Presbymergent Presentation - North Puget Sound Presbytery

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Presentation for North Puget Sound Presbytery of Washington. Sharing explorations in ministry, emerging faith, and Presbyterianism.

Presentation for North Puget Sound Presbytery of Washington. Sharing explorations in ministry, emerging faith, and Presbyterianism.

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  • Tell the story of childhood faith.
    Growing up Presbyterian influenced the ways I think about and articulate my faith in deep ways.
    I am deeply tied to the denomination and want to see it flourish in the years to come.
    I am also deeply skeptical of many of it’s ways of doing ministry and hope to influence change as a lifelong member.

  • One of the great strengths of the emerging conversation is found when thinkers and practitioners are willing to throw out the “way it’s always been” and renew a sense of “seeking the best moving forward.”


  • 1. Presbymergent My journey of faith, emergence, and ministry
  • 2. Overview How is the emerging conversation influencing ministry today? How can Presbyterians chart a "third way" through the myriad of opinions and perspectives surrounding this dialog? My context: Adapting ministry to serve young adults, the emerging generation, while staying loyal to Presbyterian roots.
  • 3. Vocabulary and Qualifications Presbymergent coordinating group A living, breathing “Emerging Adult” A hopeful skeptic A loyal, yet maybe radical, Presbyterian
  • 4. My story Calvin Presbyterian Tall Timber Ranch Significant faith experiences through childhood
  • 5. My story Coming to Western Washington University the INN Exploring faith as an emerging adult (18-23 yr old)
  • 6. Presbymergent Ongoing conversation Conference February 2009 Current status Rooted in our own communities, developing in our own contexts
  • 7. The World is Changing The Great Emergence Postmodern Post-Christian Post-denominational
  • 8. Nimble Wisdom Can the Presbyterian church embrace models of ministry and worship that are moving? Can our tradition accommodate diversity and culturally referential forms of worship?
  • 9. Emerging Generations 18-23 (and beyond, in many cases) Extended adolescence Constant change, constant growth Explorers Skeptics
  • 10. Practical Explorations Re-framing worship gatherings for the INN Exploring new ways of ministering to students Re-employing traditional worship forms, forgotten and lost Willingness to throw out dying or impractical practices and programs
  • 11. Being a Third-Way Denomination Embracing our past Recognizing the high-speed changes of the present Setting new foundations for the future Holding forms loosely
  • 12. Charting Our Own Course What ways are we embracing the concept of “nimble wisdom” in our own communities? What ministries, programs, or forms is your church holding onto that are ineffective, outdated, and limiting to your congregation?
  • 13. More info about Presbymergent - blog and events @presbymergent - twitter feed
  • 14. Good Reads The Great Emergence - Phyllis Tickle Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional - Jim Belcher How (Not) to Speak of God - Peter Rollins
  • 15. Good listening God Complex Radio Bruce Reyes-Chow and Carol Howard Merritt’s weekly podcast
  • 16. Questions?