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The products of natural origin are the source and root of modern medicine and serve as the basis of curing many infirmities as effective home remedies.

In this decade, natural nutrients have taken on unusual impetus for having been proven day-by-day that they are the answer for healing that is sound , economical and without the many side effects that many other synthetic medications usually have.

The most recent investigations have demonstrated that vitamins , minerals, healing plants, bee products, polyunsaturated fatty acids and other natural products ,taken in adequate dosage , produce optimal health and avoid most illness , help strengthen the body’s defenses (immune system ), and at the same time fight diseases in a direct and effective manner.

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Recommendation list

  1. 1. Written & Published by: Seun Banjo TrueLeverage +2348029494323,+2348067477494 JULY 20, 2011FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS RECOMMENDATION LIST 1
  2. 2. INFORMATION SHEET NOTE:-DISCLAIMER: The ailments listed are reported to us by satisfied customers with an indication of theproducts that they have used and are not claims made by us. The information in thisdocument is for the sole use of registered FLP distributors and must not be used to solicitorders from the general publicAILMENTS: RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS COMBINATIONABSCESS:Bee Propolis tabletAloe Vera GelGarlic ThymeACNE: (pimples on the face & Body)Aloe Berry Nectar/Aloe Gel/Bits n‟Peaches,Garlic Thyme,Aloe Liquid Soap,Aloe Propolis Cream,Aloe Gelly TubeADENOIDS (Protuberance of fleshy tissue that is found in the nose above the throat)Bee Propolis tabletGarlic thymeAloe Vera Gel / NectarAGE SPOTSAloe Vera Gel or NectarAbeta CareAloe Vera ScrubAGING & LONGIVITY (live longer, younger and feel better)Argi PlusAbeta CareAbsorbent CRoyal JellyAloe Vera GelALCOHOLISM (hangover and after effects)Bee pollenGinkgo PlusLycium PlusAloe Vera GelALLERGIC DERMATITIS (skin reaction to plant or product)Aloe Vera Gel / NectarPropolis Cream 2
  3. 3. ALLERGIC HAY FEVER (reaction of the bodys immune system to certain substances likeanimal fur, dust etc)Aloe Vera Gel / NectarLycium Plus or Bee PollenGinkgo Plus(fight allergic asthma)ANAEMIA (lack of oxygenated blood in the body)Argi PlusAloe Vera GelFields of GreenNature MinBee PollenANORREXIA NERVOSA (loss of appetite)Forever liteRoyal jelly or Bee pollenAloe Vera Gel or NectarANXIETY (restlessness or anguish)Royal JellyGinkgo PlusNature MinAloe vera GelBlossom teaAMOEBA (microorganism in the intestine)Garlic ThymeProbioticsAloe Vera Gel / NectarAPPENDICITIS (inflammation of the appendix)Bee proplis tabletAloe vera Gel/ Berry NectarEchinacea SupremeAbsorbent CGarlic ThymeARTERIOSCLEROSIS & ATHEROSCLEROSIS (cholesterol & hardening of thearteries, internal heat, feeling weak)Artic Sea Omega 3Garlic ThymeAbeta CareAloe Vera Gel and Cardio HealthARTHRITIS / RHEUMATISMForever FreedomLycium (if not hypertensive)Arctic Sea Omega 3Nature MinFields of GreenRoyal JellyActive HA 3
  4. 4. ASTHMAAloe Vera Gel/Aloe Berry Nectar,Gingko Plus,Bee Propolis tabletsATHLETE FOOTAloe Vera GelGarlic ThymeBee propolis tabletAloe ActivatorAloe GellyBACK PAIN (relief and prevention)Aloe Heat lotionLycium PlusAloe Vera GelBIRTH DEFECTS (expectant mother)B12 PlusArtic Sea Omega 3Nature MinBLEEDING GUMTooth GelAloe Activator (use often as mouth wash)Absorbent CAloe Vera GelBLOOD INFECTIONSBee Propolis tabletGarlic thymeFields of Green or Nature 18Abeta CareAloe Vera Gel / NectarBALDNESS / LOSS OF HAIRAloe Vera GelAloe Vera Jojoba ShampooNature MinGinkgo PlusBED WETTINGEchinacea SupremeForever honeyForever kidsAloe Bits n PeachesBODY ODOURAloe ever shield deodorantAloe vera GelGarlic thymeAloe Bath Gelee 4
