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  • To start with the general market, it is clear that today is the mobile inflection point.
  • And what we found out is that moms are actually more mobile than the rest of us. We asked moms and the general population if they have a smartphone. While 50% of the general population responded that yes, they have a smartphone, 59% of moms told us they have one. That makes moms 18% more likely to own a smartphone than the average. Like I said, when we started our research, we were not sure if moms would over-index on smartphones, but it is clear that moms are driving smartphone adoption curve.
  • That’s why becoming a mom is a trigger for mobile adoption. She needs mobile to get it all done, to fulfill all her motherhood roles. It becomes what we call the “remote for her life”. That’s why not only did 53% actually BUY their smartphone as a result of getting pregnant or becoming a mom but when we asked her what phone features were important to her before, and then after, she became a mom, we saw that EVERY feature of her phone became more imporant to her. But the twist is that not only did everything become more important to her, but the rank order of which features are the most important changed drastically. Before, Contacts and text were most important, and camera was #9. Now, Camera is #1, and apps grew 67% to #3 – apps weren’t even on her list before.
  • And the reason its so important is that it is literally attached to her hip (in her handbag anyway). It’s the remote for her life, and she can have it with her at every moment of the day. Here’s a snapshot of how a mom from our ethnography text log used it throughout the day (pictures of a few of the ethnography moms are on the right). She wakes up and checks her email, she uses her GPS to get directions to the pool , takes a picture posts to Facebook, texting back and forth with her babysitter, when she gets home she uses the Pandora app to put her child down for bed, and before she goes to bed checks her email again, then the weather to get ready for the next day. Her smartphone literally moves with her and helps her capitalize on every second of the day to get all of her jobs done.
  • So we know that moms are 18% more likely to own a smartphone, it helps her get her jobs done, it’s portable and moves with her rhythm, it’s her helping hand, it’s efficient, it’s fun and helps her relax. All of this makes motherhood a gateway to a mobile addiction - 51% have told us “I am "addicted" to my smartphone” and 78% say they L-O-V-E in all caps, love their smartphone. That’s why when we asked moms to describe the way she feels about her smartphone. She feels social, she feels fun, she feels cool happy and engaged. Additional statistics: 67% can’t imagine going a week without it. 71% say their smartphone has changed their life. 68% agree that if they lost or broke their smartphone they’d feel panicky. 69% say their smartphone makes them happy. 45% their smartphone decreases their stress levels.
  • So our last chapter is about how to reach mom in a mobile environment. When you hand a mom a smartphone, you’ve given her a while new media channel.
  • Make an appointment: people don’t use their calendars; they rely on email to prompt them; smartphones make problem solving possible with email Mobile friendly links: If you don’t have a mobile site, two-column max on pages Include enough content: users are opening the same emails multiple times and clicking each time
  • Online Marketing Summit: Inbox is the New Portal

    1. 1. Inbox is the New Portal Seth Berman Director, Global Marketing BabyCenter
    2. 2. BabyCenter #1 pregnancy and parenting site and mobile platform worldwideLeadership Trusted Influential Celebrated• 24MM users in over 22 • Nearly 3x more • Most popular social • 2011 Webby Award and markets worldwide trusted than any other site for product People’s Voice Award in pregnancy and recommendations the Family/Parenting• 7 out of 10 babies born parenting site among new and category in the US last year are expectant moms BabyCenter babies • Recommended 2x • 2011 OMMA for Best more often than the • More than 3 out of 4 Social Network for the• Apps Magazine named next closest parenting moms share the BabyCenter Community us one of the Top 100 site information they find apps of 2010 on BabyCenter with other moms Twitter: @sbermo
    3. 3. Reaching her at the right timeWith stage based solutions Em l ai Mobi l e Cont ent Soci al Vi deo Twitter: @sbermo
    5. 5. Email is dead, right?"Email has had a good "E-mail, once the mostrun as king of effective way tocommunications. But its communicate...hasreign is over.“ become useless."Wall Street Journal PCMAG.COMOCTOBER 12, 2009 March 16, 2009JESSICA E. VASCELLARO John C. DvorakWhy Email No Longer Rules… 9 Reasons E-Mail Is Dead
    6. 6. 2011 wasthe mobileinflection point
    7. 7. Rapid smartphone adoption+50% increase in smartphone users, 2010 to 2011 The Fact s: Nearly 1 in 3 people in the U.S. have a smartphone.Source: the Nielsen company Source: eMarketer, August 2011 Twitter: @sbermo
    8. 8. Moms are more mobile than therest of us Q: Do you have a sm t phone? ar Moms are 18% more likely to have a smartphone than the average. Twitter: @sbermo
    9. 9. It’s a trigger for mobileadoptionAnd redefines what’s important in her phone Most important smartphone features BEFORE AFTER 1 Contacts / address book 1 Camera +78% +78% 2 Text messaging 2 Video camera +167% +167% 53% 3 Email 3 Apps +67% +67% purchased a 4 Internet browser 4 Calendar smartphone 5 Clock / alarm 5 Internet browser as a result of 6 Calendar 6 Email becoming a 7 Voice calling 7 Text messaging mom. 8 GPS / tracking / maps 8 Contacts / address book 9 Camera 9 Clock / alarm 10 Music player (iPod app) 10 Notes / lists Twitter: @sbermo
    10. 10. They are attachedat the hip 6: 33 AM – HOME Checks em l , get s Gr oupon coupon ai 10: 08 AM – HOME Map t o pool & r eads SMS 12: 15 PM – POOL Text wi t h babysi t t er 2: 24 PM – STORE Take pi c, post t o Facebook 4: 40 PM – I CE CREAM PARLOR Check nut r i t i on 7: 32 PM – HOM E Pandor a t o put chi l d down f or bed 9: 38 PM – HOM E Check weat her & em lai Twitter: @sbermo
    11. 11. Moms are hooked on dailydeals Subscribe to one or more60% service (e.g., Groupon, Living Social) with 9 avg number of deals/offers purchased this year36% Share daily deals through social networks (124 index) Agree “When I save money on a84% shopping trip by using coupons, sales or other deals, I feel like I won!”
    12. 12. All this makes motherhood agateway to a mobile addictionThe Fact s: Q: W ch of t hes e wor ds des cr i bes hi51% s ai d t hey ar e t he way y ou f eel about youraddi ct ed t o t hei r s m t phone? ars m t phone. ar 78% I LOVE my smartphone Twitter: @sbermo
    13. 13. Will you be ahave or a soon-to-have?
    14. 14. The Inbox is the new portal The Fact s: W hen do y ou check em l on your ai Q: s m t phone? ar ( Based on t ext l ogs) 78%us e em l on t hei r ai s m t phone t o f i l t er ar i ncom ng com uni cat i ons . i mFrequency of Using Email
    15. 15. So now what?1. Make an appointment with your emails, and use time sensitivity2. Use the weekends3. Give your customer something to do4. Link only to mobile friendly pages in email5. Include enough content or links to encourage multiple clicks per email