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  • iLife is a suite of software applications developed by Apple for organizing, editing, and publishing photos, movies, and music. The suite comprises five applications: iPhoto , iMovie , iDVD , GarageBand , and iWeb , all of which run on the Mac OS X operating system.
  • Show iMovie examples. Ask everyone to take notes on components or movie attributes that they observed were incorporated in the production of these movies.
  • Most of the movies created by educators are in the form of digital story telling. It’s taking the literacy that we need to teach our students (research, reading and writing) Minimize ppt Go to sample storyboard word doc to provide example
  • iMovie is the pan; the noodles are the track, your sauce, cheese and spinach are components.
  • Go to iMovie
  • Imovie techpd

    1. 1. Be a Star!An introduction to iMovie April 12, 2013 Marcia Bernard, Librarian The Bement School
    2. 2. Welcome to iMovie GaragebandiPhoto iMovie
    3. 3. Ways to use video in the classroomStudent presentations and assessmentDigital StorytellingVirtual Field TripsExplicit TeachingSub notesBook TalksFlipped Learning
    4. 4. iMovie supports» Different learning styles» Creativity» Critical thinking» Reading and writing skills» Sequential thinking» English Language Learners
    5. 5. Getting Started1. Begin with a storyboard What’s the primary focus of your movie? Write a script
    6. 6. 2. Gather resourcesPhotos, Scanned images, PhotoBoothVideo (from a video cam or still camera)Sumo Paint or other drawing programs that allows you to save as .jpg
    7. 7. 3. Upload resourcesImport items into:iPhotoGaragebandiTunes
    8. 8. 4. BuildBuild the project using iMovie pulling in the components from your Media BrowserAdd Titles, captions, transitions, sound effects and voice over
    9. 9. 5. ExportWhen your movie is completed, export it to Quick Time.This “packages” your movie for viewing on a Mac or PC or loading to the web.
    10. 10. iMovie is like….. making a lasagna Gather your ingredients (noodles,sauce, cheese, spinach) Get your lasagna pan Place your noodles in the pan Add the sauce Sprinkle the cheeseGather your resources (pictures, video, music)Open iMovieDrag and drop your movie clips, photosDrag and drop your audio, voice over or musicDrag and drop your titles
    11. 11. Important Note» An iMovie project is built on one machine. It can’t be saved on a thumb drive and worked on at home.» Small chunks of video are easier to edit than large swaths.» You can make your project as simple or complex as you wish.
    12. 12. Let’s put all your ingredients togetherChoose a theme
    13. 13. Add componentsBuild project workspace Preview your video Media browser buttons View video imported from camera
    14. 14. Each color represents a differentcomponent: audio, captions, transitionsand sound effects
    15. 15. Have Fun!Tutorials: