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A4 resource list productivity 2.0

  1. 1. Productivity 2.0 OCASI Professional Development Conference May 2010 Presenter: Brenda Doner, brendadoner@rogers.com WHERE TO LEARN MORE! • http//mycharityconnects.org/2010Conference My Charity Connects - a project of CanadaHelps.org , has a June 7-8 conference in Toronto, regular training events and online resources • www.commoncraft.com “Our product is explanation.” Short videos on technology and other topics • www.delicious.com Social bookmarking site. Research what sites other people have found valuable! • Learning 2.0 - http://plcmclearning.blogspot.com/ An early site (2006) devoted to helping librarians learn Web 2.0. Adaptable to many settings, the site contains “23 Things You Can Do to Learn Web 2.0”, a structured online, self-directed course about (early) Web 2.0 applications. • The list below of some common, free ‘cloud computing’ applications is adapted from one accessed May 10, 2010 found at: http://www.heatherbraum.info/conferences/best-free-web-serices-software-for-broke-libraries-session/ There are many more under any category. Google a name or a kind of application to find links for more info: o mail/Calendar — Google Calendar/Gmail o Web Browser — Firefox, Google Chrome o Financial Software — GNU Cash o Open Office: word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, desktop publishing, and calculator o Google Docs - word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings o Image Editing: GIMP, FotoFlexer • Team Meeting Tools o Voice – Skype, Google Voice o Video – SKype, Sightspeed, Tokbox Brenda Doner, Voluntary Sector Consulting, Guelph, Ontario Tel: 519-821-7588 Email: brendadoner@rogers.com
  2. 2. o Instand Messaging – AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, & others o Meeting Space/Chat – Today’s Meet, DimDim, Wiggio o Meeting Scheduling: Doodle, When is Good, NeedToMeet o Webcasts – Vyew • Tech Support Tools o Embedded chat — Meebo chat widget o Voice or video chat – Skype, Sightspeed, Tokbox o Screencasts on the fly – Jing o Discussion Boards — Google Groups o Remote Support/Computer Sharing — LogMeIn, Yuuguu, TightVNC • Audio & Video Tools o Voice/Video Chat — Skype o Audio Recording/Editing — Audacity o Video Editing — Avidemux, DVDx, Lumiera, Kino o Video Hosting — YouTube, blip.tv, Vimeo o Audio Hosting — OurMedia, PodBean, LibSyn • eLearning Tools o Screencasting Tools — Screencast-o-matic, Jing, Wink, Camstudio, Screencast.com o Image Mark-Up: DabbleBoard o Online Learning Environment: Moodle o Conference Calls: FreeConferenceCall.com o Webcasts – Ustream.tv o Class Websites: WordPress, Blogger, PBworks, PageFlakes o Computer Sharing – LogMeIn, Yuuguu • Website Management o Website recommender: delicious o ILS: Koha or Evergreen o Content Management System: Drupal o Flickr slideshow w/o code – Pictobrowser o RSS feed and Post Stats – PostRank o Tag Clouds – Tag Crowd, Wordle o Form Creator – Google Forms o Free/OS/CC Photos — OpenPhoto, Stock.xchng, Image*After, Wikipedia Commons, Flickr image search, **my addition: compfight.com (Flickr search interface) o Survey Tools: Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey o Polls – Polldaddy o Statistics – Google Analytics, OneStatFree, StatCounter o Translation: Google Translate o Website Hosting: WordPress, Bravenet, Bryght.com, Weebly, SquareSpace Brenda Doner, Voluntary Sector Consulting, Guelph, Ontario Tel: 519-821-7588 Email: brendadoner@rogers.com
  3. 3. • Few More o Cloud storage: box.net, drop.io adrive o Open Source/CC Images: Wikipedia Commons, Flickr Image Search o Charts: lucidCharts, Lovely Charts, Fliffy o Text to Voice – Text 2 Speech Brenda Doner, Voluntary Sector Consulting, Guelph, Ontario Tel: 519-821-7588 Email: brendadoner@rogers.com