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  • 1. Top 10 Flat BellyFoodsSeries: Great Weight Loss FoodsBY: RAM GUPTA Almost always, weight gain resulted from abnormal eating habits, unbalanced diet and absence of a well planned exercise regime. There arecertain foods, cooked or processed in certainways that they help body accumulate those extralayers of fat all around your body and especiallyat places where you least expect or need, likeyour belly. However there are a number ofhealthy foods which do just the opposite. Whenconsumed in right proportions and at right time,they accelerate your metabolism and help your
  • 2. body to burn those extra calories helping youregain your lovely body back. Here we are notgoing to discuss about the workouts or exercisesbut only talk about these 10 wonder foods thatshould find their place in the diet plan of everyone looking to get a sexy and curvy body. Thisarticle is first in the series – Great Weight LossFoods.BerriesBlueberries are generally considered to be a fatburning furnace, but other berries are not farbehind. Berries are known for their low caloriecontent which makes them a favorite for curvewatchers – a cup of strawberries contain as low as 52 calories while a cup of blueberries releases just 85 calories. Berries are also a warehouse of
  • 3. important vitamins like A, C, E, K, B6 and B12.However the best part about berries is that theyare full of fiber, this makes you feel full and youtend to eat less. The best berries for getting aflat stomach are generally blue or red in color,acquired by the chemical anthocyanins, like theblue berry, strawberry, cherry and even redgrapes.So at the end of the day the simple formula toget a flat stomach or belly is to include berriesand especially blue and red berries in yourdiet….so simple!
  • 4. FlaxSeeds orLinseedLinseed orFlax seedsare full offiber andmonounsaturated fats. This makes them anexcellent source of diet food. Monounsaturatedfats are well known to reduce those extra layersof fat on your body, in addition to lowering yourcholesterol level. Being high in their fibercontent, they help aid your digestion andeliminate constipation. The best way to includethem in your diet is by mixing a spoon offreshly ground linseed to your salads or cereals.Try adding them to your smoothie and see theeffect on your belly.YogurtDid you know the diet secret of those curvyFrench ladies; yes you guessed it right – yogurt.
  • 5. Yogurt hasbeen anintegralpart ofhealth dietfor Indiansand Frenchsince along time. Yogurt is rich in calcium, carbs andproteins. Hence a perfect balanced meal. Oneshould be cautious though in reading the labelbefore picking up yogurt as some are loadedwith added sugar and fat.French women take at least one or two yogurt aday. Generally one takes yogurt at breakfast tobalance the calorie intake. Indians take yogurt ina number of ways and the most popular form isbutter milk at breakfast and after lunch. It keepsthe stomach full and body hydrated. Low incalories and high in nutrition makes it a perfectdiet for weight watchers.
  • 6. Yogurt is one food that could be termed as acomplete nourishing meal for fat burning andgiving you that sexy belly.Water and Green TeaAlthough water is not a food item, I amincluding it here as it is an integral part of ourfood. Did youknow thatdrinking 8 to 10glasses per dayhelps you getthat flat tummythat you alwayswanted?Researchestablishes this as a proven scientific fact.Water, they say flushes toxins out of the system,it reduces or regulates fluid retention in the bodythat gives you that ugly bulge on the tummy andit improves your digestive system. The endresult is that you get a flat tummy.
  • 7. Water could be taken in any form except thecarbonated ones, as that gives you a bloatedfeeling. Those who do not like water so muchcould settle for green tea which seems to havean amazing effect on your fat burningmechanism. The compound catechins in greentea are known to improve calorie burning. Thiscompound also helps the body to release the fatfrom their cells and improves liver functionsresulting in faster fat burning. In fact catechinscompound could be called as fuel for burningour body fat especially, the stomach fat. Expertsrecommend consumption of around five to sixcups of green tea daily for best and quickresults.CauliflowerIf Cauliflower lacks in anything that is thestarch and that is exactly what you want toavoid from your diet to get those perfect curves.So why wait, here is nature’s gift to you, goahead and include cauliflower in your diet plan,any amount you want. And guess what,
  • 8. cauliflower is a perfect ingredient for that crunchy salad. And here is more, Cauliflower is a perfect source of calcium, vitamins and minerals likephosphorus and vitamin K. Did you know thatcauliflower releases only about 25 calories perserving of an ounce? Its low calorie value,practically zero fat content and high source ofminerals and vitamins make it an excellentingredient for a flat belly diet. Give cauliflowerthe place it deserves in your diet.GrapefruitThe result from a study for effect of grapefruiton human body, especially in relation to weightloss shows very interesting facts.It establishes that eating or drinking grapefruitin your diet daily has a direct relation to body
  • 9. weight.Participantsin the studygroup areknown tohave lostbetween3.3 poundsto 3.6 pounds after a 12 week diet regime.Theamount of weight loss depended on the formin which they took grapefruit, half grapefruitwith each of the three meals or drinkinggrapefruit juice.It is believed that grapefruit helps in loweredinsulin levels. Our body uses insulin tometabolize sugar. If the sugar metabolism isdone efficiently by the body, it will not getstored in the body as fat. Hence grapefruit helpsin lowering the body fat deposits eventuallyresulting in your attaining your dream curves.Experts say that grapefruit also helps in themetabolism of certain drugs.
  • 10. So here is what impact this important discoverymakes, grapefruits help regulate body insulinresulting in controlling hunger. It also helps inmaintaining the blood sugar level and controldiabetes. In addition, grapefruits are also knownto improve body metabolism resulting inadditional fat burning.What are you waiting for, go ahead, grab yourgrapefruit diet and get in shape fast.Soups
  • 11. The food experts consider soups as appetitebuilders. That is why soups are generally servedbefore the meal. However if you were to take avegetable broth with additional water content, itwill not only fill you before the meal but alsoprovide the body with much needed fiber thatthe vegetables are known to contain. A dilutedsoup withcabbage,spinach,cauliflower andcarrotswould beanexcellentflattummy diet food. There is much more to soups,forget about taking soup at lunch or dinner, howabout a soup as a snack, it is simply perfect.
  • 12. LentilsLentils and beans are low in their fat content butrich in fiber, proteins and vitamins. They evencontain good amount of minerals like themagnesium. These properties make lentils avery good food for a flat stomach diet plan. Onecan eatlentils in anumber ofways,cooked inthickgravy,soakedand steamcooked orsimply sprouted and mixed with your crunchygreens. One even gets roasted and salted lentilsas a crunchy savory. Furthermore, lentils couldbe taken as a full meal or as an accompanimentwith a main course. At the end of the day they
  • 13. give you all the positive nutrition withoutadding fat to your body.3 ApplesYes, not just one or two, you must eat three apples a day. The reason is simple. Apples are rich in insoluble fiber and if you eat an apple before each meal, the fiberwill make you feel full resulting in your eatingless, yet not compromising on your nutrition.Remember that the success mantra for weightloss is to eat a calorie deficient diet which willforce your body to draw from the calories stored
  • 14. in those fatty layers on the body, ultimatelyburning them and giving you a flat, curvy belly.AlmondsAmong various types of nuts, almonds areknown to have the lowest amount of energy andthey are quite nourishing and filling due to theirhigh fiber content. Almonds could be a verygood and convenient snacking option. Naturalalmonds should be preferred over roasted orsalted ones to ensure complete nutrition. Since
  • 15. they are filling, they also help overcome hungerpangs and overeating.SaladsFresh green salads have a tremendousnutritional value. Rich in fiber, they containpractically zero calories and almost no fat.Further,salads areawarehouseofproteins,vitaminsandminerals.One of the best aspects of salads is that theycould be eaten practically any time and in anyform. Say, one could have them as a snack, asan appetizer or even as a side dish to the maincourse. Generally the greens in a salad consistsof lettuce, spinach, cabbage, mint, coriander andmustard leaves, many salads get supplemented
  • 16. with slices of cucumber, tomatoes, boiledturnips, carrots and various sprouts. If you lovesalads, make sure to use a low fat dressing forseasoning.These are our top 10 weight loss foods, selectedfrom alargenumber of equally nutritious and efficient foods.We are sure that once you include them in yourdiet and see their impact on your body, you aresimply going to fall in love with these top tenweight loss foods.
  • 17. You are free to publish this article without anychange in the content electronically, in print, inyour e-book, or on your web site, free of charge,as long as the author resource details and linksare included as they are.Happy Slimming!TO GET YOUR FREE e-book, "Losing Weightwithout Starving Yourself” CLICK HERE, ORGO TO©, FEBRUARY, 2013