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Discuss your Favorite Indian Television Shows on Tinsel Gupshup The only India Forums in an open and friendly environment. Aiming to be the biggest and the most popular Indian Discussion Forum on the ...

Discuss your Favorite Indian Television Shows on Tinsel Gupshup The only India Forums in an open and friendly environment. Aiming to be the biggest and the most popular Indian Discussion Forum on the internet.



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Beyond the Edge Beyond the Edge Document Transcript

  • Beyond the Edge - Abhinav Shukla the Adventurer By: Anjalika Gupta“There are two kinds of adventurers; those who go truly hoping to find adventure andthose who go secretly hoping they won’t.” - Rabindranath Tagore
  • Gladrags titled him “Best Mr. Potential” and at Grassim he won “Best Physique”and finished amongst the top six. An engineering degree neatly tucked under hisbelt may make him think like a scientist but Abhinav’s heart beats for adventure -trekking, hiking, camping, rock climbing, off-roading…you name it, he has doneit! “Records and numbers don’t matter”, states Abhinav matter-of-factly, “Becauseat the end of the day it’s the method and the approach that counts.” Abhinav talksto Tinsel Gupshup about getting bitten by the adventure bug, Survivor, hisadventure diaries and how he became the rebel without a pause!We read that you don’t like to shoot for 30 days at a stretch. You would preferto have 10 days to yourself…what will be the “ideal, perfect” 10 days off foryou?WOW! Ten days is a long time and if I get those many days off, I would probablygo to some island – Maldives or back to the Philippines. Survivor was shot in thePhilippines and after the Survivor experience I have developed a love for theocean, marine life…beaches. So, if you ask me this question now I will definitelytake off to some island. I won’t stay at a hotel; I’ll pick some secluded spot awayfrom people, camp it out and just relive my Survivor moments. The show went onfor a duration of 45 days and I was in it for 42 days so, I am really nostalgic aboutit in fact, not a day goes by when I don’t think about my time on the show and thetime spent on the island…it was truly memorable! I enjoy swimming, snorkeling,scuba diving. Unfortunately, with my tight scheduling and work I could probablyonly get 5-6 days off and I’ll use the opportunity to try and explore some newplace in Maharashtra…again someplace that is secluded, not reachable byeveryone. That will be my ideal getaway.
  • If you had been allowed to take your camera to Survivor, who would you havephotographed and why?I would have photographed everything - the locations, the people, captured all themoods…everything! You know, on the first day of the show we were on a boat inthe middle of the ocean and the boat capsized…I would have loved to capture allthe expressions. I have never seen such fear on people’s faces. I don’t think Iwould have photographed any one particular person but all the expressions and themoods. The face of hunger, the face of stress, the face of longing to go back tocivilization, the face of hope to win, hope to survive and make it past one more dayand the greed when you see a tiny morsel of food. So I would have loved to clickall these expressions! Honestly speaking, I wish I had my camera on me…in fact Idon’t mind going back as a photographer in the future!What was your first ever adventure? Please tell us a bit about it
  • My first adventure was back in 2001. I was in my second year of engineering andmy parents asked me to go visit my brother – a naval officer posted in Lonavala. Ihad been on trips before but never alone…always with friends or family. So myparents made all the bookings and when I arrived at Lonavala my brother came topick me up and said that we were going trekking. I knew what trekking was allabout but I had never actually done it before, so I said “Chalo”, let’s go. So westarted out in the morning and we kept trekking through a jungle and though it wasnot new to me because I had been in jungles before yet it was a completelydifferent experience. The best part was when we had to cross a river…we had toget to the other side of the river and set up camp there. My brother of course knewthe ins and outs of camping and trekking so he used sticks that he placed on thebase of the river and we held on to a rope and that is how we managed tocross…the current was quite strong and it was quite an experience crossing theriver – running water and strong currents, no guidance, no support…just your ownsure footedness and intuition….READ MORE © Tinsel Gup Shup, 2012