2012 ACEDS conference brochure w shr voucher


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Brochure for 2012 ACEDS edicovery conference with discount voucher. Conference in Miami Florida.

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2012 ACEDS conference brochure w shr voucher

  1. 1. ACEDS 2012 Annual Conference and Exhibition Monday-Wednesday, April 2-4, 2012 The Westin Diplomat | Hollywood, Florida USA Up to 16 CLE, Hot Panels, CPE Credits. Cool Speakers, Great Contacts, And CEDS Gentle Prices, Credits, too! Warm Beaches Visit Examine 29 experts ACEDS.org/ e-discovery on 15 panels conference software, show you how to to register services and do things better, and receive products of reduce risk updates top providers Register now for You question as low as $895 the speakers in our unique Three days offormat. We make knowledge and sure you get networking answers. enrichment. Don’t miss it! Presenting sPonsor Premier sPonsor DiamonD sPonsor Platinum sPonsors
  2. 2. Practical, Dynamic, Rewarding, that can be attained with transnational best practices and technology. However, challenges arise when the courts of one country, say the United States, require Lasting Enrichment Everywhere production of records located in a country whose privacy or “blocking” laws prohibit their disclosure. You Turn E-discovery is a global challenge because of these conflicts of laws and rules. This conflict is also evident in the disparity of e-discovery rules in federal and state courts. The ACEDS conference seeks to help you do things right and resolve these dilemmas. You Are the Star of Our Conference We strive mightily to make it enriching and rewarding for you, always thinking of how we can increase your success in your job through practical, useful information in each panel. The many“Excellent, a MUST great testimonials we get from our attendees from all sectors – some of which you’ll see here Who Should Attend Insurance underwriters Judicial law clerks and assistants “Focused, easy to follow presentations. ACEDS – make us confident that we succeed in meeting those goals year after year! is a great leader.” Judges – Federal and state for attorneys in Raymond Massie, Esq., This is the conference everyone talks about. We bring top experts to share best practices and Arbitrators Knowledge officers the digital era.” Chief Counsel and staff in government Law firm administrators Raymond Massie Law teach you how to deal effectively with major challenges in e-discovery – in the private and public Office, Boca Raton Ivonne Rivera, Esq., sectors. agencies Litigation practice support managers Rivera & Rivera, “Great conference! San Juan, Puerto Rico Chief Information Officers Litigation project managers You Ask Questions in Our Format Great location! Chief Records Officers Litigation support: Great training for us Our lively format where you ask questions is one reason our conferences are so popular. Chief Technology Officers - Specialists who live north.” Expert moderators also question the panelists and make sure they give helpful guidance. Our Clerks of Court – Federal and state - Analysts Brenda Miller, Senior attendees say they learn much more this way. Paralegal, Transamerica Compliance officers - TechnologistsSome Things What You Can Count On at the ACEDS Conference Computer forensics specialists Legal technology specialists Life Insurance Co., Cedar RapidsYou’ll Learn • We do everything possible to foster your learning and enrichment Consultants Contract attorneys Litigators Malpractice insurance risk “Eye-opening• How to prevent mal- • We attract top expert speakers Data protection professionals administrators perspectives on so practice, cut insur- • We present a program of timely panels that dissect crucial issues many topics – from Document review specialists Mediators ance costs and save experts throughout • We provide you outstanding materials and a conference book with resources gathered by E-discovery: Paralegals the field.” reputation ACEDS.org editors - Attorneys Practice support managers and staff Clennie Davis, Supervisor, - Directors Privacy officers and professionals E-Discovery Team,• How to meet the • We offer terrific networking, including unforgettable beachside events, so you can meet new - Specialists Project managers Family Dollar Stores, dilemma of securing contacts from many places Matthews, NC data in countries that - Technologists Records managers • We use a unique format that allows you, with the help of moderators, to question speakers won’t let the data out Prosecutors – Federal and state Risk managers and officers • We keep prices low – from the registration fee to the hotel room rate at this fabulous venue General Counsel and staff at: Software providers• Best ways to harness • We bring top providers of e-discovery and related software, services and products so you - Companies and businesses Special Agents and investigators social media, reap its can meet them and examine their offerings - Educational institutions Special Masters, Referees and Neutrals rewards and rein in - Non-profit organizations Staff attorneys in: • We worry about the details – large and small – to make this an unforgettable experience risks Human resources managers - Law firms The overwhelming endorsement and praise our attendees, sponsors and exhibitors give us is• How to control the best, and our proudest, evidence we succeed in meeting your needs. Imaging services specialists - Companies and other organizations costs when you Information services directors - Government agencies lose and must pay The Global Challenge of E-Discovery Information technology managers Technologists an opponent’s Electronic discovery and the management of electronically stored information (ESI) is one of Inspectors General Technology project managers e-discovery bills the great challenges in commerce and law today. The proper management of ESI is now an Information technology professionals Training managers essential skill for persons in legal, commercial, governmental and institutional circles.• What project management lessons Conflicts of laws and rules between states and countries you should follow for best results These challenges are not confined to the United States and countries with similar legal sys- tems. All countries have mechanisms and courts to resolve disputes also dependent on ESI for Online aceds.org/conference/ Mail ACEDS Telephone 786-517-2701 Five easy• Questions to ask resolution. registration Rivergate Plaza 444 Brickell Ave. Fax ways to and answers to get when you buy ACEDS exists to build a community and bridges around the globe to assist persons in learning and perfecting universal skills necessary to properly and accurately gather, store, manage and E-mail memberservices Suite 250 Miami, FL 33131 786-316-0006 register products and services produce ESI in business and legal affairs. The proper management of ESI is a global concern @aceds.org USA 2 3
