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  • 1. Tips forYourInternetNetwork MarketingSuccessBY: RAM GUPTALooking for tips to start your own internetnetwork marketing business?Here is just that, read the basic tips for yourinternet network marketing success!Contrary to the established fact that networkmarketing is a proven method to ensure long term
  • 2. residual income, many people feel intimidated withthe concept of network marketing. I personally feelthat internet network marketing is an excellent wayto expand your sales team without any additionaloverheads. This fact becomes an integral part of thegrowth strategy in achieving internet networkmarketing success for many. Here are a few tips tomake your network marketing a success!Be a leaderPeople join a team by having faith in the leaderleading the team. You can successfully develop thisfaith in a new prospect by taking him to your“downline blog” which will not only demonstratethe views of your team members, their experience inyour team but also immediately position you as aleader who leads by example and who mentors histeam in the right direction. Allow your team to writetheir testimonials on your site.
  • 3. Do not pressurize your prospect or the lead. Use theright word or phrase in your verbal or writtencommunication with them. A good leader alwaysencourages the lead not by saying things like “Iknow why you will never make a dime….”Be action orientedI have come across people who love to pile up work.They ultimately get overwhelmed with pendingtasks. Result needs no imagination, the tasks remainincomplete or the quality of the output suffers. Thegolden rule is to take immediate action, you will seenot only tasks getting accomplished but also thequality of results are far better. Do not get loadedwith workload.Choose the right companyYou should always choose a product or a companythat you like, you are passionate about. If you are
  • 4. genuinely excited about your opportunity, peoplewill notice that in your conviction with which youpromote that product or the company. This is thegreatest pull that will attract new leads to yourdownline.Choose the right styleThere are two ways or styles for network marketing.The traditional one being physical networking,where you appoint your agents in various locationsfor promoting your opportunity. The second one,which I prefer, is internet network marketing. Theadvantage is two folds. First, the reach of internetnetwork marketing is far wider across the globe andsecond, it is far more economical and rewarding.Be Positive
  • 5. They say that negative thinking generates negativeresults. How true. Your internet marketing successbreeds in your mind. Remember that your mind isthe powerhouse to propel you to success. Thereforeonce you embark upon internet network marketinghave a positive attitude towards your business andsuccess. Positive thoughts yield results.Follow successful marketersMany people are shy of asking help from peoplewho are more successful in the industry. Well I haveexperienced that successful leaders are more thanwilling to help you and share knowledge. All youneed is to give a polite shout. You can contact thempersonally or over the net. The key word is that donot be shy to seek help.Lastly, before you start your internet networkmarketing, do some spade work? Especially fromlegal point of view. Check if network marketing is a
  • 6. legitimate business activity in your state or countryor not. It always helps to be on the right side of thelaw.If you have the right attitude and time to invest inbusiness, your internet network marketing success isnot far away. It is within your reach. Follow aproven system or follow someone successful in theindustry and keep improving on that. Consider thesetips simply as a foundation. Build your internetnetwork marketing success on it.Download you FREE VISEO TRAINING COURSE © SEVEN FIGURE WEALTH, JANUARY, 2013