Tips to building your own linked in inc
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Tips to building your own linked in inc

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LinkedIn represents an excellent opportunity for serious network marketers to explode their business and take it to the next level. As in every business, LinkedIn marketing also has its own ...

LinkedIn represents an excellent opportunity for serious network marketers to explode their business and take it to the next level. As in every business, LinkedIn marketing also has its own peculiarities which must be understood and mastered before one could expect results. Here are some tips that might be of help to the reader.

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  • 1. Tips To Building Your Own LinkedIn Inc.By: Ram GuptaIf people are minting money from a socialnetworking site like LinkedIn and you are not, thereis a reason for you to sit back and review yourstrategy. There are a lot many people out there whoare making tons of money from LinkedIn, Twitterand Facebook.There are a number of ways you could use LinkedInprofitably. If you are one of those who like to writeyour own script and invent your own system, goodluck to you. However, there are two proven waysthat could cut down your time and moneyinvestment in getting started.
  • 2. The first one is to follow an already successfulLinkedIn marketer, copy the exact same process andimplement. But how do you do that, no one is goingto spill the beans and increase their competition. Yet,you will find people offering mentoring or trainingon a one on one basis. This will surely be anexpensive proposition, but then all businessesrequire some investment or the other.The second way is to join or subscribe to anestablished online training and learning institutionand acquire the required skills.You should be careful in selecting your mentor orthe training institution as the web world is full ofpeople waiting to rip your wallet.Having said, that here are few tips that I followed tostart marketing my business on LinkedIn.
  • 3. You are What Your Profile IsLinkedIn being a social networking site forprofessionals is quite different than the Facebook orTwitter. People are quite careful of who theyconnect with. Practically everyone who wants toconnect with you will visit your profile as a firststep.It is therefore extremely important that you craft avery professional profile. Who you are, what you doand how you could add value to fellowprofessionals.All this must come our very clearly. I wouldstrongly suggest that you go through LinkedIn guideand follow LinkedIn best practices. Professionals
  • 4. respect and like people with a 100% complete andupdated profile.
  • 5. Select and Join Your Interest GroupsThe best aspect about LinkedIn is the huge numberof professional groups in the system. I think there ishardly and profession, activity or business without anumber of groups for each and every segment, nicheor sub segment.With so many groups available it becomes quite atask to select the right one. I simply check the groupstats and look for activity within the group. Arepeople engaging in self promotion – you can seefrom the number of discussions or are peopleactively engaging in making comments –interactions.
  • 6. Why join a group. Well the entire networking andlead generation is through group and itsmembers. Using LinkedIn and not joining groups islike having an inactive bank account.
  • 7. Start Interaction – Join discussionsJust joining the groups will not take you anywhere.You must go through discussions and chose onesthat interest you. Get involved in these discussions.Add value packed comments that will pull potentialleads to youNot just this, you initiate a couple of discussions onyour own. Chose a topic that will be of interest toother members of the group. Your aim should be tobecome and remain a top influencer in most of yourgroups by quality of your discussions andcomments. LinkedIn displays the top influencer’sgraphic in its side bar. That is how your startbuilding “You” brand, creating a “pull” towards you.
  • 8. LinkedIn permits you to join a maximum of 50groups. Join as many as you could handle with easeand proficiency.Make ConnectionsLinkedIn is a social networking site and you cannetwork only if you have people connected to you.In the past over one year I have made over 500
  • 9. connections which links me to over 11 millionprofessionals.There are two schools of thoughts on LinkedInconnections. Some prefer to be very selective andchoosy in their connections, and the others justconnect for interactions. As Neal Schaffer says in hisblog “-If you are only connecting with people thatyou know, what is the value in LinkedIn?” Thosewho connect freely are known to be a LION –LinkedIn Open NetworkersWhat type of networker you want to be dependssquarely on your networking objectives.Once you make connection, evaluate them byengaging them in discussions to filter who might beinterested in your opportunity. Once you haveidentified people who show interest, move thediscussion offline; get into a phone or Skype
  • 10. interaction. This is where you start working on yourlead conversion.Network marketing is a dynamic process. You keepon improving the process, system and style. Youalso need to review your groups and connections.Adding, deleting to keep them both relevant andproductive.LinkedIn is an amazing networking platform. The artis in mastering how to use it to further your businessinterests.Suggest you watch this FREE TRAINING VIDEOor GO TO JULY 2012 © SEVEN FIGURE WEALTH