  3. 3. “Very well organized for networking.(Thanks for ordering Who We Are trend toward special masters and auxiliaries, Congressional interest in e-discovery, the e-discov- ery issues in cases like the Penn State tragedy, the Toyota product liability case and others. the nice weather.)” The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists Training Bruce Malter, CEDS, (ACEDS) is the member organization for private and Training Events ACEDS offers a variety of virtual and live training events led by experts.Solutions Group Leader, public sector professionals who work in e-discovery and • Web seminars – We bring you monthly web seminars on hot topics and best practices, les- Project Leadership, related fields in all countries. It offers them a community sons from the frontlines and effective strategies and techniques. Chicago for the exchange of ideas, best practices and solutions • Live seminars – We bring live expert instruction on crucial subjects to major cities. to common challenges. • Online, On-Demand Training – Coming in early 2012, we will offer downloadable curriculum ACEDS also provides members essential tools for training on crucial areas of e-discovery practice and policies. developing and maintaining competency in e-discovery. Learning With Networking and Community It offers its worldwide membership the highest quality certification, the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Visit ACEDS.org Podcasts – ACEDS interviews experts and newsmakers on topics in e-discovery and related designation, as well as independent, timely news, abundant fields. ERTIFI resources, insightful analysis, practical training and invaluable live and virtual networking. Live Chats – Members-only get free access to live chats in which experts share guidance, tips C ACEDS and its professional staff are based in Miami. It is guided by a stellar, diverse Advisory and answer questions on key issues and challenges in the field. Board. Career Center – ACEDS.org offers the worldwide e-discovery community a platform by which job ACEDS management has 23 years of experience in delivering objective, independent and ads and opportunities in the are posted. E E straightforward editorial content, high quality training and education, world-acclaimed confer- Task Forces – ACEDS Task Forces let members shape training and website content, formulate D ences and, since 2001, professional certification programs that set world standards and activities in different locations, start chapters in certain cities, explore e-discovery needs in -DISCO meet the highest levels of competency assessment, professionalism and integrity. arbitration, the criminal law and other areas. Select a Task Force, get active and expand your They developed the world-acclaimed Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) designa- horizons! tion, which is held by thousands of corporate, government, legal, regulatory, law enforcement T and consulting and technology professionals in 140 countries, primarily the United States. CEDS Certification LIS ACEDS is building a community of specialists around the world who are distinguished by the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) certification and a strong desire to learn best practices. ACEDS offers the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) credential, which is now held by diverse professionals around the world. ACEDS Believes Networking is Vital Candidates for CEDS certification must meet eligibility requirements specified in the E IA At ACEDS, we know expert knowledge and skill are not all you need to succeed. Networking and CEDS Candidate Handbook, which is downloadable free at ACEDS.org/CEDS, and pass a V RY EC career connections are also vital. We give you opportunities to meet counterparts, experts and rigorous examination. The exam is offered at 600 authorized testing centers worldwide, industry leaders at our conference, website and seminars. The conference speakers and your SP including 320 in the US and 35 in Canada. fellow attendees are anxious to share their experience and knowledge with you. CEDS certification validates e-discovery skill and knowledge. It acknowledges that per- ACEDS News, Analysis and Resources sons who are CEDS can navigate the e-discovery process effectively and meet uniform bits + bytes ezine The lively, acclaimed ACEDS weekly e-newsletter gives you independent, principles of competence. Developed according to rigorous psychometric standards, the no-holds barred news with expert analysis on important developments, trends, technologies and CEDS certification sets standards of excellence in e-discovery. coming events. “Excellent – very Upon completing the certification application, candidates get the CEDS Exam Preparation helpful to my ACEDS.org For e-discovery and related news, guidance, best practices and resources our Edi- Manual at no extra cost. The Manual covers the areas in the examination. practice.” tors gather, make ACEDS.org a favorite. It gives you tips, tools and analysis and keen guidance The certification fee, which includes the Manual and exam, is $795 for ACEDS members, Nancy Block, Partner, from the experts we interview for ACEDS podcasts and Live Chats. $995 for non-members and $595 for government employees. The ACEDS annual mem-Martin, Clearwater & Bell, ACEDS Resources ACEDS editors post documents, pleadings, court rulings and other re- bership fee is $195 and $150 for government. To register for CEDS certification, contact New York sources on a multitude of issues. These resources help members do their jobs better. They memberservices@aceds.org, call 786-517-2721 or visit aceds.org/CEDS. are alerted to coming issues, such as the new malpractice threat, the “cost taxing” US law, the Members of ACEDS receive many exclusive benefits, including: “Excellent conference! Well 1. Original, incisive articles on crucial events, cases and the lessons they teach, worth the time and Member 2. Resources – court documents, legislation and other vital items ACEDS editors gather, 3. Web seminars on crucial United States and worldwide hot button topics, “Very well done. I like the interactivity.” money. I’ll be back next year! Gorgeous Benefits location..” Robert Lincoln, Attorney, 4. Live chats with experts where members ask questions and get answers on the spot. Amy Koski, Litigation Icard Merrill, Sarasota 5. Discounts on CEDS certification, the ACEDS conference, other ACEDS services and Support Manager, Foley & Mansfield, special global community-building opportunities. 4 5 Minneapolis
  4. 4. The Experts You Will Hear and Meet clients in IP, antitrust, securities and professional liability cases statement fraud. Using tools of computer forensics, e-discovery, and regulatory matters. His antitrust work often involves price fix- data mining and electronic extraction, she has led teams handling ing matters before the Department of Justice; in securities work complex financial fraud cases and the attendant e-discovery chal- his services focus on improper financial information reporting lenges they bring. She testifies on behalf of businesses concern- John W. Bagby developing the district’s e-discovery special master pilot program. that resulted in stockholder suits; in regulatory matters, his work ing e-discovery practices and often speaks and presents papers Professor of Information Sciences and He has been involved in taxation of costs issues since 1995 when involves lawsuit stemming from improper accounting techniques on e-discovery and computer forensics topics. She is a member Technology and co-director of the Institute he was chief deputy clerk. He serves as the district court’s liaison that influenced stock prices for public companies. Previously, of the ACEDS Advisory Board. for Information Policy at Pennsylvania State to several specialized bar associations in the district. he worked with an electronic discovery technology firm advising University, he specializes in managing the risk clients on ESI matters, such as advanced concept search technol- Andrea S. Gibson of legal liability in information technology and Dale Beauchamp ogy and document review applications. Senior Discovery Services Consultant at Kroll related fields. His work in e-discovery spans Chief, Technical Services Branch, Office of Ontrack, in Dallas, she advises corporationsseveral years. A faculty senator, he has promoted the shared Information Assurance and Cyber Security Julie Brown on the intricacies of electronically storedgovernance pressure for parallel investigations in the scandal Division, Transportation Security Administra- Litigation Technology Executive Manager at information (ESI) in corporate audits, internalsurrounding football coach Jerry Sandusky. In his cyberforensic tion (TSA), in Washington, DC, he manages Vorys, in Columbus, Ohio, she has worked investigations and litigation discovery. Acourse, he initiated a team research assignment to enhance groups that work in focused operations, in legal technology for more than 20 years seasoned expert in discovery law, method-student engagement through mock e-discovery exercises. He computer network defense and secure at law firms and corporate in-house legal ologies and technology, she advises clients on the creation andwas a pioneer in university cyberforensic courses in information infrastructure and testing supporting TSA in e-discovery, digital fo- departments. She has managed large-scale e- implementation of defensible strategies to maximize data efficacytechnology and developed electronic litigation war rooms for the rensics, intrusion analysis and data recovery. His teams oversee discovery and document productions in major and minimize time and cost. A frequent lecturer at legal tech-cases arising from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and for the digital evidence collection and analysis in hundreds of single-user cases, and excels at records management, litigation technology nology forums on utilizing ESI, ethics in e-discovery, early datapost-Enron policy debate. His projects focus on document reten- and enterprise-wide collections. He also manages the computer training and development of litigation technology databases for assessment and technology law, she is on the conference facultytion, access to confidential information, cyber-forensics law and network defense team, which monitors TSA networks for cyber use in legal disputes and litigation. She oversees the litigation of the International Legal Technology Association and Associationelectronic data discovery in investigations. A lawyer and prolific threats, and a group that tests new technologies for compliance technology department at Vorys, which provides a full range of of Corporate Counsel. An experienced litigator, she practiced lawauthor, he also participates in teams researching tort and product and vulnerabilities. Previously, he was a forensics and intrusions e-discovery services to its hundreds of lawyers. She serves on at Eccleston & Wolf, in Baltimore, in the defense of professionalliability and tort data management. instructor at the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, various e-discovery bodies and advisory committee. She is active liability cases for lawyers and financial professionals. Prior to Kroll where he developed courses on live network investigations and in coordinating education opportunities for the International Legal Ontrack, she served on