ISV Solution of Reconciliation of GL with Modules by Closer


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  • Welcome.Reporting-Central presents The Closer.The Closer helps Microsoft Dynamics GP users balance their sub-ledgers to the penny. Our customers save time and money while efficiently accounting for every penny. So with the introduction offered by Mr. Lincoln, lets take a look at The Closer.
  • The process of reconciling in Great Plains or any accounting system takes time. With the Closer, you can reduce the time and effort it takes even if everything is fine. And as you will see, The Closer significantly reduces your costs if there are problems requiring attention.The Closer currently reconciles your General Ledger to Inventory, Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Accrued Purchases, Accounts Receivables, and Accounts Payable.
  • At the end of a period, Sub ledgers need to be reconciled to the control accounts in the General Ledger. Typically, this is done by printing a report from the sub-ledger to find the net balance…
  • …and then looking in the GL for the Period End Balance. If they match, great! Update a spreadsheet or checklist and you are done, right?...
  • …However, they don’t always reconcile and now you have to print the transaction details from both ledgers and tick & tie your way to finding the problems, fix them and do it again.
  • In GP version 10, Microsoft has added a reconcile report for AR and AP. It is an improvement in that the manual tick & tie process has almost been eliminated. However, it misses on four points.Unmatched transactions are uncovered, but with no explanation of what’s wrong.Potentially Matched Transactions display transactions that may or may not be a problem, but again no explanation of what’s wrong.The Report is encumbered with printing all of the transactions that are not problems!And – what about the other Sub-ledgers? Still no solution there, until now.
  • Great Plains Just Got Better, because with The Closer, you can Close Fast, Completely Reconciled and Balance to the Penny!Using The Closer, you can Identify discrepancies with explanations of what is wrong and how to fix, Make the Corrections in GP, and then run the “Final” reports that document that your books balance to the Penny!
  • Downloading and installing The Closer takes only a few minutes. It can be installed anywhere that has access via an ODBC connection to the Sql Server hosting the GP Data.Once installed, you select the control accounts for each sub-ledger (there can be one or more GL accounts involved) and your are ready to run your first report.
  • Select the module from the drop down menu, Pick or enter the Start Date, and then End Date. The date range can be a Day, a Month or Months, or for last year! The Closer is designed to look at any time period in your Dynamics GP System. One customer is running this daily on Inventory and another went back and re-reconciled the entire previous fiscal year. Select your company and hit the reconcile button.
  • Usually, in 20 seconds or less you will have your first report. You can work with this report in this viewer or…
  • The report can be exported into several formats including Crystal Report, PDF, Excel and more. Waitress, I’d like mine over easy.
  • The Excel format is the most popular for the initial report, often used as a working document during the correction process. When there are no problems, the PDF version is a great way to provide backup documentation to Management, Auditors, Banks or other reporting requirements.
  • Whether you work with this report in the viewer or in an exported form, the report is divided into 3 sections highlighted with the lighter blue background. Transactions without matches in the General Ledger, Transactions without matches in the Sub-Ledger, and hopefully, most or all of the transactions that reconcile. In the darker blue sections you see that the problems are grouped by error code, providing you with direction as to what the problems are and in the next slide, we provide more help and even suggest solutions. In this example the ledgers are only “out of balance” by about $220. However, the actual problems amount to $3,350. Using the old way, how many companies may have written off the $220 as “immaterial”?
  • The Reason Codes displayed in The Closer are fully documented in the User Guide. Each Code, shown in red, is followed by an explanation as to what is wrong followed by a suggested action to correct the problem. The Quick Start Guide and Complete User Guide are installed with The Closer. There is also a link to more help on our website.
  • In conclusion, The Closer will help you Close Fast, Completely Reconciled and Balance to the Penny. Saving you and your company precious time and money. Please contact us or your Microsoft Partner to find out more.For more information on The Closer and our other products and services, visit our website at
  • ISV Solution of Reconciliation of GL with Modules by Closer

    1. 1. THE CLOSER<br />Helping Dynamics GP Users <br />Balance Their Sub-Ledgers to the Penny!<br />I’m a pretty important guy when it comes to balancing your books in Great Plains. <br />In this economy, every penny counts. <br />Find them all with THE CLOSER.<br />
    2. 2. THE CLOSER<br /><ul><li>Reduce your month-end close process time and effort.
    3. 3. Automatically reconcile your General Ledger to your Sub-Ledgers:
    4. 4. Balancing your books has never been easier!</li></ul>Reconcile your Dynamics GP GL to<br />Inventory<br />Sales<br />COGS<br />Accrued Purchases<br />AR<br />AP<br />
    5. 5. Reconciling – the old way!<br />
    6. 6. Reconciling – the old way!<br />
    7. 7. Reconciling – the old way!<br />Uh oh, they don’t Match! Now you have to Tick & Tie your way out of this mess!<br />
    8. 8. Reconcile GL to AP & AR in Microsoft Dynamics GP<br />Good, but what is wrong with these<br />Ok, but what does this mean?<br />
    9. 9. The New Way: 3 Steps<br />
    10. 10. Install & Setup The Closer in Minutes<br />
    11. 11. It is easy to use The Closer<br />1. Select the module<br />2. Select Start Date<br />3. Select End Date<br />4. Select Company<br />5. Hit Reconcile<br />
    12. 12. And within seconds…..<br />
    13. 13. How do you like your Eggs?<br />
    14. 14.
    15. 15. 1<br />2<br />3<br />
    16. 16.
    17. 17.<br />