Technology for Seniors at Aging in America Conference


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My presentation at the Aging in America conference on "Technology for Seniors at Home: Who and What Makes it Work?"

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Technology for Seniors at Aging in America Conference

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY FOR SENIORS AT HOME Who and What Makes it Work?
  2. 2. Susan Estrada, Aldea Communications
  3. 3. It’s Time to Get Wired! Senior home tech for health, safety and engagement Tech-Ready Family Tech-Ready Home Buyers’ Guide and Reviews Vendor Support Deployment and Use
  4. 4. A Technology-Ready Family The “talk” “Independent living is not doing things by yourself; it is being in control of how things are done.” Judy Heumann Elders remember when microwave ovens, automatic washers and dryers, and TVs & VCRs & DVDs were new Compare today’s independent-living technologies to those inventions Aging becomes easier, safer, and more dignified Engagement by connecting to families, friends and the world Peace of mind for adult children (and guilt assuaged) Connected devices are often “team” devices Elderly user Family or paid caregiver They won’t be successful unless there is participation
  5. 5. Here’s One Team Gadget forCommunication Presto Email Printer – uses a phone line
  6. 6. Here’s another team device forAdvanced PERS – BeClose
  7. 7. From “I don’t need that” to this…
  8. 8. A Technology-Ready Home If it is a connected device, make sure that you can connect it from the user’s location. Check cellular coverage (on cell provider website) Check Internet requirements (WIFI or Ethernet) and Internet broadband availability Check the type of regular phone line it needs (sometimes only a regular telephone line will do) Some devices need a phone line, power and wired Internet broadband. Can be tough in older homes.
  9. 9. A Technology-Ready Home Know your own and your person’s compliance and usage issues – technology only works if it gets used A 30-day money back guarantee will help you try out options at no cost Routines for charging devices, filling medication dispensers, etc. are important Getting the family organized and onboard for care and communications activities is important
  10. 10. What tech works? Happy@Home Approved Web soft launch of reviews of AIP tech Buyer’s Guides Product Reviews We test, test, test Buyer Comments Community Q&A
  11. 11. Happy@Home Buyers’ Guides PERS Guide Questions to think about before you buy In-home activity monitoring systems Automated fall detection systems Personal medical alarms Simple and inexpensive solutions
  12. 12. Happy@Home Product Reviews Technology Setup Targeted Users Effectiveness Comfort Testing Method Charging Satisfaction, Family/Caregiver Effectiveness and Interface Overall Usability Extras Needed Consumer Reviews Payment, Warranty and Privacy Policy
  13. 13. Sometimes we need to remind ourselvesthat technology can be confusing
  14. 14. Aldea Communications’ Happy@Home Visit for Happy@Home products Visit for Happy@Home reviews Follow us on Twitter @AldeaCom Contact Susan Estrada,, 760-705-8407 Visit for the San Diego Technology and Aging Coalition, Twitter: sdagetech
  15. 15. The Elderly are Phobies, not Techies
  16. 16. Adult Children Decide, Elderly Pay Connected Caregiver study