  5. 5. BLEACHED SKIN (needs recovery)R3 FactorSonya Skin Care kitBerry NectarLycium plus (if not hypertensive)Abeta CareBOILGarlic thymePropolis tabletAloe Vera GelPropolis CreamBREAST FLACIDITY ( fallen or tender breast)Royal JellyNature MinAloe Vera GelBROKEN BONESNature MinCalciumBROCHITIS, PULMONARYCONGESTIONBee propolisGinkgo plusGarlic thymeHeat lotionBRUXISM (grinding of the teeth together)Royal jellyGarlic thymeHerbal blossom teaBULIMIA (spontaneous vomiting)Bee pollenNature MinForever liteBURNSAloe FirstAloe Vera Gel or NectarBee propolisBURSITTIS (inflammation of the joints muscle and bones)Aloe Vera Gel or NectarHeat lotionAbeta CareActive HA 5
  6. 6. CANCER (prevention and supportive care)Aloe Vera Gelly (for topical application before and after radiotherapy treatment).Aloe Vera Gel & Pomesteen Power ( builds the immune system, detoxifies the body andpromote the internal healing process)Arctic Sea Super Omega3Lycium PlusNature 18 or and Fields of GreenA-Beta-CareGarlic ThymeCANDIDA / THRUSH/ VAGINITIS (systemic)Aloe Vera Gel helps eliminate yeast in the gutBee PropolisGarlic thymeEchinacea supremeCANDIDA (topical, i.e. thrush)Aloe Vera GellyCATARACTSAbeta CareLycium PlusAbsorbent CAloe Activator (use as often to wash the eyes)Forever FreedomCELLULITEAloe Berry NectarGarlic ThymeBody Toning KitCEREBRAL EMBOLISM & ANEURYSM (stroke)Argi Plus and Aloe Vera GelGinkgo PlusArctic Sea Omega 3Abeta CareGarlic ThymeCLEAN DENTUREAloe vera GelGarlic thymeBright tooth gelCHICKENPOX / MEASLESAloe firstBee propolisAloe vera Gel or Nectar 6
  7. 7. CHOLERABee propolisProbioticsDrink a lot of water with sugar (oral solution)Aloe veraCHRONIC FATIGUEBee pollenGinchiaAloe Vera Gel or NectarCOLD / FLU / CATARRH / COUGH (bacterial/viral infections)Aloe Vera Gel/Berry NectarBee PropolisGarlic ThymeLycium PlusAbsorbant CEchinaceaCOLD SORESAloe GelAloe Vera Gelly tube/Aloe LipsBee PropolisCONSTIPATIONAloe Vera GelFields of GreenDrink lots of waterCROHN’S DISEASEAloe Vera Gel/Berry NectarCYSTITISAloe Berry NectarAbsorbent CBee Propolis and/or Garlic ThymeCRAMPS, MUSCULAR PAINSNature MinAbeta CareAloe vera GelDEPRESSIONAloe vera GelGinchia Royal JellyBlossom tea + Bee honeyForever lite 7
  8. 8. DETOXIFICATION LIVER & KIDNEYLycium PlusGinkgo PlusGarlic thymeAloe Gel or NectarDIABETES MILITUS (too much sugar in the blood)Aloe Vera GelFields of GreensGarcina Plus or Clean 9 (if overweight)GingkoNature-MinDIARRHOEAAloe Vera GelBee Propolis tabletsProbiotics (take beforehand and one every day when travelling)Garlic ThymeDIXLEYIA IN CHILDREN (condition causing difficulty in reading and speaking)Aloe vera gelRoyal jellyGinkgo plusForever kidsLycium plus (if not hypertensive)Abeta CareGarlic thymeDIZZINESSAloe vera gelB12 plusRoyal JellyGinkgoNature minFields of geenDOWNS SYNDROMEAloe vera GelGinkgo PlusArctic Sea omega 3Forever kidsEAR INFECTIONBee propolisGarlic thymeAloe activator (drop in ear every 6 hours)ECZEMAAloe Vera Gel/Aloe Berry NectarAloe Vera Gelly TubeAloe Propolis Crème 8
