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Resort Property For Sale
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Resort Property For Sale


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Build your resort hotels, condos or villas at fabulously, exotic Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.

Build your resort hotels, condos or villas at fabulously, exotic Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.

Published in: Real Estate, Travel, Business

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  • 1. Explore The Exotic Mysteries Of Phang Nga Bay,Thailand (Pronounced “Pang Naa”)Please turn on your Speakers – “Click” to advance the slides – and enjoy the show.
  • 2. HOLLYWOOD – discovered Phang Nga Bay’s exotic mysteries decades ago –using its seductive beauty as the back drop for films that provided pure escapismfor the viewer. Currently future projects are in the pre-production stage, and will bereturning time and again to film their epics at the world’s most exotic location.
  • 3. Here is a sample of the films shot at Phang Nga Bay:
  • 4. In essence that’s what Phang Nga Bay provides: ESCAPE – from the drudgeryof gridlocked traffic and urban blight at Phuket, with extraordinary scenery, calmtropical waters and amazing islands – providing a quiet, lush paradise waiting tobe discovered by you.
  • 5. Phang Nga is a Province with two characters - land and sea. Its packed with nationalparks that guard magnificent scenery with immensely different attractions, including itsunique trademark: sheer limestone cliffs jutting vertically out of calm water.
  • 6. This is just a sample of the breathtaking flora and fauna found in the magnificentmangrove forests and island caverns of Phang Nga Bay; protected by the ThaiGovernment from exploitation.
  • 7. Aerial view of famous James Bond Island – where The Man With The Golden Gunwas filmed. Note the vertical “Koh Tapu,” or Nail Island, guarding its entrance.
  • 8. Another view of Nail Island standing sentinel at the entrance to James Bond Island.
  • 9. Koh Pannyi – the spectacular village built entirely onstilts over the water – truly an exotic wonder.
  • 10. Phang Nga Bay is also home to the Mega-YachtsMicrosoft founder Bill Gates, sailing Paul Allen’s MEDUSE – 60 Meters. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sailing his TATOOSH – 92 Meters.Roman Abramovich sailing his PELORUS – 115 Meters. A “Ghost Yacht” passing through.
  • 11. Its just a forty-minute drive from the Phuket International Airport, across the Sarasin Bridge and thepeaceful waters of the Phang Nga Strait, through lush Thai farmland and jungle, where youll discoverthe most pristine new resort development in Thailand: The Ban Klong Khian area at Phang Nga Bay.
  • 12. This is the location we’ve carefully selected to offer a luxury resort property for sale with a magnificent view of Phang Nga Bay.The following satellite map pinpoints our resort property in relationship tothe Koh Pannyi fishing village on stilts, James Bond Island, variousislands with their amazing “hongs,” or caverns, and isolated beaches onlyaccessible by boat, plus the protected, beautiful mangrove forests. Pleasealso note our property’s location in relationship to the village of Ban KlongKhian and its government built Pier. Everything is close and easilyaccessible.
  • 13. Another satellite view of our property’s close proximity to the village of Ban KlongKhian and its Pier. Speedboat ferries, tour boats and yachts already launch fromhere; taking residents and tourists to superb destinations around Phang Nga Bay,as well as providing quick access to the various yacht harbors on Phuket.
  • 14. Entrance to the Klong Khian Pier on Phang Nga Bay.The Pier is open around the clock, and all manner of private or commercial vehicles can bedriven out onto it, either day or night, prior to loading passengers and supplies into boats. A Junk and Yacht launching from the Pier for a day of adventure on Phang Nga Bay.
  • 15. The Resort Property Being Offered For Sale We are offering 16 Rai and 288 Wah (26,752 Sq. Meters or 6.69 Acres) of Land For Sale, in a choice location, for villas, condos, or hotels.This is looking down on our land from its West Boundary. This would be the view of Phang Nga Bayfrom a four-story structure. Please note there are mainly two types of trees totally covering our land:Rubber Trees and Oil Palms.
  • 16. This is roughly the center of our property covered by Oil Palms.
  • 17. This is the propertys South Boundary. The thick grove of rubber trees to the right belong toour land. The footpath in the center of the photo, along these trees, being the boundary line.
  • 18. Above is the property’s West Boundary – our land starting on the right hand sideof the road.
  • 19. The property’s East Boundary, which runs along the right side of the highway. Pleasenote two important facts : Our Land has free access to the highway, plus electricity.
  • 20. Another pleasant surprise: The property has its own fresh water spring.Note the Rubber Trees to the left of the spring and the Oil Palms to the right .
  • 21. The spring lies alongside and within the property’s North Boundary. Offering anunlimited supply of free water for swimming pools, fountains, and other living utilities.
  • 22. For those parties interested in purchasing this property – please contact us at the following: (We are fluent in both Thai & English.) For THAI: For ENGLISH: Pranee Wannasri Business Woman Entrepreneur Mobile: (66-86) 282-7779 Clinton Roy Petrie E-Mail: Retired Airline Captain Mobile: (66-86) 270-7819 E-Mail: