ACE)
  8. 8. 1. No response (Likes) 12. Insufficient local capacity2. No local grammar = 11+ preparation inequality3. Only one option/lack of choice 14. Too many private schools4. “Nothing to like” = Transport congestion/ cost = Lack of single sex education5. Good schools are too far away = No track record at Knole6. Knole Academy-not good enough 18. Knole curriculum7. Poor quality / academic levels = Lack of options for boys= Lack of Christian / faith schools = Too many out of area students9. Selection on ability = No Co-ed Grammar10. Super-selective grammars = Insufficient local take up of Knole= No guarantee of place in = Good local schools are fee paying Ton/T.Wells schoolsNegatives Sevenoaks Action for CommunityMost frequent views Education (ACE)
  9. 9. Survey Responses 53% Negative Positive 47% SevenoaksViews expressed mentioning Action for CommunityKnole Academy Education (ACE)
  10. 10. • The wants have been categorised by theme. Whilst this hides some of the „detail‟ of the ideas it gives a view of the common themes• All wants have been listed, in order of most frequent responsesWhat residents want Sevenoaks Action for Communityto happen Education (ACE)
  11. 11. 1. Grammar Annexe 11. Co-educational options2. No response = Grammar stream / non-selective3. Higher academic grammar school achievement/behaviour 13. Maximum journey of 20 minutes4. Christian Free School Proposal/ 14. Values based, inclusive Faith school education, relevant focus5. Grammar Annexe - Mixed = Single sex schools6. Choice of selective & non- 16. Sufficient secular capacity selective = Admission based on geography7. Comprehensive option = Knole to be outstanding/better8. Grammar Annexe - Single Sex 19. Another secondary school9. Choice of non-selective schools = Partnership between local schools10. Better/safer/cheaper transportWants Sevenoaks Action for CommunityMost frequent first Education (ACE)
  12. 12. 21. More local places = Better extra-curricular= A school to be proud of activities/breadth of curriculum= More capacity = No (more) grammar schools= Outstanding school(s) = Smaller non-selective school25. Community engagement = No faith school= Any changes to benefit town & = Good teaching/ discipline/ children curriculum= Located close to centre = Fairer selection system= More funding = Greater engagement from Knole= Church attendance not used for = Excellent provision for all admission = Provision for high achievers (late= Greater community service developers)Wants cont.. Sevenoaks Action for CommunityMost frequent first Education (ACE)
  13. 13. 38. Additional non religious school = Interviews as part of admissions= Single sex and co-ed options = Match Tonbridge provision= Road safety concerns over = Concern over out of area proposed options applications (to new provision)= More support for apprenticeships = Excellent provision for all= Equality of funding per pupil = Disbanding of catchment grammar across schools schools= Dedicated provision for learning = Larger schools disabilities = Either of the proposed options= Focus on sport = Private schools with moderate= International/global focus fees= School within walking distanceWants cont.. Sevenoaks Action for CommunityMost frequent first Education (ACE)