  9. 9. ENERGY/STAMINAAloe Vera GelGin-ChiaForever Active BoostMulti-MacaEPILEPSYAloe Vera GelGingkoRoyal JellyNature MinFEMALE INFERTILITYAloe vera GelRoyal jellyBee pollenForever B12Multi MacaPropolis tablet (if there is infection)FIBROIDSAloe Berry NectarGarlic ThymeBee Propolis tabletsGarcinia PlusFields of GreenGALL BLADDER STONEAloe berry nectarGarlic thymeLycium plusGASTITIS, COLITIS, ULCERAloe vera GelLyciumBee propolis tabletFields of greenGENERAL BODY PAINAloe vera gelLycium plusAloe heat lotionGLAUCOMA (excessive pressure in the eyeball)Aloe berry nectarGinkgo PlusAbeta CareForever vision 9
  10. 10. GOITRE(enlarged thyroid gland)Aloe Vera Gel FOREVER BEE HONEYBee PollenNature-MinGONOTRHEAAloe berry nectarEchinacea supremeGarlic thymeBee propolis tabletGOUTAloe Berry NectarA-Beta-CareHeat LotionHAEMORROIDSAloe Vera GelBee PollenArctic Sea Super Omega3Aloe Vera GellyHAIR GROWTHNature MinAbeta careRoyal JellyAloe vera gellyHALITOSIS (bad breath)Forever bright toothgelAloe vera gel or NectarGarlic thyme or Fields of greensHAY FEVERAloe Berry NectarBee Pollen (start beginning March)HEART CONDITIONSAloe Vera GelArctic Sea Super Omega3Garlic ThymeLycium PlusAbsorbent CHEADACHE (migraines & tension headache)Aloe Berry Nectar/Aloe Vera GelGarlic ThymeGinkgo PlusAloe Heat Lotion 10
  11. 11. HEART BURNAloe Vera GelLycium Plus SONYA SKIN CARE COLLECTION KITHEART CONDITIONS (cardiovascular problems)Aloe vera gelArgi PlusArctic Sea OmegaHERNIAAloe vera gelLycium plus/ fields of greenNature minHEPATITISBee propolis or Echinacea supremeAloe vera gel or NectarLycium plusGinkgo plusHIGH CHOLESTEROLAloe Vera GelArctic Sea Super Omega3Garlic-ThymeA-Beta-CareHIVAloe Vera GelForever B12 PlulsBee PollenBee PropolisLycium PlusA-Beta-CarEHYPER-ACTIVITY (children)Aloe bits n‟peaches or Forever Aloe2GoForever kidsArctic sea omega 3HYPERTENSION (High Blood Pressure)Aloe Vera GelGarlic ThymeArgi plus or Arctic-Sea Omega 3A-Beta-CarEHYPOTENSION (Low Blood Pressure)Aloe Vera GelRoyal JellyGin-Chia 11
  12. 12. HYPOGYCEMIA (low sugar)Forever liteFields of greensGinchiaHYPER-THYROIDISM (Goitre, High Iodine)Royal jellyBee pollen‟Fields of greensAbeta careNature minHYPO-THYROIDISM (low iodine)Aloe vera gelBee pollenNature min AROMA SPA COLLECTIONForever liteIMPOTENCEAloe Vera GelMulti MacaGingkoRoyal JellyA-Beta-CareNature-MinINFERTILITYAloe Vera Gel,Royal Jelly,Bee Pollen,Fields of Green,Forever B-12 PlusINSOMNIAAloe Vera Gel,Royal Jelly, Nature-Min,Aloe Blossom Herbal TeaINTESTINAL WORMSAloe bits n peachesGarlic thymeIRREGULAR MENSTRUAL PERIODAloe berry nectarGinchiaGarlic thymeNature min 12
  13. 13. IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS)Aloe Vera GelKELOID / BUMPSAloe activator (apply on the affected area)Aloe first sprayAbeta carePropolis cream AVOCADO FACE & BODY SOAPAloe vera gelKIDNEY PROBLEMSAloe Berry Nectar,Lycium PlusKIDNEY STONESAloe vera gelAbsorbent cGarlic thymeAbeta careLEARNING DIFFICULTIESGinkgo plusNature minArctic sea omega 3Forever B12 PlusLIVER DISEASEAloe Berry Nectar,Gingko,Lycium Plus,Royal GellyLOSS OF HAIR/BALDNESS (does not apply to genetic male baldness)Aloe Vera Gel,Bee Pollen,Nature Min,Fields of Greens,Aloe Activator/Aloe GellyLOW SPERM COUNTAloe Vera Gel,Royal Jelly,Bee Pollen,Gin Chia,A-Beta-Care,Nature-Min 13
  14. 14. LUPUSAloe Vera Gel,Arctic Sea Super Omega3,Nature-Min ALOE FLEUR DE JOUVENCEMALARIA FEVERAloe vera gelGarlic thymeFields of greensLycium plusMASCULINE INFERTILITYAloe vera gelRoyal jellyBee pollen or Nature minAbeta careMulti macaArgi plusMEMORY LOSSAloe Vera Gel,Gingko Plus,Royal Jelly,Forever B12 Plus,Absorbent CMENOPAUSEAloe Bery Nectar/Aloe Vera GelMulti-MacaRoyal JellyGin ChiaA-Beta Care,MENSTRUAL PROBLEMSAloe Berry Nectar,Bee Pollen ,Royal Jelly,Garlic Thyme,Nature-MinMENSTRATION(premenstrual syndrome cramps)Royal jellyBee pollenOmega 3Aloe vera gelHeat lotionME (or post viral Fatigue Syndrome)Aloe Vera Gel,Forever Lite,,Bee Pollen,A-Beta-Care 14