e-discovery teams in toxic tort, antitrust deployable forensics for law enforcement agencies that investi- Technology Association, including its conferences and other train- and products liability cases. “Professionalism all the way.” gate high tech crimes and gather intelligence. Early in his career, ing events. In 2011, she received ILTA’s Distinguished Peer Award Jake Jordan, Senior E-Discovery Analyst, he was a computer forensic investigator at the Maryland State Family Dollar Stores, Matthews, NC for Litigation and Practice Support, and also serves on ILTA’s Ervin A. Gonzalez Police, where he provided digital forensics analysis support in Litigation Support Steering Committee. Partner at Colson Hicks Eidson, in Miami, criminal and administrative cases. He is a member of the ACEDS he is one of the nation’s premier plaintiff trial Advisory Board. Stephen M. Fernelius lawyers. He has held leadership roles for the John M. Barkett A trial lawyer at Fernelius Alvarez, in Houston, plaintiffs in major landmark cases like the BP Past chair of the ABA’s National Institute on Rafael Bernardino he is a recognized specialist in defending oil spill, Chinese drywall and others, usually E-Discovery and a leader in the e-discovery A partner and trial lawyer at Hobson, Bernardi- mass torts and catastrophic cases, corpo- involving significant cross-border issues. field, he is a partner of Shook, Hardy & no & Davis, in Los Angeles, he is the lead rate crisis management and environmental He specializes in product liability cases, class actions, business Bacon LLP, in Miami. A specialist in litigation plaintiff’s lawyer in the e-discovery malprac- litigation. He has handled many high profile litigation, medical malpractice and personal injury matters. Board and commercial arbitration in several areas of tice case against McDermott Will & Emery catastrophic industrial cases, such as plant certified as a civil trial and business litigation law specialist, he law, particularly concerning the environment on behalf of J-M Manufacturing Co., in Los explosions and environmental disasters. In these cases, he has won many multimillion-dollar jury verdicts and settlements. Aand arbitration, he is an adjunct professor on e-discovery at the Angeles, a case that has captivated the global manages large teams of legal professionals in case evaluation, past president of the Dade County Bar Association and the DadeUniversity of Miami School of Law and liaison to the Federal Civil e-discovery community. As a litigator in complex civil and criminal evidence gathering and preservation, corporate internal investiga- County Trial Lawyers Association, and past member of the BoardRules Advisory Committee of the ABA Section of Litigation. He litigation he also specializes in environmental and intellectual prop- tions, e-discovery, diverse pretrial issues, settlement strategies of Governors of the Florida Bar, he has written many publishedauthored the books, E-Discovery: Twenty Questions and Answers erty cases. His clients have included Air France, Alcoa, Mercedes and trial theme development. As discovery counsel for a large articles on various aspects of litigation, including e-discovery. He(2008) and The Ethics of E-Discovery (2009), by First Chair Benz of North America and Walt Disney Co. He previously served U.S. tire manufacturer, he developed national processes to coor- teaches litigation and trial skills as an adjunct professor at thePress, Chicago, and several articles on e-discovery, including as an attorney-advisor on intelligence policy at the US Department dinate discovery and manage large-scale document reviews, pro- University of Miami School of Law and speaks often on various as-“Walking the Plank, Looking Over Your Shoulder, Fearing Sharks of Justice and as law clerk to US District Judge Manuel L. Real in duction and repositories. He also specializes in preparing senior pects of trials and litigation skills. He is a member of the ACEDSAre in the Water: E-Discovery in Federal Litigation?” (Duke Univer- Los Angeles. As an adjunct professor at Westwood College, he corporate officers to testify. A member of the American Board of Advisory Board.sity, May 2010). He is a member of the ACEDS Advisory Board. teaches criminal justice and paralegal studies. An active member Trial Advocates, he co-authored “A Practical Guide for Conducting of the Los Angeles community, he served on a Citizens Oversight Extra-Territorial Discovery for Use In U.S. Litigation” and “Effective Jett Hanna Robert Barth, Jr. Committee to ensure voter-approved funds to upgrade class- Representation in Difficult Times: Assisting Your Client in Times of Senior Vice President at Texas Lawyers’ Clerk of Court of the US District Court for the rooms. He is a member of the Hispanic National Bar Association. Crisis” (ABA Mass Tort Journal, Spring 2009). Insurance Exchange, in Austin, he super- Western District of Pennsylvania, in Pitts- vises the professional liability claims of burgh, since February 2002, he is among James Bickley, CEDS Stephanie L. Giammarco, CEDS lawyers and judges throughout the state of the most active federal court clerks in the Managing Partner of Electronic Discovery A partner at BDO Consulting, in New York, Texas, underwrites malpractice insurance United States in utilizing the statutory power Consulting at Counselor Resource Group, in she leads the Computer Forensics and E- policies, and advises clients and insureds of that Congress gave court clerks concerning Washington, DC, he also leads the firm’s busi- Discovery practice. For 16 years, she has his company on how to prevent losses arising from professionalthe “taxation of costs” against losing parties under Title 28 USC ness development efforts, including creation provided litigation and investigative services malpractice and manage risks that arise in the law practice. ASection 1920. He wrote the opinion that taxed e-discovery costs of new market partnerships. His expertise lies to a wide range of Fortune 500 clients and specialist in computer operations, he is a member of the Stateagainst the losing plaintiff in the Race Tires America case, the