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Conversion Conference: Conversion on Mobile Devices


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  • So we know that moms are ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile, and that it has fundamentally altered her behavior forever. So just why does she love mobile so much more than the rest of us? Why is it her “Valentine”?
  • Let’s talk a look at an mobile web demo of how a mom might conduct this research… She types “child coughing” into Google and gets a summary of search results. BabyCenter is high in search results, and gives her a information specific to her health concern, wherever she is…at the park, in the store or somewhere else.
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    • 1. Seth BermanBabyCenterDirector, Global Marketing Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 2. BabyCenter#1 pregnancy and parenting site and mobile platformworldwide Leadership Trusted Influential Celebrated • 24MM users in over • Nearly 3x more • Most popular social • 2011 Webby Award 22 markets worldwide trusted than any site for product and People’s Voice other pregnancy and recommendations Award in the • 7 out of 10 babies parenting site among new and Family/Parenting born in the US last expectant moms category year are BabyCenter • Recommended 2x babies more often than the • More than 3 out of 4 • 2011 OMMA for Best next closest moms share the Social Network for the • Apps Magazine parenting site information they find BabyCenter named us one of the on BabyCenter with Community Top 100 apps of 2010 other moms Sources: Online Parenting Media Landscape Study, May 2010. Research conducted by Decipher and commissioned by BabyCenter, among U.S. pregnant women and moms with children 0 to 2 years old, age 18+. Internal logs, March 2011. CDC ,2008. AOL Webby Awards, 2010. 2010 Jack Myers© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Media Business Report. 2011 Consumer Reports. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 3. 2011 wasthe mobileinflection point © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 4. Rapid smartphone adoption+50% increase in smartphone users, 2010 to 2011 The Fact s: Nearly 1 in 3 people in the U.S. have a smartphone. Source: the Nielsen company Source: eMarketer, August 2011 © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 5. Moms are more mobile than the restof us Q: Do you have a sm t phone? ar Moms are 18% more likely to have a smartphone than the average. Source: Socratic Mobile Landscape Survey of moms vs. general population © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 6. Motherhood is a trigger for mobileadoption And redefines what’s important in her phone Most important smartphone features BEFORE AFTER 1 Contacts / address book 1 Camera +78% +78% 2 Text messaging 2 Video camera +167% +167% 53% 3 Email 3 Apps +67% +67% purchased a 4 Internet browser 4 Calendar smartphone 5 Clock / alarm 5 Internet browser as a result of 6 Calendar 6 Email becoming a 7 Voice calling 7 Text messaging 8 GPS / tracking / maps 8 Contacts / address book mom. 9 Camera 9 Clock / alarm 10 Music player (iPod app) 10 Notes / lists © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 7. Mobile emailconversion © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 8. Email consumption is increasinglymobile © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 9. Mobile email conversion tips 1. Only include links in email that will land on mobile optimized pages if user is on a mobile device 2. If you don’t have mobile optimized landing pages, send email early in the week and during the day 3. Avoid the need for horizontal scrolling within emails on mobile devices 4. Design email for mobile first, then adapt to desktop 5. Consider different conversion metrics, or be sure to measure user behavior across devices © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 10. Mobi l e WebConver si on © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved.
    • 11. Mobile web situation today US Online Retail Sector Metrics Black Friday 2011 Mobile Percentage of 9.84% Sales Mobile Percentage of 14.33% Site Traffic Mobile Bounce Rate 41.31% Total Bounce Rate 33.10% Mobile Conversion Rate 2.78% Total Conversion Rate 4.57% Source: IBM Coremetrics Benchmark Reports: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2011 © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 12. Mobile web conversion tips 1. If you don’t have a mobile site, consider using responsive web design to build a single site 1. Use interstitials to drive email sign-ups and device- specific app installs 2. With mobile paid search, you may need to be more vigilant with match types and negative keywords 3. Include a phone number on every mobile web page, especially if yours is a lead-driven business 4. All critical mobile landing page navigation should fit in one screen while still allowing space around each clickable element © BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved. Twitter: @sbermo #ConvCon
    • 13. © 2012 BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All rights reserved.