  15. 15. MOUTH SORES (blister & aphthas)Aloe activator (mouth wash or gargle)Forever bright tooth gelAloe vera jellyMUMPSAloe Vera Gel,Bee Propolis Tablets,A-Beta-Care,Absorbent CMUSCULAR PAIN/BACK PAINAloe Vera Gel/Forever FreedomArctic-Sea Omega 3Lycium PlusHeat LotionOBESITYClean 9Forever nutrilean PackOSTEOPOROSIS (brittle bone)Forever calciumNature minForever freedomOSTEO ARTHRITISForever FreedomArctic Sea Super Omega3MSM GelOVARIAN CYSTGarlic thyme or Propolis tablet or Echinacea SupremeAloe berry nectarRoyal jellyPAINFUL MENSTRUAL PERIODSGinchiaArctic sea omega 3Nature minPARKINSON’S DISEASE (repeated involuntary movements in the hands & head)Royal jellyNature minAloe vera gelGinkgo plusPREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS) & MENSTRUAL PAINSAloe berry nectarRoyal jellyNature minArctic sea omega 3 15
  16. 16. PROSTATE ENLARGEMENT/ CANCERAloe Vera Gel/Aloe Berry NectarForever Pro 6A-Beta-CarEBee PollenLycium PlusNature-MinPSORIASISAloe Vera GelArctic Sea Super Omega3Aloe Propolis Cream/Aloe Vera GellyLiquid soap/Aloe Bath GeleePOT BELLY (Big tummy only)Aloe vera GelActive Probiotic(For general weight loss,Clean9 and Nutrilean Pak recommended)RHEUMATOID ARTHRITISAloe Vera GelArctic Sea Super Omega3Royal JellyMSM GelRINGING IN THE EAR (tinnitus)Aloe vera gelGinkgo plusSICKLE CELL ANAEMIAAloe Vera Gel/Forever FreedomForever B12 PlusA-Beta-CarEFields of GreenNature-MinSINUSITISAloe Vera GelBee Propolis TabletsAloe Activator (use in nasal spray bottle)SNORINGAloe Vera GelAloe Heat LotionSPONTANEOUS MISCARRIAGEAbeta careB12 plusNature minRoyal jelly 16
  17. 17. STAPHILOCOCUS INFECTIONSAloe berry nectarEchinacea supremeGarlic thymePropolis tabletAbsorbent CSTOMACH GAS (flatulence)Aloe Vera GelProbioticsGarlic ThymeAloe Blossom Herbal TeaSTRESSAloe Vera GelGinchiaRoyal JellyAloe Blossom Herbal TeaSTROKEAloe Vera GelGinkgoArtic Sea Super Omega3Royal JellyGarlic-ThymeNature MinTONSILITISAloe Vera GelBee Propolis TabletsAbsorbent CTYPHOID FEVERAloe vera gelProbioticsLycium plusFields of greensGarlic thymePropolis tabletTUBERCULOSISAloe Vera GelBee Propolis TabletsGarlic ThymeLycium PlusNature-MinAbsorbent C 17
  18. 18. ULCER (Stomach)Aloe Vera GelBee Propolis TabletsRoyal JellyAbsorbent CURINARY TRACT INFECTIONAloe Berry NectarGarlic ThymeBee Propolis TabletsVERICOSE VEINS(go for regular walks)Aloe Vera GelGinkgoAbsorbent CA-Beta-CareAloe Heat LotionVERTILIGO (lack of pigments in the skin on certain parts of the body. Not contagious).Royal JellyArctic Sea Super Omega3Aloe SunscreenWEIGHT LOSSClean 9 ProgrammeNutrilean Pack ProgrammeWEIGHT GAINAloe Vera GelForever Lite with ripe bananaRoyal JellyBee PollenForever kidsNature MinWOUNDSAloe vera gellyAloe firstBee propolis tabletSKIN, HAIR & NAIL CARE + GLOWING SKINAloe Vera Gel/Aloe Berry NectarGarlic ThymeRoyal JellyLycium PlusA-Beta-CarEAloe Bath GeleeAloe Scrub (use twice a week)Aloe Vera Gelly tubeAloe Moisturing LotionAlpha E Factor 18
