Tips for a successful email marketing strategy

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Email marketing is perhaps the best strategy to warm-up your cold leads into hot prospects. The process though is not as simple as said. It demands a carefully thought out tactical plan. Once you have …

Email marketing is perhaps the best strategy to warm-up your cold leads into hot prospects. The process though is not as simple as said. It demands a carefully thought out tactical plan. Once you have the trust of your subscribers, you can do wonders with your sales.

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  • 1. Tips For aSuccessfulEmailMarketing StrategyBY: RAM GUPTAWanting to achieve results from yourEmail marketing, frustrated?Cheer up; here is something that willhelp you in your mail marketing success!
  • 2. E-mail Marketing starts once you havecaptured the leads from your articles,blogs, tweets or any other source. This isone of the best proven methods to do afollow up with your cold leads.Gradually warm them up, ultimatelyleading to introducing them to youropportunity. While there is no defined orstandard strategy of mail content, themost common one followed by majorityof successful professionals seem torevolve around providing rich contentwhich adds value to the receiver andestablishes you as an expert in yourniche.
  • 3. I feel that the best strategy for this wouldbe to resist the temptation of introducingyour opportunity to your subscriber assoon as he subscribes to your list. Youshould first warm him up, send him fiveto six mails with links to some richcontent on the topic of your niche. Youcan say ‘Just found this interesting pieceof article and thought you may also liketo read it, tell me what you think”, or“Came across this informative video andthought of sharing this with you”. Youmust project a true sincerity and concerntoward the subscriber. Project yourself asa well wisher. Only after you have sent afew such mails and established trust, youshould slip your opportunity as a
  • 4. suggestion, “ Just bought his awesomeproduct and thought you could alsobenefit from it, check it out here”…andgive your product or affiliate link. Youwill gradually notice that not only youare selling your products but that theword of mouth referrals are also addingnew subscribers to your list.In this article, I am not going to discussthe technical aspect of Doe’s and Don’tsof list building. The objective is quitedifferent, how to make your mailsenticing to catch subscriber’s attentionand make them open your mail. It isobvious that the product sale is a definite
  • 5. percentage of your open mails. Hence itis very important to put in place astrategy that attracts people to yoursubject line in the first instance and thento the mail itself. Subjects lines like“have you missed the….”, “you just lost$.....” last few only left….”, “why youcan’t drop even a single pound off you”,have worked well with me.I have subscribed to a number of listsand hence receive a number of mailsdaily. What struck me most was thehidden strategy behind each mail toentice the reader or to grab his attention,but there were very few that added any
  • 6. value to the reader or project the senderas an authority in his/her field. I cannotresist myself from sharing with you a fewof these mails. I am sure you would havecomments on these, do share. My idea isto convert this article as a discussiontopic. Here we go.Here is a mail that informs that a 36 yearold became financially independent,This 36 year old "wage slave" was ableto kill his day jobPERMANENTLY...And spend his lifeon the beach by aaaaaaa...
  • 7. It does not spell the big “how”, that youare looking for, that is why people clickthe link.Now here is a bizarre one. Read it with awink,“can just wink your eye, and HAVE itall!”Can having it all be really that simple? Ifthat were true there won’t be anyfailures.Look at this one selling software for lessthan the cost of a meal,
  • 8. How would you like to BOOST yourProduct Sales tothe ROOF with a powerful eCoverSoftware availablefor less than a happy meal...?If you do, click thisand then here is a reminder to you“Ill cut to the chase...I sent you thisbefore but you missed it and itsURGENT.Click here now. And spend his life on thebeach by blogging...Here is something that I feel adds value
  • 9. and introduces the opportunity verycleverly,-I was looking through differentways to work from home when Ifound this: xxxxI immediately thought of you!I feel that while you need to carve outyour own strategy to address yoursubricbers but bear in mind that yoursubscribers are looking at intelligentinteraction with you. They don’t want tohear crap. Respect them andcommunicate with them with their
  • 10. interest in mind. Your subscribers willlove it.To You Email Marketing Success! © SEVEN FIGURE WEALTH DECEMBER, 2012