Hotel bathroom designs of tomorrow!
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Hotel bathroom designs of tomorrow!



Hotel bathroom designers will need to do a lot of soul searching to come out with a sustainable yet experience enhancing product. It is also a challenge for the hotel guest to except the changing ...

Hotel bathroom designers will need to do a lot of soul searching to come out with a sustainable yet experience enhancing product. It is also a challenge for the hotel guest to except the changing environment in which the hotels operate. Let us not forget that at the end of the day, we all need to behave as responsible members of the society which works towards a safe and clean world for the generations to come.



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Hotel bathroom designs of tomorrow! Document Transcript

  • 1. Hotel BathroomDesigns ofTomorrow!BY: RAM GUPTAFrom a simple and practical three fixturebath room of the mid 70’s to the opulentseven fixture luxury bath room of today, the
  • 2. hotels have kept pace with the ever evolvingneeds and demands of its guests and users.However we all need to take a breath andthink the rational. Is it sane to extend thedefinition of luxury and comfort? Where dowe stop? Remember, we all are responsiblemembers of the society and so should beconcerned about our environment, everyadditional fixture in the bathroom adds tothe consumption of energy in the form ofwater or electricity, increasing the carbonfoot print of the hotel.It is perhaps from this point of view thatboth the designers and the hoteliers are foronce talking about the bathrooms oftomorrow in our hotels. The fixturemanufactures are also sharing their concerns
  • 3. by actively engaging their research teams tocome out with innovative ideas andtechnologies to conserve energy in any formthat they can.From all that I see, read and understand, ourhotel bathroom designing is going to see amajor change in approach and style in thefuture. While retaining the touch of classand comfort, it will greatly impact ourbehavior towards the way we use water andour environment. One major element thatwill play a defining role in designconsiderations of a futuristic bathroom willbe the use of water. As hotels consume hugequantity of water, the focus will graduallyshift to fixtures and gadgets that will notonly conserve this precious resource –
  • 4. water, but will also reduce energy cost of thehotel and making the hotel more ecofriendly.From the guest’s point of view that is notonly looking for luxury and experience, thehotels can compensate the reduction offixtures by increasing the space and addingan alternate gadget like a bike or a simpletreadmill. You have not taken away eitherthe comfort or the feel, yet enhanced theexperience and space which the guest doesnot enjoy at home. Come to think of it, youhave also added a competitive edge to yourrooms. Individual exercise space in theroom. All one needs is to streamline thewants and needs and replace one withanother as filler.
  • 5. Creating positiveexperience being thebuzzword for designers,I feel that future hotelbathrooms could witness a lot of play withlighting and sound. Since a hotel guestspends a good amount of time in thebathroom, creative mood lighting fordifferent time zones with complimentingmusic could not only enhance the overallexperience but also easily find guest’sacceptance as a substitute for additionalfixtures. After all there is luxury in less also,provided the less is of top quality. Anotherfeature of the future bathrooms will be thequality of acoustics. The cisterns or flushvalves will operate more quietly than ever.
  • 6. After the bed, bathrooms are the most important guest experience creatorsand satisfiers and therefore the hoteloperator as well as the bathroom designer sare jointly engaged in evolving a design andspace that will not only be practical but alsoeco-friendly without compromising guestscomforts. We had recently witnessed hotelsswitching to rain showers in the bathrooms,with many switching back to multifunctionalshowerheads because the female guests werenot very happy with rain showers. The pointbeing made is that every aspect of thebathroom designing needs a thorough anddetailed research. Every designer of a hotelbathroom has to address the needs of the
  • 7. ultimate user from safety, experience andenergy consumption point of view.I am very certain the hotel managers and thedesigners have sustainability as a majorissue to address, however they cannot ignorethe guest, who is paying to use what theycreate and operate. The challenge iscomplex and needs a balanced resolution, Ifeel that when I use a hotel bathroom in2020, it will be way different than what it istoday – a responsible and sustainablebathroom.Ram Gupta is a professional hotelier with over four decades of experience inIndia, Far East, Middle East and Europe. He has completed his hotel managementstudies from The Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition, Pusa, NewDelhi and has done higher studies from Germany. A Member of Institute ofHospitality, U.K., he is also a Certified Hotel Administrator from U.S.A. He hasworked for some of the best hotel chains and was associated with over two dozenhotel projects in varying capacities. He has served on a number of trade bodiesand boards of various companies. He is now an independent consultant in the
  • 8. Industry. His web site can be viewed at and can be contactedat SEPTEMBER, 2012 © BUSINESS CONSULTING GROUP GLOBAL