  19. 19. HEALTHY HAIRAloe Vera Gel/Aloe Berry NectarForever KidsAloe Jojoba ShampooAloe Jojoba Conditioning RinseForever Aloe Styling GelNature-MinHEALTHY NAILSAloe Vera Gel/Aloe Berry NectarAloe Vera GellyAloe Moisturising LotionNature-MinForever CalciumUse MPD for Household Cleaning & WashingQ- Do natural plant oestrogens found in complementary products have the same sideeffect as those in oestrogens found in HRT regimes?Answer- Hormone replacement therapy is the administration of hormones to delay theMenopause and ameliorate the symptoms suffered by many women who are approaching it.The hormones involved are usually oestrogen and often a synthetic protective progesterone.The side effects of HRT are an increased risk of cancer of the uterus and breast, whilst theadvantages are the decreased risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Do the pro‟s outweighthe con‟s? Doctors are now beginning to question whether or not they do and there is a movement awayfrom HRT towards either nothing, or towards natural products. Plant oestrogens are thoughtto provided the same benefits, but without the side effects of the synthetic compounds.Natural vitamins such as E. C, B6 as well as other bioflavonoids can also reduce thesymptoms of the menopause. Both Magnesium and Calcium supplementation will helpreduce the risk of osteoporosis. Amongst our products there is a range to choose from,including Aloe Vera Gel, Absorbent –C, A-Beta-CarE, Gin-Chia and Bee Pollen, notforgetting Nature-Min of course. 19
  20. 20. Q- Can Gin-Chia be taken safety for women who are on HRT?Answer- Yes I think it is safe to take while taking HRT. Only take the amount recommendedon the container. To generalise the benefits of Gin-Chia: it promotes well being, improvesstamina and is an energiser so is marvellous if you are feeling tired, stressed out or run down.• Golden Chia is Northern American sage. It contains a small amount of oestrogen-likesubstances, is an anti-oxidant, helps in the treatment of sore throats, colds and coughs, and ismarvellous for menopausal problems. It also improves circulation and is effective in helpingto treat thrush.• Ginseng is also known as „King of the Tonics‟. We use Siberian Ginseng in our product andthis is much more gently than Korean ginseng. (Korean ginseng is usually taken in shortcourses and is more suitable for men). Siberian ginseng is suitable for both men and women.Ginseng contains eleven hormone-like saponins, vitamins B1, B2, B12 and D, as well as theminerals copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, and manganese. Benefits include its adaptogenicand potent antioxidant qualities. It is an antidepressant (mood elevator) and anti-stress agent(particularly effective in menopause). It helps supplement low body oestrogen as it is a plantoestrogen. Helping to combat osteoporosis and hayfever are two other benefits.Q- What other supplements can I take through the menopause?Answer-Royal Jelly – supplement which contains a B complex to helps prevent stress and is verygood for good for the skin. 2-3 tablets taken daily – 1 taken 20 mins before each meal (for aneven greater effect, place the tablets under your tongue to dissolve).Nature-Min – 6 tablets daily needed for correct bodily function- 2 with each meal – and itgoes without saying that, to enhance the effect of all the supplements, it is advisable to drinkAloe Vera Gel.• Preconceptual, Pregnant & Mother and BabyThe need for extra nutrients before, during and after pregnancy to help support the health ofboth the foetus and the mother is becoming increasingly important due to the reduced nutrientcontent of our modern diet. It has long been recognised that a deficiency in folic acid canincrease the likelihood of developing a congenital disorder. