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Are we inconveniencing others?

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  • pulling door written push is yet another scenario of business that I watched daily on CP24 advertising window drapes with a gentleman doing yoga with open windows when a couple walks by seeing get surprised with the man body motions…then the advertisement suggest to have drapes keep privacy etc But I learned in German literature that those with open window without drapes are not uncivil but them watching through windows are. Can somebody help to find it advertisement is correct or wrong?
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24.Civic Sense

  1. 1. CIVIC SENSE This is one of the things that every person thinks he has. Each one of us has to question ourselves to find out how much common sense we have, which is not commonly found. Have we ever tried at any time to examine ourselves how we behave in a group or in a public place? One of the most common things that we hate is spitting in public places. We feel un-easy if we find somebody is spitting in public places. But we are helpless. Not assertive enough to tell him not to spit. When we go to a small restaurant (now a days Darsini) we find people collecting drinking water and start drinking water from the same place, without moving from the place. When we go to temples we seldom move from the place after Darsan, or after taking holy water, in-conveniencing other devotees. Even while parking our two-wheelers, we rarely consider others convenience. Added to the in-convenience, we find most of the times the BMTC buses, stopping the buses either after the bus-stop or before the bus- stop and never at the bus-stop. Even when the bus is stopped at the bus-stop, it is done about ten feet from the stop towards the road, almost covering half of the road, inconveniencing other traffic from behind. Not only this, they will not give sufficient time for getting down from the bus. They are ready to stop the bus at the signals, but can not give sufficient time to get down. We feel more bad if the person getting down is a senior citizen, or female or children. We have seen sometimes, somebody getting offended when a senior citizen claims his seat in a bus. Last but not least comes phones. In the present circumstances owning a cell phone is not that difficult. He can afford a cell phone, but lacking in the mannerism. If not always, people make a call and ask, who is speaking. For having called, he is supposed to tell his name first and then find out who is answering the call. Some times people give miss call and leave. When called back, their style of answering is entirely different. These are only examples. The list is not exhaustive. Anyway we can not stop somebody behaving the way we don’t like. But at least we can think once in a while, if we are in – conveniencing others. Courtesy: KARANAM’s INFINITY