Social Media 2.0: Friends Get Physical


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Copy of keynote presentation given at OMMA Social Tahoe event on August 30, 2010. Focus on the evolution of internet media and metrics towards physical objects and our interactions with them.

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Social Media 2.0: Friends Get Physical

  1. 1. social media 2.0: friends get physical seth goldstein | OMMA Social | 8.30.10
  2. 2. social mobile ?
  3. 3. physical computing ubiquitous computing ambient intelligence pervasive computing internet of things
  4. 4. what are the implications for marketers when they know where consumers are and what they are looking at?
  5. 5. - media - metrics - trends
  6. 6. media
  7. 7. pages are media
  8. 8. search is media
  9. 9. people are media
  10. 10. status is media
  11. 11. places are media
  12. 12. objects are media
  13. 13. use your smartphone iPhone Android
  14. 14. people are checking into objects all over the world
  15. 15. a product marketing platform on the wall content Redeem / Redirect promotions analytics FBBack button statesFound! like Reward Back Reward Found! Pepsi Wall If no one has liked it Pepsi 12oz Can Pepsi Like this 12oz Can One FREE 12oz Pepsi 118 scans | 16 locations 118 scans | 16 locations If only you have liked it Congratulations Post Something Post Something you found a free You like this UI web view. Pepsi! Like this Like this If you AND other people have liked it SCAN THIS CODE or TYPE IN NUMBER in any* store The Wall The Wall You and 3,654 others like this 38798374897289374 Bob C. No Thanks Bob C. Get it If only other people have liked it 3,654 people like this + + Offer details: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cras ut nibh. Sed nulla velit, tincidunt eget, posuere at, luctus in, ligula. Aliquam commodo, ipsum vitae adipiscing tincidunt, eros lectus fringilla diam, sed vestibulum tortor justo ut risus. Ha ha look my dog likes pepsi! Clicking on the button will toggle the state Ha ha look my dog likes pepsi! Rave Random on or off for the user (so if you like something Rave Random 25 02 clicking on it25 again 02 remove your like) will Close Stan Friends Activity Scanned Scan Scan Settings Your info Stan Friends Activity Scanned Scan Scan Settings Your info Stan Friends Activity Scanned Scan Scan Settings Your info
  16. 16. metrics
  17. 17. cpm- cost per thousand
  18. 18. cpc- cost per click
  19. 19. cpa- cost per action
  20. 20. cpl- cost per lead
  21. 21. cpe- cost per engagement
  22. 22. cplk- cost per like
  23. 23. cpi- cost per install
  24. 24. SEO- search engine optimization
  25. 25. SMO- social media optimization
  26. 26. ASO- app store optimization
  27. 27. According to iPhone/Android advertising network MdotM: $.99 Apps: 1 person buys every 200-400 clicks @.05/click = $10-$20 per paid app install Free Apps: 1 person installs free app every 10-20 clicks @.05/click = $.50 - $1.00 per free app install.
  28. 28. In iPhone Appstore, the eCPI numbers are better as for every purchased install, once you get top 50 rankings, you often get 2-4 "organic" installs: $2.50-$10 eCPI for $.99 apps [NOT PROFITABLE] $.15-.50 eCPI for free apps [PROFITABLE] because...
  29. 29. in addictive games: 2-3% of the users bring in $10-$30 on average in revenue (because of Apple in-app virtual goods purchases): i.e. RPU in $0.50-$1.00 range.   (In fact, according to Flurry, the most successful apps with the free-to-play model can generate as much as $84 RPU)
  30. 30. cpci- cost per check-in
  31. 31. Why would you ever need more than one social graph? Facebook is literally everyone I’ve ever shaken hands with at a conference or kissed on the cheek at Easter. Twitter seems to be everyone I am entertained by or I wish to meet some day. Foursquare seems to be everyone I run into on a regular basis. Dennis Crowley, FourSquare
  32. 32. cps- cost per scan
  33. 33. cpt- cost per trial
  34. 34. trends
  35. 35. thanks! @seth
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