first in ESI lifecycle management, which refers to law firms in matters that take her worldwide. Bar of Texas and has earned his Registered Professional Liabilityof its kind in his district which has received national attention. He processes involved in e-discovery tasks, and in creating collection Her consulting and advisory services have been provided in a Underwriter credential. He lectures and writes on legal mal-was the first clerk to assess e-discovery costs in the US Third Ju- strategies and filtering techniques that limit the scope and volume wide array of domestic and international matters ranging from practice and insurance topics, including the emerging field of e-dicial Circuit, which includes Pennsylvania and was instrumental in of data. He has consulted numerous corporate and law firm class actions, internal investigations, and securities and financial discovery malpractice. He serves as an adjunct professor at the 6 7
  5. 5. University of Texas School of Law. In 2009, he was recognized personal data privacy coalition that allows consumers to quickly A frequent speaker in live and Internet events on text analytics, Emma Quinn, CEDSas a top writing contributor to the Charter for Compassion, a and automatically control their personal data in many online and predictive coding, and Relativity’s Application Ecosystem, he E-Discovery Associate Director at worldwideglobal collaboration. offline people-databases, a service that the MyPrivacy product also specializes in legal holds, processing, document manage- financial institution Barclays, in London, she of Reputation.com delivers. An expert in using Online Reputation ment and emerging technologies. was the first person in the United Kingdom Jeffrey S. Jacobson Management (“ORM”) as an imperative marketing tactic and pow- to earn the Certified E-Discovery Special- Litigation partner at Debevoise & Plimpton erful risk-mitigation tool for attorneys, he also manages strategic Alvin Lindsay, CEDS ist (CEDS) certification. She consults with LLP, in New York, he focuses on the defense partnerships and channel distribution relationships. Previously, he Partner at Hogan Lovells, in Miami, and internal and external legal review teams of consumer and securities class actions worked at Navigant Consulting’s Intellectual Property Litigation Chairman of the ACEDS Advisory Board, for across all of Barclays worldwide about their e-discovery needs, and the electronic discovery challenges practice in Palo Alto, where he applied e-discovery in investiga- two decades he has litigated on behalf of implementation of procedures, and processing and production presented by complex litigation and investi- tions at Fortune 100 companies, intellectual property infringe- international corporate and business clients of records in cases with as much as 500 gigabytes of data in gative matters in these and other types of ment suits and Sarbanes-Oxley investigations. He is responsible complex cases in federal and state courts multiple jurisdictions. She trains Barclays personnel worldwide,legal matters. Recommended by The Legal 500 US (2011) for for licensing, acquiring and developing much of the technology and international tribunals of arbitration. A manages client and project operations, and supervises theSecurities Litigation and Data Protection and Privacy and rec- that drives Reputation.com products. He is also Executive Direc- leader in the field of e-discovery, he has been at the forefront testing, maintenance and research of e-discovery software.ognized as a Securities Litigation “Star” in the IFLR Benchmark tor of the Online Reputation Management Association. of some of the most significant product liability cases in recent Previously, she was an e-discovery specialist at KPMG, respon-Litigation Guide (2010), he is a frequent author on class action times, including those involving commercial airline disasters, sible for technical processing, client management and projectdefense and e-discovery strategies for various legal publications, Michele C.S. Lange drywall from China, pharmaceutical products, vaccines, to- management at each stage of the process. She holds a BS inincluding Bloomberg Class Action Litigation Reporter. Among his Director of the discovery product line for bacco, medical devices, cosmetics, yachts, automobiles, and Software Systems, an MS, with Honors, in Computer Securityrecent litigation projects, he designed and implemented electronic Kroll Ontrack, in Minneapolis, she oversees consumer goods. He is co-chair of the worldwide firm’s Elec- and Forensics. She is a CISSP (Certified Information Systemdiscovery strategies for complex U.S.-based and international in- the evolution of legal technology products tronic Information Group and is often quoted in the major media Security Professional) and a qualified Prince2 practitioner. She isvestigations, including the global internal investigation of Siemens and services, conducts legal and market on matters dealing with technology and litigation and the Federal a member of the ACEDS Advisory Board.AG, and conducted internal investigations for companies following research and analysis, and interfaces with Rules of Civil Procedure as they bear on electronic evidence andthe threat or imposition of e-discovery and other sanctions. He is industry elements. She helps clients integrate cross-border issues. Seth H. Row, CEDSa member of the ACEDS Advisory Board. e-discovery into their case strategies from e-document preser- An attorney at Parson Farnell & Grein, in vation to litigation tactics. A recognized expert in e-discovery, Helen Bergman Moure, CEDS Portland, Oregon, he is an experienced Adam B. Landa computer forensics and the role of technology in law, she is often Principal of Lex Aperta, in Seattle, which commercial and business litigator and A patent attorney and litigator at Greenberg quoted in major publications on hot button law and technology specializes in e-discovery legal advice and consultant to businesses on e-discovery and Traurig in Orlando, he is the co-chair of the topics and speaks at events of legal associations, CLE programs