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Sunum en son hali

  2. 2. Advertising EthicsAdvertising;a paid persuasive form ofcommunication that uses non-personal massmedia as well as interactive media to reach targetaudience with an identified sponsor.
  3. 3. Advertising EthicsWhat Is Not Ethical?➢ False and misleading statements or exagerations➢Testimonials that do not reflect the real opinion ofthe individuals➢ Price claims that are misleading➢ Claims insufficiently supported➢ Offensive statements,suggestions,pictures
  4. 4. Advertising Ethics Determinig Ethical● The social ethic-do not harm● The professional ethic-objective panel of professional colleagues● The personal ethic-would I feel comfortable?
  5. 5. Advertising Ethics Includes ethics of:stereotype advertising women in advertisements● ●Endorsement ●Advertising to children ●Misleading claims ●Demonstration ●Controversial products ●Comparative ●Subliminal issue
  6. 6. Advertising Ethics Stereotyping in advertising:A stereotype is a representation of a cultural group that emphasizes a trait or group of traits that may or may not communicate accurate representation of group.● Women in advertisements
  7. 7. Advertising EthicsEndorsementadvertising:famousand experiencedcelebrities must beused.
  8. 8. Advertising EthicsSubliminal message:A sign or any other object which isembedded in the message,and stay under the limits of normalhuman perception, is designed to be unnoticed immediately. Subliminal messages can not be noticed by the humanconscious attention. However, these messages subconsciousaffects people.
  9. 9. Advertising EthicsThe Subliminal Issue: The most effective way to unleash the power of thhuman mind subliminal messages that are hidden, it is widely used in advertisand the audience is taken under a huge impact.Critics claim that advertising can manipulate peoplesubconsciously and cause them to buy things they don’t wantneed
  10. 10. Subliminal advertising, short-term cinema or television advertising to be detected visually orperceived at a subconscious level, but given such a short word, picture and the ad formatsis defined as:Subliminal techniques by various researchersreported a significant influence on the strength of sales of products used in advertisements.
  11. 11. Until today a researcher from the most classic example of subliminal advertising "Coca- Cola" and"Eat Popcorn" and publish messages as possible be detected as conscious cinemaexplanation for the increase in sales
  12. 12. Advertising EthicsMentioned the existence of three types of subliminal stimuli Subliminaladvertising in relation to:1. Cinema and soon to be seen in advertisements shown in thestimulus2. Visual messages, and advertisements low tone of voice, acceleratedspeech3.Printed advertising materials, placement of images, words, or sexual.
  13. 13. In our country, the Radio and Television on the use of subliminal advertising 15 of the Regulation on Principles and Procedures Publications Article"Various technical devicesimages via television broadcasts, using a very short term, the viewers, butunconsciousperceive the product or including the promotion of all kinds of services related toadvertising messagesunpublishable. "Arrangements have been made in the form and violation of theprinciple of honesty, thatcome, and subconscious advertising is not permitted
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  15. 15. Advertising Ethics A small girl child toilet paper commercials Papia adults enter a female role in a non- ethical movement
  16. 16. Advertising EthicsReleased in the UK onthe heels of the Killing of the NMA-themedadvertising posters arebanned for beingviolent.