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Contrary to the belief that MLM Leader’s success is a result of a hidden conspiracy, one must understand that they are successful because of their approach to business. They take business as a …

Contrary to the belief that MLM Leader’s success is a result of a hidden conspiracy, one must understand that they are successful because of their approach to business. They take business as a business and not a pass time. Read on if you too want to be an MLM leader…

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  • 1. WhatPreciselyAreThese MLMLeadersHiding?Many believe that there is a big
  • 2. clandestine conspiracy hatched by the socalled MLM Leaders to keep their secretsfrom becoming public. If it does they willbecome one of us. The secrets are kept iniron clad vaults. No one except them havethe key.What an imagination!Is it really so?The reality is far from the belief. The factis that there is no conspiracy, no secret andno iron clad vault. What the so called MLMleaders have is their approach toentrepreneurship. Their attitude and resolveto succeed.
  • 3. So how did they getthere?Their Success MantraThese MLM Leaders did not do the mistakeof treating their business or enterprisecasually; they took it very seriously, likethey would any other job that would givethem their livelihood.They start with a positive mind set, adetermined entrepreneurial resolve to makethings happen. They don’t take it as a hobbyor past time. They give their business therespect, time and dedication it demands anddeserves. Not only this, but they enjoyconducting their MLM business,networking, researching and always on the
  • 4. look out to find ways and means to improve.All this despite the fact that their initialinvestment may have been just a couple ofhundred dollars.These MLM leaders are very practical intheir approach. They understand that successis just not a click away, it requires detailedand meticulous planning, it requires detailedresearch in new products, technology andprocesses to reduce time and costs andimprove the profit equation. They alsounderstand that every step of theirs will takethem closer to their goal, be it financial,marketing or business goal.We all know that making money in networkmarketing may take a full life time, but forthese successful MLM leaders when theright opportunity of product of process
  • 5. came, they simply grabbed it andimplemented it in their business. This is thecore difference between success and failure.MLM leaders are no different from otherleaders, leaders work, work hard, from homeor their office. While they may convey atotally different impression to the outerworld. The fact however is that they put inmore hours of dedicated work than thosewho are still trying to climb the successladder.There is however a different approach thata MLM leader adopts. He divides his timejudiciously into activities that generatemoney directly and support activities. Hedevoted 80 to 85% of his time on the formeractivity and the balance on the later one. Forexample he understands that prospecting and
  • 6. networking will help him build his downline which will generate cash, he devotesmajority of his time on that.Therefore if you can earn money by sellinga product, naturally to increase the sale youwill have to sell more and to sell more thebest way is to have more people to sell foryou and them, your down line!Having mulled over all this, you have toseriously think, consider and decide if youwant to be a MLM leader, yes you want tobe one, okay let’s go ahead.You must be willing to invest an initialperiod to 2-4 years. Dedicated hard workcommitment. Patience. Willingness to learnand follow a proven system.
  • 7. Remember that the MLM leaders work fora plan and purpose. They can measure theirsuccess as they have set their benchmarksfor various time frames in their businessprocess. You should also follow theseproven principles if you want to tastesuccess. You should be prepared for anyeventuality and external threat as you do notcommand the web world. Tomorrow ifGoogle, Yahoo or Bing changes theiralgorithms, your SEO rankings can go for asix unless you are a person with foresightand killer instincts.A successful MLM has only success andmore success in sight. They sell, hard selland make their team to sell harder. Theyencourage their team, mentor their team inmarketing, scheduling and other skills forthey know the biggest secret mantra – “their
  • 8. success is directly proportional to thesuccess of their team”Learn to become the next MLM leader hereor GO TO http://sevenfigurewealth.com http://sevenfigurewealth.com AUGUST 2012 © SEVENFIGUREWEALTH