consulting, she is a commercial litigator in risk management. He has substantial experi- worldwide firm’s national e-Retention and and law schools. She co-authored with colleague Kristin Nimsger all courts and a consultant on e-discovery ence in managing complex and cross-border Litigation Preparedness practice group. He is the ABA book “Electronic Evidence and Discovery: What Every to law firms, companies and government ESI-intensive matters. Previously, while an attorney at the large experienced in a wide-range of large commer- Lawyer Should Know,” and has written articles for the National agencies. Since 1999, she has devoted global firm, Holland & Knight, he was a founding member of the cial litigation, principally in high-stakes intel- Law Journal, New York Law Journal, Law.com, Digital Discovery & her practice to efficient, cost-effective e-discovery and docu- Electronic Data Discovery Specialty Team, providing traininglectual property matters touching on a wide variety of materials Evidence, and other publications. ment review services to clients ranging from entrepreneurs to firmwide to lawyers and non-lawyers and consulting the firm’sand concepts. He also provides consulting services throughout Fortune 100 corporations. Previously a partner at K&L Gates, litigation teams across the United States. His experience inthe United States on electronic document retention, e-discovery Jay Leib she helped found the firm’s e-Discovery Analysis and Technology e-discovery matters began as a judicial law clerk. Subsequently,and security policies and procedures. He prosecutes patents and Chief Strategy Officer at kCura and head of (e-DAT) Group and develop “Patterns” document review software he has handled e-discovery disputes as insurance defensetrademark matters in the US Patent and Trademark Office and the advice@kCura team, he has more than by Attenex. She is experienced in structuring projects involving counsel, litigation counsel and mediator. He is co-editor of thecoordinates international intellectual property portfolios. Providing a decade of experience in litigation support all aspects of discovery, from custodian identification and reten- leading ABA newsletter on pretrial practice, a regular presentercounsel in all aspects of commercial and technology transac- technology and technological innovation. tion to collection, processing, review, and post-production litiga- at CLE programs on electronic discovery and a frequent con-tions and protection and exploitation of intellectual property, he On behalf of diverse clients, he has worked tion support. She advises public and private organizations on tributor of articles and analysis that appear on ACEDS.org. He isrepresents clients in federal and state courts around the US, as in several roles on many large e-discovery litigation readiness and designing and implementing document a member of the ACEDS Advisory Board.well as before the International Trade Commission, and US Patent projects worldwide. He provides insight and guidance on the retention systems. A frequent speaker on e-discovery, she is aand Trademark Office. customization of e-discovery workflows to meet the individual member of the Florida and Washington Bars. She is a member Kimarie R. Stratos needs of multidisciplinary case teams. Previously, he was a of the ACEDS Advisory Board. Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Noah Lang Senior Manager at Ernst & Young’s Fraud Investigative and in Miami, of Memorial Healthcare System, Director and co-founder of Reputation.com, Dispute Services practice. He founded Advocate Solutions, Inc., Arnaldo Perez the fifth largest public hospital system in he is an advocate for consumer online pri- where he was architect of Discovery Cracker, the world’s first General Counsel and Senior Vice President at the US, she oversees legal and risk issues vacy and an expert in online behavioral track- shrink-wrapped e-discovery application. His software applica- Carnival Corporation, in Miami, he oversees at five hospitals, numerous primary care ing and online publication of private personal tions have been recognized by numerous surveys and have the complex, varied and worldwide, complex and outpatient centers and a nursing home. data. In recent years, he built the world’s only received awards in the litigation support and e-discovery fields. legal affairs of the corporation, which oper- Previously Senior Vice President and General Counsel at Miami ates 11 cruise brands and employs tens of Children’s Hospital, she is an experienced litigator in state and thousands of persons. Prior to Carnival, he federal court on behalf of corporate and individual clients in practiced law in Miami. Having earned a bachelor’s degree in commercial, tort and employment discrimination cases. A mem- accounting from the University of Miami, he is a member of the ber of the American Health Lawyers Association with 20 yearsFive Online Mail Telephone Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Carnival, with experience in health law, she was inducted into the University of headquarters in Miami and London, is a global cruise company Florida Hall of Fame where she received her law degree. Also an aceds.org/conference/ ACEDS 786-517-2701 and one of the world’s largest vacation enterprises with a fleet of expert in sports law, she was the first female attorney regis-easy registration Rivergate Plaza 444 Brickell Ave. Fax 95 ships which annually carry 200,000 guests on cruises around the globe. The ships are served by 70,000 shipboard employees tered as a Major League Baseball agent, representing athletes and sports corporations in multi-million dollar deals. She is oneways to E-mail memberservices Suite 250 Miami, FL 33131 786-316-0006 who work on vessels carrying the Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Cunard brands. He is a mem- of the authors of a leading sports law textbook, The Law of Pro- fessional and Amateur Sports. She is a member of the ACEDSregister @aceds.org USA ber of the ACEDS Advisory Board. Advisory Board. 8 9
