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Market America Incorporated was set up back in 1992 by JR Ridinger and his wife Loren. It is a retailer of consumable beauty products and health supplements. Their marketing is done on the Internet, …

Market America Incorporated was set up back in 1992 by JR Ridinger and his wife Loren. It is a retailer of consumable beauty products and health supplements. Their marketing is done on the Internet, and by a network of marketing distributors…that’s where you come in.

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  • 1. Market America Inc - Can YouStill Make Money?Are you considering partnering withMarket America Incorporated and aredoing your due diligence?The program looks to have promise.Then you start to notice a ton of "marketingAmerica review" results on the search engineslike Google, Yahoo and so on. Should you beconcerned? Is Market America on the up-and-upor should you avoid it?
  • 2. According to the Market America Inc web site, the company was set up in 1992 by JR Ridinger and his spouse Loren Ashley.The company specializes in retail sale ofmostly consumable beauty and health products.Marketing is essentially web based and througha network marketing distribution model. Over 3bln bucks of products have been shipped fromtheir state of the art Greensboro, NC warehousefacilities, and employ over five hundred peopleinternationally with international operations inthe U. S., Australia, Canada, HK and Taiwan.
  • 3. Whats with all these NegativeMarket America Review Sites?When looking at the positive financials ofMarket America Inc, it is pretty obvious that anumber of these negative reviews are posted bydisgruntled distributors who failed to earnmoney. Many of those so called reviews arelabeled in a negative fashion, but the titles ofmany of those sites are simply a hook to piquepeoples interest so they will click thru.Whoever wrote these reviews quickly changestack and goes on to claim that Market AmericaInc. Offers a program opportunity to improvepeoples lives and financial position, and ofcourse there is a Market America banner or linkthat you can click which encourages you to jointhe writers team.
  • 4. There are nearly 200,000 distributorsworldwide promoting Market Americasproducts and these are infrequently called"unfranchised" business owners. Since the firmsinception, they have paid out over $2 billion todistributors, and over $1 bill has been paid inretail commissions. As with any networkmarketing opportunity, many distributors do notmake any money.With any network marketing opportunity ifyou do not work, you do not get paid. Anyreviews you do find about unhappy ex-distributors, you may be sure they did not workat building their businesses, so that you can justabout disregard these reviews.So as to qualify your business to receivecommissions, like most network marketingopportunities, Market America has a minimum
  • 5. purchase need. You have to purchase 200 BV-worth of product in order to receive your full share of commission. Business volume, or BV, is simply explained like this; for everywholesale $1 you spend BV equals to aroundeighty percent of that dollar. You may earnrewards on all of the products you sell, and alsoa bonus commission for BV that you and yourteam have amassed. The compensation plan is asimple binary system, you hire two folk, andthey in turn recruit 2 others and the like. Onceyou can attain a balance on both sides of yourteam, and certain volume requirements arereached, then you make commissions.Are you Ready to totallycommit to Running your ownBusiness?
  • 6. Market America Inc. Is indeed a legitsuccessful company who offer evergreenproducts, with an easy compensation plan withworldwide distribution? The caveat is thatthough this companys opportunity may lookright for you and your family; there are certainthings you need to understand.Notwithstanding what you may have read fromyour potential sponsor or upline leader, buildinga rewarding network marketing business needspresenting your items services and opportunityto a large number of new folk on a consistentbasis over an extended period.The products will not sell themselves. Theymust be presented to potential purchasers. Andno one will be interested in joining you in your
  • 7. business unless you let them know about ithonestly.So that the query begs:How do you propose to publicize market andpush your new business? After youveintroduced the product and chance to family,pals and work mates - then what?Have you got any sales and marketingexperience? Do you know the way to effectivelymarket the company-replicated site? How willyou drive future customer and prospects to thenet store? These are all questions that arenecessary to answer because bottom line isntwhat you read about in any Market Americareview - its what youll do with your newMarket American business.
  • 8. Suggest you sign up to watch thisFREE TRAINING here or go to JULY, 2012. © SEVEN FIGURE WEALTH