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acidsfrom fish are vital for the formation of new tissues particularly the development of the brain,nervous system and retina with research showing enhanced effects in IQ and learning.Taking Fields of Green can help morning sickness, caused by the baby depleting mother‟sessential vitamins and minerals.Other supplements such as Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Absorbent-C and Arctic-Sea will alsohelp to provide the body with a rich source of vitamins and minerals which are essentialduring and after pregnancy.Forever B12 with folic acid, 1 tablet daily contains 400 mcg of folic acid, which is the RDAduring pregnancy, combined with B12 gives total protection and full absorption of the folicacid.Take: Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3, Absorbent-C, B12 Plus, Nature-Min and Forever ActiveProbiotic, Fields of Greens, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly. 20
  21. 21. Notes - Taking Aloe Vera Gel during PregnancyIt is perfectly safe for people trying to conceive, currently pregnant or breastfeeding to takeour Aloe Vera Gel. The warning that persists in much literature is a hangover from the pastwhen people were warned off the sap of the plant or “bitter aloes” nowadays known as aloin.In fact large doses of aloin would not produce a miscarriage, it has been tested on pregnantrats which behave very similarly to humans. (Please note that an official statement from ourMD, Bob Parker on the above is available upon request from Customer Care).Q- Can children be given Aloe Vera Gel?Answer- Yes, in proportional amounts, e.g. adult amount over 12 years, half amount for 6-12years and quarter adult amount for 2-5 years.Q- Can infants under the age of one be given Aloe Vera?Answer- As a matter of course I tend not to give Aloe Vera Gel to infants because they havean immature gut and are prone to colic. The Gel may exacerbate this, as it increases thetransit time of the bowel contents.• Religious BeliefsOne of the ingredients in Freedom, Chondroitin, contains bovine or shark cartilage, pork orchicken connective tissue, and therefore may not be suitable for some religious beliefs. Thegelatine in our softgel/capsule shell comes from beef gelatine. It is highly refined so as to beinert to the human body. Our manufacturers are investigating vegetable - based ingredientsfor possible future use.Note: Chrondroitin, which is an ingredient in Freedom, contains bovine or shark cartilage,pork or chicken connective tissue. It is therefore not suitable for vegetarians, Jewish people orMuslims. The gelatine in our softgel/capsule shell comes from beef gelatine. It is highlyrefined so as to be inert to the human body. Our manufacturers are investigating vegetable -based ingredients for possible future use.Note: Freedom contains Glucosamine, which includes crustacean shells, which are highlypurified to remove any trace of allergens. Freedom is therefore not suitable for vegans. Thegelatine in our softgel/capsule shell comes from beef gelatine. It is highly refined so as to beinert to the human body. Our manufacturers are investigating vegetable - based ingredientsfor possible future use.DISCLAIMER: The ailments listed are reported to us by satisfied customers with an indication of theproducts that they have used and are not claims made by us. The information in thisdocument is for the sole use of registered FLP distributors and must not be used to solicitorders from the general publicForever Yours,Seun Banjo TrueLeverage+2348029494323, 21