  6. 6. Nancy Stuparich (Florida Healthcare Professional’s Medico-Legal Guide, DC Press Risk Manager at Florida Lawyers Mutual 2003) and “Preparation for and Presentation during Alternative Insurance Company, in Orlando, she advises Dispute Resolution,” The Litigator’s Handbook (ABA Section of Filter and search to reduce client-insureds on how to prevent losses Litigation 2000). information by up to 90% and reduce risk arising from the practice of law, including litigation and other dispute Ram Vasudevan resolution. Among her duties is the making Founder and Chief Executive Officer atof malpractice insurance accessible and affordable to lawyers Quislex, in New York, a leading legal process Decrease data volume withwho routinely deal with electronically stored information in outsourcing company, he has devoted manye-discovery. Previously, she practiced law in Florida, represent- years to advising clients on corporate and deduplication across multiple sourcesing public and private sector organizations and individuals. She mergers and acquisitions transactions, andwas the DeSoto County Attorney, Escambia County Assistant financial services clients on a variety of legalAttorney, and Assistant General Counsel of the Florida League and regulatory matters. He is also President and co-founder ofof Cities as well as attorney for the Attorneys Title Insurance Quislex subsidiary, SQ Global Solutions, which outsources legal Reduce costs, time, and overtimeFund and Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation. In addition to her services to law firms and companies. Previously, for eight yearslaw degree from the University of Florida, she has a master’s as an attorney at Skadden Arps and Sidley Austin, in New York,degree in public administration and post-graduate degree in he represented corporate M&A clients. He has advised publiclyinternational taxation. traded and privately held US and multinational corporations in these and other areas, and assisted executives and directors Symantec eDiscovery solutions of major US and multinational corporations in a variety of legal “Depth of knowledge of panelists and interaction matters. Before joining Sidley Austin, he was manager of proj- kept it exciting, educational.” ects at a large consulting company on behalf of large financial Jeannine Bell, Director, services clients. Special Counsel, New York Charles A. Volkert, III Executive Director of Robert Half Legal, Jon Talotta in Miami, one of the largest providers of Now a part of Symantec Partner at Hogan Lovells, in Northern Vir- project and full-time legal professionals to ginia, he chairs the international firm’s global law firms, corporations and government Copyright © 2011 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, and the Checkmark Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Electronic Information Group. He represents agencies, he has been instrumental in the a wide and diverse array of US and interna- expansion of the company since joining the tional companies and organizations in fed- organization in 1999. Robert Half Legal has locations in major B18774_1a_eDiscovery B18774x01C_300ucr 11.21.2011 eral and state cases in trial and on appeal, North American and international markets. A lawyer, he is an 133 linescreen checkmarks.ai CW_H_cl_CMYK2.eps JB expert, author and speaker on employment trends, job search Not an ACEDS member yet?as well as in international arbitration. His work involves disputes SYM_LOGO_TAG_horiz_new4c_ForBlackBkgd_REV.aisurrounding contracts, insurance, intellectual property, trade and career management and is co-managing director of Robertsecrets, technology, real estate, finance, securities and corpo- Half Legal eDiscovery Services which offers legal project man-rate governance. A member of various professional organiza- agement and e-discovery services, including litigation support,tions and think tanks that focus on electronic discovery issues mergers and acquisitions matters and document review. He You are missing these Members-Only benefits:and best practices, including the Virginia Bar Association’s Civil advises clients on the strategic use of project management andLitigation Council, he advises clients on e-discovery and records project attorney teams for e-discovery and document review, Job No.: SRZ.272 1. Original, incisive articles on crucial events, cases and the lessons you Live: Art Director: 8.25” x 5.25” Production: Lisa APPROVALS Studio Manager BY DATE Janis Ceresi/Janis Ceresi temporary legal support and full-time staff to manage business Client: Trim: Copywriter: Symantec 8.5” x 5.5”management procedures and policies. He is a frequent speaker None must follow,Bleed: PRODUCTION NOTES READER File Name: SRZ.272_Evault_HalfPageHoriz.indd Account Mgr: 8.75” x 5.75” Art Director 3 Sarah Noneand author on various issues relating to information risks, includ- fluctuations and workload increases. He previously practiced Title: EVault - Generic CTA Mat Close: 11/23/11 Print Prod: Cindy Copywritering e-discovery, cross-border transfers, litigation preparedness, law in Miami, focusing on complex litigation, insurance defense, Date: Pubs: 2. Archives of past articles, content and other proprietary information at 11-21-2011 10:17 AM 1st Insert: None Color/BW: 4/C Account Mgt. Production Mgt. Version: Fonts: Symantec Sans (Light, Medium, Bold) LASER% medical malpractice and product liability. He is a member of the ACEDS.org, and related documents and resources, None Noneprivacy, data security, disaster recovery, social media, domain Proof Reader 100%names and the Internet. ACEDS Advisory Board. 