Velocity and DevopsDays 2013 takeaways


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Velocity and DevopsDays 2013 takeaways presentation delivered as a brownbag session at REA.

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  • Competitive environment Engineer exchange twitter – other Meetup, conferences, everywhere Innovation is everywhere How can we help to do the best for Melbourne? Helping startups, university, etc
  • Loved the vibe Innovation everywhere Google glass – people wear them in the streets Square for payments – Scared me the first time
  • Well, not all looks so innovative
  • Big scalability problems require solutions which maybe still don't have a tool Crafted tools for the task Open Source
  • In order to do continuous deployment/delivery Found a gap in automated testing – how do two version of a page look like Created a perceptual diff tool Integrated in the deployment pipeline
  • Wasn't there, chosed the wrong talk Integrating performance in your deployment pipeline Using tools already discussed
  • Obama's campaign team 3 good talks: Fund raising website – Target 250 M $ Gamedays in the Obama Campaign Scaling mysql in AWS
  • Twitter guys Typical approaches Vs a more deterministic approach based on data Linking core indicators: Tweets per second to infrastructure Predicting future needs based on trends
  • Building A Billion User Load Balancer Created his own L4/L7 balancer Deployed in different countries to shorten TCP con
  • Continued the conversation with Adam Lazur Traffic Team/Network Team/Security Team
  • Wikia → CDNs: Akamai, EdgeCast, Fastly, China CDN RUM: Newrelic, Soasta mPulse, Pingdom, Compuware APM
  • Job board Crazy adds Not really personalised
  • Cool stuff around the conference Server challenge II Wireless metrics available to everyone
  • Video if I have time: 05 minutes By dlutzy All videos available in: DEVOPS DAYS
  • James Turnbull, operations manager at Puppet Labs
  • 3 Open Spaces - Auto healing - How does your Kanban board looks like - Cross functional teams
  • From conversations with people and open spaces Devops Agile in IT Macys – How can we do that? Oracle – 3 months to get a RAM upgrade
  • Boost in moral Willingness to be better Tons of ideas We have to send more people to conferences: Attend and talk
  • Velocity and DevopsDays 2013 takeaways

    1. 1. A Spaniard in Silicon Valley: “Takeaways from Velocity and Devops Days”
    2. 2. At Akamai NOC
    3. 3. Avoiding Performance Regression at Twitter
    4. 4. ● 64% users expect <4s ● Expect 1-2 s of latency on 3G ● LTE in his way, 3G for a while ● Mobile batery becoming a factor
    5. 5. Network optimization ● HTTP 2.0 and SPDY (up to 30% perf increase) ● FAST TCP ● Optimizing DNS config ● Everything that happens after you hit go
    6. 6. CDNs and RUM all over the place
    7. 7. Quit your job today
    8. 8. OpenSpaces
    9. 9. Different stages of the journey