How to create one of the famous blogs on the net

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  • 1. How to CreateOne of TheFamous Blogson The Net?BY: RAM GUPTALooking to take your bloggingto the level of famous blogs?
  • 2. Read here. These tips are fromsuccessful bloggers. Followthese tips and your life willnever be the same again.Get Going…Success in blogging willpurely depends on the quality ofyour blog and its content. Whatvalues are you delivering to the
  • 3. visitors to your blog? Do yourblogs reflect the depth ofknowledge that you have? It istherefore extremely importantthat before you pen down ablog, do a thorough research onthe topic. Your blog contentmust reflect that you have theexpertise on your subject.Set a goal for yourself. A goodblogger always work towards agoal. Towards this he sets hisdaily, weekly or monthly
  • 4. targets. How many posts towrite, what key words to target,what topics are hot and in needof a blog that resolves issuesrelated to that topic? Unless youset a target and work towards it,anything that you do will be ad-hoc, and aimless. Rememberyour productivity increases ifyou know what to do and when.Your ultimate goal should be tosee your blog site in the list offamous blogs on the net.
  • 5. Your Content…The first thing that a readersees is the title of your post. Thetitle must be intriguing; it mustgenerate an intrigue value in theminds of the reader, or say itmust generate a debate in theminds or the reader. The titlemust create a pull for the readerto start reading your blog. If thisdoes not happen, your blog is asheer waste. Having hooked the
  • 6. reader with an inviting title, thenext task is to write very crisp,meaningful and value packedcontent. A content thataddresses your readers concernson that topic.Some bloggers get struck withwriting block, don’t worry insuch circumstance. Sit downcoolly and think about how theissues faced by your readers canbe resolved. Come out with 5 or6 strategies and expand your
  • 7. blog around them. You willhave a stunning blog.Structure Your BlogHere let us also discuss thestructuring of your blog. Peoplelove to read short and crispsentences instead of long,lengthy paragraphs. For bestimpact make your importantpoints with bullet marks. Thisstrategy will draw attention of
  • 8. your readers to importantaspects of your blog. Youreaders will be happy at theeasy structuring of the post.To ensure that your readershave good and meaningful timeon your blog, make your bloglook like a professional blog.Highly structured. Yourselection of menu bar, dropdowns for sub topics, postingsby year, month and date. Eventhe structuring of your article,
  • 9. its heading, paragraphs, call toaction and so on should be easyto understand and navigate.Make Your Blog SEOFriendlyOver a period of time your sitewill have a lot of content. It willbe very interesting to provideinterlinings from one post toanother. This is especially
  • 10. relevant when you have a blogupdate or a new story on a topicthat you have already covered.You can use this opportunity toprovide links from one post toanother. In addition to makingyour post interesting, you areusing a very effective searchengine optimization technique. Imust add that this technique isin addition to your posting theblog links to social media sitesto get quality backlinks.
  • 11. A good blog uses H1, H2.tagsto identify different section inthe blog. Make sure that youuse quality key words in thesetags to come up easily in searchengines when people look forthose words. This is an effectiveway to increase organic trafficto your blog and becomepopular as one of the famousblogs on the net.
  • 12. Be Visible…As a blogger, you should makeyourself visible on the net. Thiswill improve traffic to yourblog, vital for your popularityand ranking of your site. Youcan do this by writing for othersites as a guest blogger,commenting on other relevantblog sites and engaging indiscussions on social
  • 13. networking sites like LinkedIn,Facebook, and Twitter and soon. While initially it seemsintrusive but soon you will findthat people are not only likingwhat you say but also lookforward to when you say more.Here the only caution is thatwhatever you comment, shouldbe relevant and provide value tothe reader. This will not onlygive you popularity but alsohelp your site to be featured inthe list of famous blogs on theweb.
  • 14. I feel that by now you have aclear idea about blogging andwhat it entails. It is perhaps oneof the best strategies to generateorganic traffic to your blog site,resulting in building your list ofsubscribers. However, bloggingis a serious strategy and needscommitment. You cannot justtake it casually. If you start, beconsistent and patient. You willsurely have traffic and success.Be part of famous blogs on thenet.
  • 15. Looking forward to readingyour next post.To your blogging success!Get your FREE 6 TRAINING VIDEOS,OR GO TO © SEVEN FIGURE WEALTH, DECEMBER, 2012