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Ideas for iPhone, iPad Apps

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iOs Application Ideas

  1. 1. iOS App Development Proposals Andy Wasklewicz Brian Tobin Pauline Brutlag Jamie Tsui Joe Benfield Stanford University School of Medicine
  2. 2. Context ‣ Strategic mobile initiative ‣ iPad for all incoming MD students ‣ 45% of students responding to technology survey have iPhones ‣ We are offering - Project coordination, contacts, testing
  3. 3. Experiential Sampling ‣ Alerts study participants to enter data ‣ Real-time data capture, helps monitor compliance ‣ Authoring system allowing a variety of form elements and timing options ‣ Records activity levels ‣ Geotagging
  4. 4. Real-time Marguerite Schedule ‣ See where the buses are NOW ‣ Set up alerts for when you need to leave to catch the bus ‣ Integrate with calendar/Caltrain/ VTA/task list
  5. 5. Augmented Reality: Heart Echocardio ‣ Goal: Use iPhone gyroscope and/or accelerometer + camera to create affordable echocardiography training device ‣ Echocardiography (ultrasound) becoming essential tool for patient care ‣ Students learn to examine the heart with a simulator of 2d ultrasound images and 3d representation of the heart ‣ Simulators are expensive and large
  6. 6. iPhoneAlert ‣ Goal: After fall, listens for a key phrase, such as “I’ve Fallen” or “Help Me”, gets GPS location and calls for appropriate assistance ‣ 30,000 US seniors fall weekly, 250 die. $100 billion cost per year ‣ “I’ve Fallen… And I Can’t Get Up!” ‣ LifeAlert app iPhone gyroscope/accelerometer detects a fall
  7. 7. CrowdsourcED ‣ Utilize camera and microphone to create media that can be shared with classmates/faculty ‣ Enrich with metadata (ex. QRCodes) ‣ Geotag
  8. 8. Disaster Responder ‣ Post-Haiti earthquake, 1000 daily aid notes sent via SMS and mapped: Medical emergency, people trapped, water shortage, missing person, food, … ‣ Goal: create all-in-one responder to geotag service requests, interactive with map of requests, capture/ share secure video, access to first-response medical tips
  9. 9. Nagosaurus? (aka…) Text ‣ Location-based to-do reminders for Stanford’s campus ‣ Pre-recorded nagging voice heckles you to be more productive per your reminders with option to record your own “nags” (mom, professor, etc..) ‣ Continues to nag you if you have not left your room (“Turn the xbox off and go to class, you bum! )
  10. 10. Visual Tracker Text ‣ Uses camera to track changes in images of an object (size, shape) ‣ Examples: - Tracking changes in moles for skin cancer warnings (size, shape, color, irregular edges) - Tracking growth of objects (plants, cultures, etc..) - Reminders to take a new snapshot periodically - Displays measurements of objects in image
  11. 11. Lab Planner ‣ Lab experiment planner application for mobile ‣ Features: - multiple timers+reminders for fixed duration experiments (and the ability to edit/delete them) - a timeline view, reagent/supplies tracker (with appropriate visualizations) - task/calendar sharing/syncing (via bluetooth) for multiple people working on same project/experiments, plus a method to allow other people to mark experiments/tasks as completed on someone else’s calendar
  12. 12. Inclinometer/Goniometer ‣ Application for measuring range of motion of joints ‣ Features: - tap a button to activate recording at one point, have the user move their arm, leg, back, etc to another point, tap button to stop, and measure the degrees/distance of motion and records it - ability to classify recordings by joint (cervical spine, lumbar spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, etc) and by type (abduction/adduction/flexion/ rotation, etc) - can export this information via email as an attached csv/Excel file
  13. 13. LKSC Map Directions ‣ Map of School of Medicine Campus/Hospital ‣ Display route to location, room numbers ‣ Display “near by” parking, food, restrooms, Margarite stops
  14. 14. Hoover Institute Graduate School of Business
  15. 15. Hoover Institution Mobile ‣ Large daily audience visits Hoover Institution website content to learn about news, book releases, videos, Facebook/Twitter feeds ‣ Goal: Create portal app to compile all Hoover Institution media into a mobile platform
  16. 16. 1 Must haves: • Table of contents for case • Branding and copyright elements • Exhibits from case within text (YouTube video, data charts) • Links to other sites and sources Nice to haves: • Students could put notes to each other in the document to share analysis and questions • Faculty could highlight sections of the case for particular attention • Students can annotate case and share annotations with study group (virtual study group) • Some security so that document canʼt be shared with unauthorized users Proposal for CS 193P students: STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
  17. 17. 2 • Branding element and title • Subtitles and text – Functionality for: highlighting, annotating and receiving notes in the text from other students or the faculty member, incorporating exhibits within text (in paper version, students have to flip to the end of the case to view them) • Scroll view of text and exhibits • Copyright statement and case identifiers (number and date) • Contact: Margot Sutherland " Director, Case Writing Office " GSB, Stanford University " " Proposal for CS 193P students: STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
  18. 18. MediaFlow
  19. 19. MediaFlow ‣ Automatically capture all MD courses ‣ 3000 hours of video yearly ‣ Looking for students to design/develop presentation tools (mobile/web)