3. Resources – court documents, legislation and other vital items ACEDS John Upchurch David Yerich, CEDS editors gather, Please examine these publication materials carefully. Any questions regarding the materials, please contact Cindy Jarvis at (415) 217-2831 Founding partner of Upchurch Watson White As Director of E-Discovery at UnitedHealth 4. Web seminars on crucial United States and worldwide hot button topics, & Max, in Daytona Beach and other Florida Group, in Minnetonka, Minnesota, he over- cities, he is a respected expert in alternative sees processes, protocols and tools that the 5. Live Chats with experts where you ask questions and get answers on dispute resolution and a preeminent special company utilizes in its electronic discovery the spot. master, arbitrator and neutral of long stand- production in regulatory and legal matters. ing. A charter member of the Academy of One of the nation’s leading experts in the dis- PLUS, discounts on CEDS certification, the ACEDS conference and otherCourt Appointed Masters, founder of the American College of covery, he previously worked as the Electronic Discovery Consul- ACEDS services. All for only $195 per year (Government $150).Civil Trial Mediators and member of the Society of Professionals tant at Faegre & Benson, a large Minneapolis law firm, and for tenin Dispute Resolution, he is a diplomate of the Florida Associa- years at the Fortune 500 international company, Cargill, wheretion of Professional Mediators. A former Florida Circuit Court his work focused on document and electronic records manage- Join at ACEDS.org or call Member Services 786-517-2701. Don’t wait.Judge, he was named “Most Outstanding Jurist” by the Florida ment, e-discovery strategies and document productions. He alsoBar in 1981. He brings to his work as a neutral 20 years of ex- played a key role in the implementation and roll-out of a worldwide For pennies a day, you get invaluable, unique benefitsperience as a trial and appellate lawyer specializing in complexcommercial cases. He authored “Alternative Dispute Resolution” document management tool at Cargill’s legal department. He is a member of the ACEDS Advisory Board. that only ACEDS provides. Join now! 10 11
  7. 7. Conference at a GlanceSunday, April 1, 2012 R TIFIED9:30 AM - 4:30 PM Registration E T C10:00 AM - 4:30 PM Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Examination Preparation Seminar ALISMonday, April 2, 2012 E-D7:30 AM - 6:30 PM Registration7:30 AM - 8:30 AM E-Discovery Knowledge Breakfasts Courtesy of Kroll Ontrack and QuisLex CI7:30 AM - 8:45 AM Continental Breakfast - Exhibition Hall8:45 AM - 9:00 AM Opening Remarks IS C E9:00 AM - 10:15 AM General Session: Succeeding in catastrophic cases like BP Oil, Penn State and Siemens OV S P10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break - Exhibition Hall ERY10:45 AM - 12:00 PM12:00 PM - 1:30 PM General Session: Harnessing social media’s power and potential harm Networking Luncheon “CEDS Preferred”1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Concurrent Sessions: Best practices in project management – It’s all about the team, documents and process Words you see in job ads more and more Special Masters, referees, liaisons and neutrals – The new e-discovery court fixtures and how to use them2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Network Refreshment Break - Exhibition Hall 15 (or more) companies used them in ads. CEDS shows that you3:15 PM - 4:45 PM General Session: E-discovery knowledge nirvana – Top service providers’ experts give you golden tips and your staff know e-discovery and how to limit risk and cost.5:15 PM - 6:45 PM Beachside Networking Reception Increase your value, credibility and standing. Become a CEDS.Tuesday, April 3, 20127:30 AM - 6:30 PM Registration ACEDS.org/CEDS8:00 AM - 9:00 AM E-Discovery Knowledge Breakfast Courtesy of Huron Consulting Group E-mail memberservices@ACEDS.org | Call Debbie Pelland 786-517-27017:30 AM - 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast - Exhibition Hall9:00 AM - 10:15 AM General Session: E-discovery malpractice – Preventing the new risk lawyers face, cutting malpractice insurance costs and protecting reputation10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break - Exhibition Hall10:45 AM - 12:00 PM Concurrent Sessions: Core training for new e-discovery players and those who need a refresher – What you must know to get by Curing cross-border language, norms, custodians and venue headaches12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Networking Luncheon1:30 PM - 2:45 PM Concurrent Sessions: Do-It-Yourself Discovery – Key factors in deciding when doing it in-house or outsourcing is right for you The ethics of e-discovery in the electronic information age –Safeguarding your career and your reputation2:45 PM - 3:15 PM Networking Refreshment Break - Exhibition Hall3:15 PM - 4:30 PM Concurrent Sessions: Managing contract lawyers and document reviews effectively to avoid client problems and angry superiors Asking the right questions, getting the right answers – A how-to guide on buying products and services4:30 PM - 4:40 PM Time to Move to General Session4:40 PM - 5:50 PM General Session: International e-discovery -- Getting data in countries with tough data protection laws Keep your head when all around are losing theirs6:15 PM - 7:45 PM Beachfront Networking Reception - Exhibition Hall In turbulent times, it’s tempting to adopt a reactive, short-term approach to business. But more than ever, this is a time forWednesday, April 4, 2012 clear-headed thinking and thorough strategic planning. That’s where Deloitte can help. Stay ahead of the crowd,7:30 AM - 5:00 PM Registration visit www.deloitte.com/us/discovery7:30 AM - 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast - Exhibition Hall9:00 AM - 10:15 AM General Session: Paying your opponent’s e-discovery bills under the US ‘Taxation of Costs’ laws10:15 AM - 10:45 AM Networking Refreshment Break - Exhibition Hall Certain services may not be available to attest clients under the rules and regulations of public accounting10:45 AM - 12:00 PM General Session: How predictive coding and ‘intelligent review’ are altering the e-discovery landscape12:00 PM - 12:10 PM Closing Remarks As used in this document, “Deloitte” means Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries. Please see www.deloitte.com/us/about for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries.12:15 PM - 2:00 PM Lunch on your own12:30 PM - 4:30 PM ACEDS 2nd Annual ‘Legal Hold-in-One’ Golf Tournament - Westin Diplomat Golf Course Copyright © 2011 Deloitte Development LLC. All rights reserved. Member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited 12 13