Podcasting Everything

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Apple WWDC 08: Podcasting Everything

Apple WWDC 08: Podcasting Everything

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  • 1. Podcasting EverythingStanford School of MedicineAndy WasklewiczTechnology Architect
  • 2. SoM History of Classroom Capture• 1970’s - Captured on 3/4 inch tape• 1980’s - Capture on VHS• 1988 - Streaming video via Real• 2007 - REAL downloadable• 2008 - Podcast Producer/Episode Engine prototype
  • 3. Classroom Capture Details• Downloadable video ! Courses ! Grand rounds ! Special educational events• 8000 events/year in educational spaces• 2500 hours/year of classroom capture content
  • 4. New Educational Facility
  • 5. Students• Level of expectation• Students demanding multiple formats• Requesting video anywhere, anytime• 85% of students own laptop• 83% own portable media device
  • 6. “Why limit the capture system to classroom content, let’s open it to the entire school.”SoM Administration
  • 7. Requirements• Must serve current and future facilities• Classroom capture materials must be on line by 5pm each day• Flexibility for production, programming and IT staffs to extend and integrate into current infrastructure• System capable of producing both standards based and proprietary formats• Integration with Learning Management Systems and classroom scheduling
  • 8. Prototype System Podcast Producer Episode Engine/Xgrid Cluster Primary Master Primary Master Failover Failover Metadata Failover Publish Shared Storage Media Asset Management iTunesU Youtube File Server
  • 9. Encoding Benchmarks Source Output Time 56 minute class 640x480 m4v 12.3 GB DV file XGrid 640x480 480x320 m4v 2 hours 37 minutes 176x144 3gp 30 fps 56 minute class 640x480 m4v 12.3 GB DV file 480x320 m4v Episode Engine 640x480 176x144 3gp 6 minute 30 seconds 30 fps m4a Audio Encoding/Storage Hardware: (4) 8 Core XServes 8 GB RAM per 4 GB Fiber Cards 4.8 TB SAS Promise RAID
  • 10. Sample Output Course MedCast Documentary Procedures
  • 11. Estimated Output• Currently average 25 podcasts a week• Expectation of more than doubling output in 2009-2010
  • 12. Workflows• iTunesU ! Public ! Private ! Community• Youtube• SoM Web Portal• Learning Management Systems• Internal portals
  • 13. Unique deployments• LKSC master control rooms• Simulation centers• Inter campus sharing
  • 14. Next Steps• Finalize Telestream Episode Engine integration• Final Cut Server for intermediate archive• Control/switching systems integration• Explore integration of screen capture tools (i.e. Screenflow)• Berkeley Opencast systems