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We gathered thought leaders, educators, engineers, researchers, designers and communicators to identify the high priority needs of users in communities that only recently gained personal access to affordable computing systems.

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  • Hi everyone. Thank you so much for coming today. As most of you here know - my name is Marc, I am the CEO at Seso and I want to welcome you at our studio. \nI just want to spend a few minutes to share the story of how we got inspired to launch the Together project before I open the floor for the truly amazing speakers we have lined up today. \n\nOverview about the evening. \n
  • Some of you here may remember receiving this card from us back in 2007 when we donated a laptop to a student in an emerging nation in each of our clients names.\n We did that as our Holiday initiative after hearing Nicholas Negroponte speak about the OLPC project he founded.\nLet me share a short clip with you that summarizes some of the things that fascinated us about this movement.\n\n
  • \n
  • The big question was who received "my computer"\n
  • one of these young boys in madagascar\n
  • or maybe someone in this classroom in paraguay\n
  • or these boys in nepal\n
  • We committed to a new idea as a company - which was to build experiences that matter. \n\n
  • So we looked back on some things that matter to us - and this cause was still big for us. And when we looked closer at how it progressed, we got even more engaged. \n
  • And we found huge progress was made.\n
  • New initiatives were launch. And I got in touch with Prof. Palem after reading about his iSlate project.\n
  • \n
  • Inter-American Development Bank, the Peruvian Ministry of Education, and the NGO GRADE that \n\nconducted a first evaluation of the OLPC program in Peru, the largest one rolled bout\n\nOne of the key issues was the laptop usage dropped significantly after some months - and the report suggested that may be a need for:\n- more technical and pedagogical support for teachers\n- planning session, activities AND\n- digital resrouces appropriate for eduations use\n
  • \n
  • And shortly after, we sent you another holiday card, inviting to this event tonight. \n
  • \n
  • What is the problem that we are best positioned to making an impact with. \n\n
  • Question over questions - and we hope to find even more questions tonight - and hopefully get direction on some answers.\n\n
  • 9 workshops\n
  • \\\n
  • \\\n
  • Speakers\nChristian Page & Daily Dose\nJosh and the team at Swill\nBel Air Internet\nSeso\n
  • Krishna V. Palem \nProfessor of Computing at the Department of Computer Science at \nGeorge Brown School of Engineering at Rice University.\n\nHe is the founding director of VISEN center at Rice University and the mastermind behind the iSlate - a low cost, low energy tablet that he is going to tell as more about today.\n\nProf. Palem flew out the LA just for this event form Houston and he will be on his way to Singapore again first thing tomorrow morning.\n
  • I want to introduce Philip Yenawine - who is a longtime friend and supporter. \n\nPhilip has over 30 years of experience in Museum Education - spent 10 years as the director of the Museum of Modern Art in NY.\n\nCo-Founder of Visual Understanding in Education\nResearch organization that develops programs that use art to teach THINKING & COMMUNICATION skills\n
  • Together Kick Off Presentation

    1. 1. Togeth er 7:50pm 8:20-8:30pm Introduction Q&A Session 9:00-9:15pm Group Discussion 8:00pm Prof. Krishna Palem 8:30-9:00pm7:00-7:50pm Panel Discussion 9:15-10:00pm Check-in Mix & Mingle
    2. 2. ?
    3. 3. 2010
    4. 4. We buildexperiencesthat matter.
    5. 5. 2 million orderedover 1 million deployed in 16 countries
    6. 6. iSlate$35 tablet
    7. 7. in Peru 50% of kids are teaching their parentsto read & write
    8. 8. significantly after some months ...could be a reflection of the need for more technical and pedagogicalsupport for the teachers, as well as of the lack of planning sessions, activities and digital resources appropriate for educational use.
    9. 9. Mentorship
    10. 10. This year chocolatesjust didnÕt cut it. AZ KARDA E L O KO KO SCHL HLEIF K BOW EIF AR E LA DA ˘ C FUNDA S ZO DA AR UN DA BOW K OKARDA L F BOW KOK ˘ A SCHLEIFE ZOFind your gift at: X SeasonÕs Greetings.
    11. 11. How doesit all work?
    12. 12. Learn
    13. 13. What is the best age group to target? What country do we best start in?In which area do we best provide mentorship? How do we ensure the integrity of mentors? Which devices do we support initially?How do we make this experience fun & rewarding? Whats in it for the mentors & students? What bandwidth requirements do we set?
    14. 14. Timeline Mar 10 May 19 Jul 14 Sep 15 Nov 10 Workshop 1 Workshop 3 Workshop 5 Workshop 7 Final Workshop Finalize Challenges Final User Design Development Final Development & Road Map Experience Deliverable Deliverable Feb 3 Apr 14 Jun 16 Aug 18 Oct 13 Dec 2011Kick Off Event Workshop 2 Workshop 4 Workshop 6 Workshop 8 Launch Finalize Research Design Final Design Development & Requirements Deliverable
    15. 15. Working GroupsResearch Design Marketing/PR Mentorship Program User Development Partnerships Experience
    16. 16. Stay Together
    17. 17. Thank You
    18. 18. Prof. Krishna the Kenneth and AudreyKrishna V. Palem is PalemRice UniversityKennedy Professor of Computing at the Departmentof Computer Science at the George Brown School ofEngineering at Rice University. His research interestswhile focussed on all aspects of embeddedcomputing, include adaptive architectures andcomputing, algorithms, compiler optimizations,embedded systems, low energy computing andnanoelectronics. He is the founding director ofVISEN center at Rice University.
    19. 19. Joel Arquillos is the Executive Alesha Unpingco is a recentDominik Zotti is an Associate Director at 826LA, a nonprofit graduate from UCLA and has Philip Yenawine has beenDominik ZottiExpert at the United Nations in Joel Arquillos dedicated to helping Alesha Unpingco worked with the UCLA Volunteer Philip Yenawine engaged in museum educationNew York. He focuses mainly underserved youth express Center for two years as their Web for thirty Understanding ofUnited Nations 826 LA themselves through writing. & Social Volunteer Center UCLA Media Strategist. As Visual years; for ten years inon international development those he was director ofissues and accelerating the Prior to relocating to Los former Site Coordinator and Education education at MOMA, NY. Heachievement of the Millennium Angeles, Joel worked alongside Director of Marketing for the writes about art often focusedDevelopment Goals (MDGs). He 826 cofounders Dave Eggers universitys largest student-run on connecting people to it,is increasingly convinced about and Nínive Calegari as Director mentorship organization, Project especially children. He is co-the importance of education in of National Programs for 826 Literacy, she quadrupled the size founding director (withthis effort, and as a former National. From 1998 to 2006, of the program and increased cognitive psychologist Abigail(social) entrepreneur always Joel taught social studies in the UCLA student involvement in Housen) of Visuallooking for innovative ways San Francisco Unified School underserved communities. Alesha Understanding in Education, anthat link technology to District at Galileo Academy of aims to contribute her strong educational researchdevelopment. Science and Technology. Joel passion for social justice, social organization that develops and believes students want and media, and technology, and is studies programs using art to need access to safe and very excited to be part of such an teach thinking and creative learning spaces in innovative effort to revolutionize communication skills. order to thrive intellectually. education.